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Day 1 Ueno Park Tokyo #SNOWMANTRAVEL

Woops I been not update my Japan post for this Month and guess what its already half of May. Next month is quite an anticipate month because there are many celebration on the month of June. Coming week I will be going for my beach trip, finally after 2 years I am going for a beach trip again. Miss beach very much I could say, since I am a beach and sea lover. Stay tuned for live updates from my SnapChat and Social Media.

Back to my Japan Day 1 trip to Ueno Park, we decided to make visiting Sakura as our first day activities. Ueno Park is quite famous for Cherry Blossom viewing hence I decided to make it for our first day plan. We visit total 6 places for first 2 days and the remaining days we just keep it a simple and short trip. Still I feel that time is really not enough for me because Tokyo is too big for me to explore. Gonna plan my trip in the future again.

Since we are staying at Asagaya and Ueno Station is at Metro Line. We have to change the train line from JR Line to Tokyo Metro - Ginza Line. Please note that there are both 2 different line something like from Putrajaya LRT Line to KTM.

Follow this pathway out to Ueno Station near to Ueno Park.

We turn to our left and saw this stairs. We decide to go up the stairs and explore the area around the Station.

During Cherry Blossom period, you will see many food stall beside the viewing place. If you don't want to waste money on the food stall, you can always prepare your own bento and food when you are having Cherry Blossom viewing.

The most Pinkish Cherry Blossom at Ueno Park. Everyone is so crazy taking photos and selfie with this Cherry Blossom tree.

Close up.

There are actually few temples nearby Ueno Park and people come here give their blessing and prayer.

Crowds at Ueno Park from the Temple view.

Although I didn't manage to go Kyoto but still I manage to have some similar backdrop at Ueno Park.

Inside was another temple as well. 

After walking around the park, it was almost 12pm and we got slight hungry. We decided to give this Hot Soup a try. It was super nice for this windy and cold weather.

After that we decided to walk into the most crowded pathway that are packed with human! Super crazy crowd and you can't even take a single photo without people walking around you.

From the map above, you will know that Ueno Park was actually quite a big place to explore. They have quite a lot of Museum around too, such as Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Science Museum. It is also home to Ueno Zoo, Japan's first zoological garden. I bet it will take whole day exploring all these places. Most of the museum entrance is not free admission.

Temple view cover with Trees.

After we finish walk around the nearby area, we saw that they have this 2 row of food stall. We decided to have a look over there, feeling regret because didn't try the food over there. Because its lunch time we wanted to eat food that are more heavy. This place is cover with food smell and smoke too.

After walk pass all the food stalls, we come to another side of the park. Which you can have more quiet and peaceful cherry blossom viewing here.

Moreover, you can rent a boat and have a romantic activities under all the cherry blossom tree. I love the view with the colorful boat and the pretty cherry blossom tree.

There are even cute birds that you can feed them and they will come to your palm and eat the bread bites. They are totally different bird at Malaysia. This is super cute and friendly. I was amaze that they don't scare of people at all.

Map around the area.

More view from the other side.

White Cherry Blossom.

As you can see my photos with the Cherry Blossom, mostly the weather is super cloudy which you can't really see blue sky and clouds. The weather is not really good as I think, cloudy most of time if you see my photos. I think it will be consider lucky if you have see Sakura under blue sky. Maybe when you travel to a higher place of Japan. No Blue Sky but I have Cherry Blossom to see! 

Lastly end my Ueno Park post with this beautiful Tsubaki flower I take in Ueno Park. That's not the end of my journey post to Ueno as I have visit Ameyoko Street that sells a lot of cheap snack and sneakers. Most of the snacks I got for myself and my family is from Ameyoko Street. Stay tuned for my next post.

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Till Then.

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  1. awww, ueno park is so amazing, love the cherry blossom view from the temple >3<

  2. cherry blossoms are sooo prettyy <3

  3. That cherry blossom is stunning. I wish i got the chance to go to japan during cherry blossom season too

  4. Cherry blossom i like

  5. The flowers , the food and the people you....such sweet moment to remember forever.

  6. i want to go to tokyo so bad!! the sakura also look so beautiful!!
    i wish im gonna visit there again someday
    have a great day

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Yes the sakura is beautiful as always <3

  7. sakura on the very first day of the trip must be really fun :D :D i wanna go japan too!

  8. Ueno park is definitely so breathtaking... did not get to see it when I was there because was in a rush to do other things since on company tour... huhuhu

    1. It was quite a big park I would say! Next trip =D

  9. Omg. Reading your post made me feel like visiting Japan even more :( all the amazing places, cultures and peoples

  10. Aww... really hope that I can travel to Japan next year to have Sakura date. <3

  11. One fine day, I will go to this park too! And your last pic is SO PRETTY!!!! love the shots you take! :)

  12. Missed this place and I can't wait to revisit! Nice outfits dear =)

  13. Oh Sakura! How I wish to see its glory. Your photos are beautiful.

  14. You have captured so beautifully and wish to visit Japan once when it is sakura season.

  15. Look at the abundance of cherry blossoms! I want to go to Japan too, purposely for the flowers.

    1. You must dear =D Im glad I make it during my first trip to Japan =D

  16. nice place, seriously can spend a whole day there, since the weather also nice and cooling, the food at the stalls look so nice too bad you didn't try, the seafood especially, yummy

    1. Yea! I try the soup only XD Wanted to try heavy meal thats why I didn't try the food stall food XD

  17. the flowers are simply amazing. hope i can have chance to witness it next year. love your OOTD, you look so cute!!

    1. Thanks dear! Yea! better start to save money then =D

  18. Omg! Sakura is everywhere! I swear i will not missing this season next year! Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. I like those cherry blossom flower, wish to go there see it myself.

  20. do you know what i think? almost everywhere in japan is picturistic.. :) snap a pic anywhere and you have beautiful shots! wow.

  21. Wow, Ueno Park....what a place. It looks so beautiful. The place seems to be quite crowded. Is it always like that, as in weekdays / weekends?

    1. I am not sure! I guess is the sakura season which makes it crowded everyday XD

  22. Seriously gorgeous breathtaking photos and sakura looks so beautiful.

  23. omg..i miss this place! u are so lucky get to see cherry blossom! stunning.

  24. wow...nice vacation in Japan . nice picture u had catching up.


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