I have well spend my last few weekend with Haftarent. What is Haftarent? Haftarent is a one-stop property to tenant matching service that aims to ease the rental process for young executives. We provide rentals with a minimum length of lease of 1 week, no additional payments and no 3 months upfront deposit needed. 

Sound interesting? Do scroll down for more photos of how I spending my weekend in one of their rental property. The place is way my expectation as I got the chance to have a good night sleep with their super comfy bed, I could enjoy their facilities too!

How to Ease Living with Haftarent? As the current model of rental market includes tenants needing to pay a large amount of upfront deposit, paying monthly rentals in addition to paying for monthly utilities and in some cases, extra to access building facilities. The current model also states that minimum rental contracts given are on the average of 6 to 12 months which is not always a commitment tenants can make.It is also common for property agents to act as the middle man listing properties on a variety of platforms and many tenants face problems of stock photos not being accurate to actual accommodation, accommodation being unavailable or prices being extremely high for peak locations. 

Haftarent’s model removes these obstacles and provides tenants with options from a variety of accommodations as well as leases that start from as short as a week all the way up to 1 year depending on the tenant. The pictures of our listed accommodations are also extremely accurate to the actual apartment so when a tenant makes a decision, the pictures correspond to their expectations.

It was a really simple steps to start your booking with Haftarent. 

1. Click here to sign in and select your booking type such as Individual, Sharing with Main Applicant, Sharing with Flat Mate at Haftarent Website.

2. You checkout each of the property profile.

3. Haftarent will help find you a property from your enquiry.

4. Sign the Lease and Move in.

After I sign in and send my enquiry to Haftarent. I got their call in the afternoon and they will ask how long you need to rent the property, where would you prefer to stay. After you have pay the deposit for your stay and they will Call you and follow up. Later, they will get back to you by sending a booking confirmation email and Tenant Welcome Pack attached to your email address. 

Once you confirm your rent and Wola Please find the booking confirmation and Tenant Welcome Pack attached.
WOLA You are done and next you will have to wait for their representative will contact you upon check-in to pass you the keys on the day you check in.

I get to stay at one of their suites - Summer Suites located at the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle area. Which serve the best location for a stay at Kuala Lumpur area. 

Our entrance key card and door key. We have Wifi to use too hoorayyy.

A little intro about Haftarent, previously was Trupcotel.

Their dining space was quite eye catching with the Chili Red color Chair. Guess what they got all the dining utensil prepared ready on the dining table. You no need to go around messing up the kitchen to find utensil too.

Fully Furnishing Kitchen.

I love their cooking place. With the induction cooking that is super convenient to cook and control with. 

Guess what and they have all the cooking pots and more utensil for you to cook and prepare your own meal while you stay at Summer Suites.

This mini washing machine is too cute! Hidden inside the cupboard. I love how they furnishing their kitchen with so many hidden storage we could store and put.

We even got a Big Refrigerator beside the Kitchen.

Living room with Streaming Tv Box. Can go online for Movies or drama.

Guess what We got a Double Decker Bed in the Living room too. This was meant for if you are travelling more than 2 person this would be a good choice for you. Still we just laying on the bed here and watching movies in the living room though. 

Washroom. Was small but it has all we needed.

The shampoo, conditioner and bath gel is all prepared for you too!

Bedroom time. I love how the curtain shading the bedroom give the room a really comfy room light. Just make my lazy afternoon nap on the bed.

Towel on the go too!

Not forget there is this big mirror in front of the bed for a good OOTD shot.

We got Iron, Iron board, Hair Dryer and Small Safety Box in the cupboard. Hangers for hanging clothes too!

Not Forget we even have Wifi too! It was quite fast while we streaming movie using the Tv Stream Player.

Let's move on to their facilities at Summer Suites. Their facilities is on the 11 Floor.

We got Games Room. That is suitable for Family to have pool together here.

Not only that they have Gym and Yoga area for people who like Yoga and Fitness.

Next up is my favorite that is the Swimming Pool. I miss swimming alot and I don't have many chances to swim also. Since Summer Suites got this big swimming pool and it was the best chances to get yourself soak in this swimming pool.

Another thing that I love their swimming pool is that they have this transparent glass that you can see through. I am so in love with this design. If you have know Marina Bay have this Transparent Glass Swimming pool. Now you don't have to be there but in Summer Suites you can enjoy this Transparent Glass Swimming pool and I bet it was photo worthy too!

Not only that, on the other side of the facilities area, they have big and small conference room for meeting purpose. Which it serve great to businessman or any small entrepreneurs for meeting.

Night View of the swimming pool. We can see the KL Tower with the bright LED Light which I find it was a amazing view to see it from the pool.

They have total 4 Lift which I find it quite good as we do not have to wait long for the lift. All are well function well too.

A little Check out Guide after our 2 Days 1 Night stay at Summer Suites.

There is myNews.com on the Ground Floor of the summer suites which I feel that it was quite convenient you can get everything you needed here. Simple food and snack for few days staying at Summer Suites.

Overall I have a pleasant stay at Summer Suites and thanks to Haftarent who provided me such comfy and relax stay at Summer Suites. Which I don't have to worry about the cleanness and how much I need to pay for the bill after the stay too. I got it all cover thanks to Haftarent which offer me a Good Deal and a Good Weekend Stay at Summer Suites.

The question came to the end. Do even need to ask WHY YOU SIGN UP with HAFTARENT?

- Low Deposit of only RM 399
- Provide Weekly Tenancy Period
- Pay Online
- Weekly Housekeeping
- Rent + Bills Together with NO additional Charges
- Quality Furnishing

[About Haftarent]
TrupCotel is a one-stop property to tenant matching service that aims to ease the rental process for young executives. We provide rentals with a minimum length of lease of 1 week, no additional payments and no 3 months upfront deposit needed. TrupCotel tenants can rent fully furnished apartments with one price that includes monthly rent, utilities, free WiFi, free weekly housekeeping and access to building facilities. We want tenants to find an accommodation closest to their office to experience the best work-life balance. 

What’s the first step to staying at your dream property? Simply register on our website and provide us with the requirements of the accommodation that you are looking for and we will find a perfect match for you.


Good news is to all my readers you will get a 5% discount on rentals with my promo code. 
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