Hi guys, will continue to blog my journey after visiting Ueno Park. Next we will be having our lunch nearby and visiting Ameyoko street and we got most our Japan snack at this street too. But I only manage to get for my own and family only. The snack you can get from the store you can mention it was by far the cheapest snacks you can get with Free Tax when you bought over 5000 yen too.

The map of Taito City.

My lunch of the day. I actually love how at Japan they serve many small dish together with their main dish. I'm having Udon set meal but they have small egg fried rice, soup and dumpling served. Which I can say this was a quite a satisfie meal.

Soup and Dumpling.

Fried Udon. Yummy and fried Udon where I ate most of their Japan Noodle when I am travelling at Tokyo.

Egg Fried Rice. Fragrance egg and simple egg make it looks perfect and delicious.

Where my boyfriend always order noodle soup where ever we go. Is not too bad from my meal, they have pork sauce with rice and soup ramen.

Pork Sauce rice that looks super guilty to eat.

Ramen served.

For the set meal we ordered cost from 700 yen to over 1000 yen. Depends on which set meal you prefered. Price menu is not included 8% Tax. They calculated in the cashier after your meal.

The dining space was quite small. We did have some difficulties when we order food at Japan. But well they are really friendly and take your order seriously. Just point to the meal you need to order. Remember they do served cold water bottle drink at every table too. Incase you prefer hot drinks just let them know. 

We use quite some time to look for Ameyoko Street but luckily is just across our lunch place and off we go to explore the area.

Ameyoko (アメ横) is a busy market street along the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations. The name "Ameyoko" is a short form for "Ameya Yokocho" (candy store alley), as candies were traditionally sold there. Alternatively, "Ame" also stands for "America", because a lot of American products used to be available there when the street was the site of a black market in the years following World War Two.

Fresh Strawberries sell here too.

Eye Mask is one of the essential travel nesseceties.

You can find many food stall along the walkway too.

They are some fresh seafood for all the seafood lover.

Ameyoko Plaza is where you can have all the fashion item here. They sell all the bomber jackets and vintage item here too.

Snacks I bought from. I realise that they don't have specified english name for this store. But hey I got the photo of the shop. It was quite at the end of the T junction to Ameyoko Plaza. A two combine shop on your left when you reach here.

Since it was sakura season and you will definitely wanted to try the sakura season snack. I am quite sad that I didn't get the Sakura Wine which is really super cute. I get some light Sakura pastry snack for my family.

For all the Pocky lover, this will definitely be your shopping heaven for all the pocky they have here. With all various flavour and sizes you can choose from. I believe that you can be spoilt with all the choices here.

More snacks and biscuits.

Convenient noodles from Japan.

Tax free counter here only for foreigners. I think that it was definitely worth to get 5000 yen of snacks and food here. By having tax free you could have save 8% of the total resit.

Saw this really cute Hello Kitty snack shelf. 

You can find all sorts of flavour of all these  Kit Kats. They have some special flavor during this season as well.

Claw machine is every where at Japan. Food claw machine.

More Sakura snacks! Is everywhere haha.

Busy street at Ameyoko. The crowds is there but not too bad as I thought. In this peak season of sakura, humans every where.

Wego is here too! But I didn't shop anything here instead I wait for the last few days.

Headed to Ueno Station after we have done walking around at Ameyoko.

Sinchan on the bus.

Overall was a quite fun shopping experience at ths store. Although we didn't shop until 5000 yen to deduct the tax free. But this is already suffecient to make my handcarry full with all these. If I have chance back for shopping, I will definitely buy more snack and should get a bigger luggage to stuff all the snack I buy. Up next I will visit Sensoji Temple and Asasuka Sky Tree until the end of our first day.


Ameya Yokocho
Ueno, Taito 
Tokyo 110-0015, Japan

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Till Then.

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  1. omg!! the foods and snacks look very tempting!!
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  2. Very informative post I am totally missing Japan! And those strawberries looks amazing!!

    1. Yes I am regretting because not buying them when I visit Tokyo TT

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    1. Yes omg I wanted to bring a bigger luggage next time I go XD

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  5. I want to visit Japan someday and experience all those food and snacks. Hope to find the Halal food there. :)

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  17. Noooo, you are making me miss Japan! I went last year then my bf went last April. Of course, he bought snacks too. Lol. And he's going back in November. All those Hello Kitty stuff! I got him to buy me a few Sailormoon stuff at Roppongi Hills, haven't post about it but seriously, Japan, take all my money lah. 😆

    1. Yes hahaha! I always think that Japan is girl favorite shopping country! Can't wait to return to Japan =D

  18. Egg Fried Rice attracts me especially the rice that they use. Simply delicious.

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