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Tokyo Banana - Japan Haul #SNOWMANTOJAPAN

Hey all, I am writing another Japan post but this time is my haul post. I will write few of my haul from Japan. I'm still struggling editing photos of my Day 1 Japan Trip haha. Not even started it yet too. Recently feeling not so well, having migraine and sprain my neck while sleeping as well. I gonna write this post short and back to bed soon.

I'm not sure if you guys heard about Tokyo Banana from Japan. It was quite a famous snack in Tokyo. Although I find in Tokyo not many people buy this but when you come travel in Japan, its just hard to resist not buying this home. Guess what I bought all the different taste of Tokyo Banana but I didn't manage to get the Original flavor.

Tokyo Banana Tree - Not sure why its naming the tree behind but this I bought from the Asasuka Sky Tree I guess that's how the name come from. 

Tokyo Banana Roar - A cat roaring instead of meowing? haha

Tokyo Banana Heart - Super super cute packaging which I fall in love into.

I been hearing about Tokyo Banana in KL but never really try how's the taste really like. So when I first travel to Japan, I can't help myself buying it home. End up I got all 3 different flavors and I didn't even know that it comes with different packaging, different flavor and different design. This is so hard for me to choose not to buy hahaha.

The first Tokyo Banana that I got is the Tokyo Banana Tree at the shop below Asasuka Sky Tree.

I love the packaging inside comes with the cute ribbon design. 

It comes in Leopard pattern design and I find it super cute.

The flavor of this Tokyo Banana Tree is Chocolate + Banana Custard Cream. The taste is not that sweet but just give the right amount of chocolatey taste. Can't really taste out the banana, but I just love the creamy texture with you can let it melt inside your mouth when you eat. 

Right is the outer packaging; Left is the inner box packaging for the Tokyo Banana.

Tokyo Banana Roar that I got it from Shinjuku Station. Can't recall where the exact shop because the station is super huge and crowded.

I love the Cat Neck Collar with the Bell design on the Tokyo Banana. 

Even the inside packaging have the same ribbon design as well. Seriously I can say that I am a real sucker for packaging that is so cute!!

The pattern is something like Zebra Line but comes in really colorful design. Did it looks like the Cat tail as well. 

This is the Caramel + Banana Custard Creamflavor which turns out is both our FAVORITE taste of all! When you eat it you can just taste the aroma caramel inside your mouth. Super yummy I can say, if you are a caramel lover or if you are the first timer for Tokyo Banana, I would love to recommend this Caramel Flavor of Tokyo Banana.

The last one and the cutest one I have bought! Tokyo Banana Heart from shop below Asakusa Tokyo Sky Tree. When I see the heart shape of the Tokyo Banana, can't scream over its cuteness and decided to buy it home during the first day of my Trip.

See how cute all the 8 pieces of heart shape Tokyo Banana Heart in the packaging.

I always amaze on how Japan could be so innovative with their product packaging and design. They did everything so pretty and cute!

See how cute this it, heart shape that comes in different color on the Tokyo Banana. I can't bear to eat it because it was too cute~~

This flavored comes in Mapled and Banana Custard cream Flavor which I find it quite interesting taste to try. I'm not sure hows Maple flavored should taste like. But this is something new to try, I like all the creamy texture when I eat it. It just melts inside your mouth, find it quite yums to eat it! 

Even the packaging bag is so cute! I keep all of their packaging nicely now at my house. 

All the box packaging design comes in really plain white box with Tokyo Banana and Banana design on it. That's is why the outer packaging they put more effort on designing for each different flavored.

Overall I would say the taste for Tokyo Banana is quite acceptable. Don't worry since it was the first time I taste on Tokyo Banana that is why I bought so many different taste to try. But still I need to try their original taste to see how its taste like. Still I would say all their packaging is really cute right! 

My favorite will be the Caramel flavored with the Cute Cat icon Packaging. I find Maple flavored was quite unique and interesting. Chocolate flavored is quite normal but I bought it because I am a Chocolate lover to see how well the chocolate taste like. The flavor mix up with the Banana Custard cream was really creamy. Slight Banana taste but it just the sweetness of it I guess not that strong taste. 

4 Pieces 500 ++ Yen
8 Pieces 1080 Yen
12 Pieces 1585 Yen

The price will be slight different because of the different flavored of the Tokyo Banana that you buy. This is just for references. 

Stores Locator for Tokyo Banana.


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Till Then.

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  1. My friend bought this before, but never share with me. However, my Japanese boss do treat me eat this before last time, it is nice. =)

  2. Oh that looks so cute! Very interesting darling

  3. Tokyo Banana is so cute! But I heard its non halal *cries in one corner*
    But serious, Japanese makes everything cuteeee

    1. AHHHH serious this is too bad!! Yes omg it was so cute ><

  4. The bananas are one of the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

  5. This Tokyo Banana look delicious and I like their packaging. So creative!

  6. Oh no! You didn't get to try the original flavour. I actually like the original flavour most hehe. But the ones you got are really cute dear! Especially the love printed ones haha.

    1. I didn't saw the original taste >.< Next time I shall get it XD

  7. The packaging looks so nice ! My sister have bought me the chocolate banana flavour and it look different with what i'm thinking as I thought the tokyo banana is very big but the size is small and cute ..haha..anyway, i will try another flavour when i visit Japan..

    1. Yes it comes in super cute and small design XD I wanted to next time!

  8. Wow wow wow! My first reaction was, can I get these in Malaysia? Or maybe I can go find recipes and try to bake some. :D

    1. I think you can but maybe it will be quite pricey to get! You should try =D

  9. that really looks too adorable and cute too eat... I won't eat it... I probably leave it and admire it until it spoils... LOL... it happens before...

    1. Serious Miera? hahahaha I wanted too but I feel wasted not to eat XD

  10. aww look cute and yumm, I like the love one XD

  11. how can food look this cute hah! yummy stuff x

  12. you make me so jealous lei my dear. it's so cute and make me wanna buy many of em for my nieces.

  13. Tokyo Banana is one of my favorite delicacies. Didn't know that it comes in such cute prints also. I think they taste awesome!

    1. Yes it was! I am amaze how cute they can be haha

  14. When I saw you post in the Facebook, I wondering what is this. Never know this is a cake. So cute the packaging.

  15. OMG you are making me missing Japan again. I still like the original one but the Chocolate + Banana Custard Cream is worth to try also.

    1. I am quite sad because I miss the Original taste ><

  16. Love the presentation and it makes me feel like Christmas is coming with that bell shape.

  17. so cute la i feel like i can taste it from your pics, must be sweet and really nice for a snack

  18. I have been eye-ing to try the tokyo banana, always see people sharing the pictures on their social media site. Your pictures creating an urge for me to be even more desperate to visit Japan :(

  19. OMG Tokyo Banana!!!! I super love the packaging babe. Like super adorable! Love how fluffy it taste too. Seriously........ I wanna go Japan

    1. Yes it was super cute right it was hard to resist when I see it too!!!

  20. I tried this before, love the taste, aww now I miss it >.<

  21. hey i tried it before too!.. a friend bought from japan. awesome stuff.

  22. I love their tokyo bananas! hehe. STOP MAKING ME DROOL OVER THEM! now im craving :p

  23. That's alot of Tokyo Banana you have there, not too sweet meh? lol
    I enjoy eating them but can only eat one at a time, if not sure jelat lol

    1. Not really for me. Since I am a sweet tooth person hehe!


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