Back to yummy post for the week! This will my first food post for the year. I have the chance to dine at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro with Foodink. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is coming out with their New Menu after Christmas which you can have more new food choice to dine and enjoy at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro.

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is located at Bandar Manjalara Kepong. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is the very new addition café to this neighborhood. But what's so special about Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro, if you plan to visit this cafe you can have the chance to TOUCH or even DRINK on REAL Beaker only at Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro. When I mean real, it means the beaker and apparatus are all import and be certified as well.

 In Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro all of their main utensils are also mostly in laboratory equipment as well. You will be served with some imported genuine laboratory beaker, flasks, test tubes and so on. This is all the new catch in Tester Laboratory that makes the place swamped with guests on any other day.

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro at Bandar Manjalara Kepong.

Christmas Tree and Wall Design with Pipes.

Experiment Beaker everywhere!!



Assam Boi Mojito RM12

Taste of a refreshing mix taste of sour and cooling sensation! Perfect for a Hot Weather Malaysia.

Green Apple Mojito RM12

If Asam Boi Mojito is more to sour this Apple Mojito is mix with sweet and sour refreshing drink. Both are perfect for this Hot Weather.

Ice Cube Coffee RM15

Any Coffee Lover? First you pour the milk inside the coffee cube. Later You can have fun mixing some science experimental by using syringe pump the sweet syrup inside the coffee.

Tester Coffee RM10.50

Drinking Coffee in a Beaker? Try it!

Green Tea Blended RM14

Perfectly blend green tea.

Mix Berry Milk Shake RM14

Nutella Milk Shake RM14

Mango Milk Shake RM14

Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake RM14

Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake RM14

Beside Coffee and some other drinks, in Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro all their Milk Shake is one of everyone favorite too. It serve with 500ml Beaker Size which you can see in the image that is quite a big Milk Shake to drink. Recommend serving for 2 persons. Each Milk Shake flavor have their special kind of unique and refreshing taste. My favorite will be Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake and Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake. Love Butterscotch and Chocolate. 

Snow Ice Lemon

Snow Ice Mango

Anyone not a Dessert person? Both of this Snow Dessert perfect for a hot weather and dessert lover! Both of the taste was really refreshing and smell great with fruity smell. Ice Lemon taste was quite unique and light taste of lemon whereas the Snow Mango stands out more.

Big Breakfast Thuringer (New Menu) 

Served with Thuringer sausages, bacon, mushroom, toasts, sunny side up, salad.

Comes to their food section. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro is a Non Halal Cafe since Kepong area are more to Chinese. This was definitely a good cafe and choice to hang out with friends. Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro has launch their breakfast set which I find this set was quite a big portion set. Love the sauteed mushroom and the sausage looks so cute and chewy.

Big Breakfast Bratwurst (New Menu)

Served with Bratwurst sausages, scrambled egg, salad.

If you wanted to go a healthier or lighter choice of breakfast set, this Big Breakfast Bratwurst that only serve with sausage, scrambled egg and salad.

Secret Garden (New Menu)

Love this cute serving of another breakfast choice. Among the 3 set, I love this most! The presentation totally win with so many colorful color. The texture of this serving is special too! The bread bottom serve in slices of onion and other vege which was quite appetizing.

Grill Tiger Prawn (New Menu)

Fresh and Big Prawns serving. Which I like the freshness and juiciness of the big Prawns.

Iberico Pork (New Menu)

When I first heard of Black Iberico, I first was stun and curious about how the taste will like. This was definitely the most special dish I had try in Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro. Nicely marinated and presentation of this Iberico Pork. 

Spaghetti Bolognese RM13

To my surprise their Spaghetti Bolognese was quite nice and the sauce was totally enough for the serving which I quite like.

Tester Hainan Pork Chop RM14.50

Another worth mention dish was their Tester Hainan Pork Chop. Pork is cooked perfectly and served with Tester special Hainan Sauce. I find this interesting combination and turns out it was quite nice and appetizing.

Wild Mushroom Soup 

Lastly is their mushroom soup serving.

Tester laboratory serves mainly Western cuisine. They are still in the processing of experimenting as in which dish would be good for the menu. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a different menu on the consecutive visits. Having said that, Tester Laboratories also have the flexibility in the menu in order to suit your personal preference.

No one would ever resist trying something new because you never try, you will never know. Come test out Tester Laboratory to see if the café is up to the test.

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro

No. 48 Jalan 8/62A Bandar Manjalara Kepong, 
55200 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: 
Mon-Sun 11.30am – 11.30pm



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  1. thats an interesting concept to use beaker and other apparatus for the drinks :P another pretty cafe on my list!

  2. thats so cool...full of science influence. like in the lab. Love the ice cube coffee.

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    Reminds me of my lab session during university.
    And their foods look delicious.

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    Wish to catch up with you again. :)

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    But your food photos are more WOW actually. Making me hungry at this time of night! :P

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    the interior looks damn cool though

    1. They say theirs is the first using Real Experience Beaker in town!

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