Its been a while since I update foodie post here. Oh yes this time please prepare yourself because there are many yummy food pics for you to enjoy. I been to a Dinner Buffet at TEMPTationS last week. Now TEMPTationS have offer the 3+1=3 deal where diners only pay for 3 persons and the 4th person dines for FREE only. 

Who doesn't love BUFFET, you can grab everything you want to eat and eat non stop as well. Bring 3 more friends with you when you dine in TEMPTationS Dinner Buffet. So that you can enjoy 3 + 1 deal until 31st of May 2016.

Wanted to know what you can enjoy in this Dinner Buffet? Executive Chef Helmut Lamberger and his team has unveiled the new taste of TEMPTationS that is sure to excite all foodies. They have boasting a new line-up of Live Action Stations throughout the restaurant, guests will enjoy a tantalizing buffet that spans from East to West offering a delicious selection of specialty dishes for Lunch and Dinner daily.

Not forget, The new buffet is a melting pot of flavors. With the enticing aromas of exotic spices to tickle the palate, guests can choose to start off their meal with either the cold or hot selection of dishes. The cold selection offers diners an assortment of fresh seafood on ice and a medley of mixed salads and garden greens. 

Fresh Salmon always my first choice when comes to Buffet. Can't stop my love for salmon.

I love these Lamb Grilled, guess what it was one of their signature dish which it finish up fast when it served. I waited this for quite some time for the second serving. Turns out it does not disappoint me with the super fresh and juicy lamb grill. YUMS!

I love this color combination, with super bright color of the vegetables and guess what it serves with cheese! Which is another reason that you must try this hahaha.

Satay is a must eat food as well. 

Pasta Station. You can choose your own pasta and sauce you want and the chef will be cook the sauce and the vege of your choice.

Noodle Station. Where you can also choose your own noodle and dish you want to eat with. I find that they are serving the Silver Needle Noodles which I have not eaten for some time. Hence I decide this is the first station for me to try.

The hot selection at TEMPTationS that has 2 choices of soups daily accompanied by an assortment of home-made bread rolls. Highlights from the hot selection include Grilled lamb served with miso cream sauce, Seafood skewer with percik sauce, Lamb keema biryani with raita, Wok-fried prawn in pepper and butter sauce and Murgh khada masala (chicken), Kuzi kambing and Malabari fish curry to name a few. 

Beside with the Asian and Western Cuisine, at TEMPTationS you can also enjoy a range of fresh Sashimi at the Japanese Cuisine Station as well. Vegetables Tempura.

Pots of Yummy foods!

Apam Balik.

Looks how yummy and tempted of all these sushi. This is one my favorite station as well, the Sashimi slices is really fresh and tender. I was amazed on how fresh it was and they can keep it so fresh and yums when they serve in TEMPTationS. If you are one of a Japan cuisine fan, you wouldn't miss this!

The freshly cook seafood is ready to serve.

They got this super huge Salmon Fish. In this buffet you can enjoy 3 types of Salmon fish! Which I find it super enjoyable because I try all of them, seriously they are so good!

You can choose any fresh seafood you want and they will cook and steamed for you. I tried their prawn it was super Huge and Fresh. Can't keep stop missing about it now!

At the interactive Live Action Stations, all the guest can enjoy Japanese delights such as sushi and sashimi, Chinese hot-off-the wok stir-fry, Italian pasta station with traditional sauces and condiments as well as an indigenous Apam Balik station dishing out à la minute dishes.

See all these fresh seafood! It just makes me feel hungry when I was writing this post at night. All these seafood are so fresh even I couldn't resist it.


Time for some desserts. Love this chocolate fountain, although didn't try how's the taste of it. But this fountains looks spectacular from far.

Small snack and desserts around the chocolate fountain.

Beside the chocolate fountain, there are other more desserts prepare by TEMPTationS.

Look how yums all these cakes from TEMPTationS. It was say that their pastry is the best in TEMPTationS. It never fail me but my favorite will the Butter Cheese Cake and the Coconut Tart cake. The Pandan and Tiramisu taste not bad as well.

Ice cream and all the topping for it. Major Love.


After all the filling meal, please remember to make room for desserts as the pastry chef has lined-up an  array of colorful and delicious Cakes, Puddings, Malay kuih, ice-cream and the all-time favourite Bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce.  

Fresh Oyster and Squids!

My first take with the Noodle soup and Sashimi from the Japanese Cuisine Station. I have enjoy my food at TEMPTationS. All the food was really yummy and delicious. I eat until very much full than I thought. Its been a while since I have enjoy a buffet dinner.

From now until 31 May 2016, guests dining at TEMPTationS will also enjoy the 3+1=3 deal where they only pay for 3 persons and the 4th person dines for FREE. This offer is not valid with other discounts and vouchers.

Meanwhile, get the little ones busy showing off their creativity at the drawing competitions during the weekend Long Lunches. Dining voucher for 2 persons are up for grabs every week!

TEMPTationS is located on the Lobby Level – East Wing, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. To discover more and for restaurant reservations, please call 03 2716 9388 or email

Lunch Buffet - RM 125 Nett
12pm - 2:30pm

Dinner Buffet - RM 145 Nett
6:30pm - 10:30pm

Long Lunch - RM 128 Nett
12:30pm - 4pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)

 *Children from 6 to 12 years old enjoy these buffets at half price.
*All prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail 

and Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

For more info



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