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ROHTO Eye Drops for Beautiful and Moist Eyes

Recently I have start to rely this new product I got from Mentholatum - Rohto® Eye Drop. I am not a cons person but I always got dry and sore eyes after 1 whole day of staring laptop during work and blogging. I am glad to hands on Rohto® Eye Drops since it launch I heard many good reviews how they giving this cool and refreshing after a few drops on your eyes. I been wanted to try it because I always have dry and tired eyes.

In this digitally-inclined era, many people spend long hours in front of computers, laptops, Tvs and mobile devices which eventually lead to strained and dry eyes . Not only the growing reliance on digital devices strains our eyes, eye irritation also stems from environmental irritants like smoke, dust, haze and air condition which further contribute to more conditions ranging from simple to complex.

Hence, here's a good option for you to consider finding ways to give your weary eyes a break, with simple few droplets of Rohto® Eye drops to effectively retain moisture as well as to provide soothing relief for dry and irritated eyes.

Rohto®, the number one global eye care brand that comes with a unique cooling formula that provides you with an instant cooling sensation which soon fades to be replaced by a totally refreshing feeling for your eyes. Unlike other eye drops, the cooling formula aids in producing more natural tears that help soothe your eyes and reduce eye fatigue by increasing perceived image clarity.

I love this blue packaging that represent the cooling sensation of Rohto® Cool Eye Drops. 13ml packaging of Rohto® Cool Eye Drops. 

Each ingredient is filtered and sterilized from the bottle to the cap and nozzle through gamma sterilization or electron bean sterilization.

Behind Packaging Details.

Rohto® Cool Eye Drops moisturizes, refreshes and provides immediate cooling relief to
- Dry, Strained and tired eyes due to prolonged exposure to TV/ Computer usage. Effectively retains moisture and natural tear in eyes.
- Dryness and eye discomfort due to wearing of contact lenses with protective moisturizing veil.
- Minor eye irritation due to smog, dust, wind, sun glare and chlorinated water by giving soothing relief.
- Blurred Vision

Cooling Level for this Rohto® Cool(Tired Eye Relief - Cooling & Refreshing) is Level 5.

When I open the box packaging, it comes with another plastic packaging as well. My first thought for this eye drops is was so small and cute. Easy for me to bring around to work and when I go out.

I like the eye drops are conveniently packaged in an innovative, transparent, slim and sleek bottle that has non squirting, single- drop dispenser said to be the only packaging of its kind in the market. Which make this eye drop kinda stand out in the market.

Smaller than my hand, super cute!

Direction Using
Instill 1 to 2 drops, 5 to 6 time a day.

* Read insert before use
* Store in a cool place protected from direct sunlight.

I love their nozzle too, since I am not a person who always use eye drops. I will scare the eye drops dropping to my eye and I always blink my eyes when I was eye dropping. But since Rohto® comes in a super innovative packaging and nozzle, I have no issues using it at all.

Overall I was using it when I feel my eyes sore and dry. Rohto® Eye Drops instantly helps cooling and moisture my dry eyes and gives my eye the refreshing beautiful eyes too! Since I am a sucker for packaging I feel that I will getting this Rohto® Eye Drops more for myself. Each of the Rohto® Cool Eye Drop is priced at only RM 16.50 (inclusive of GST per bottle). They are available in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nation wide.

There are 2 more different type of Rohto® Eye Drops for you to choose.

Tired Eye Relief - Gentle & Moisturizing

Moisturizes, refreshes and provides gentle soothing relief 
It is suitable for usage with or without contact lenses. 

Advanced Dry Eye Relief - Restores Moisture 

It effectively relieves dry eye symptoms and enables long lasting relief. With the advanced formula, it soothes irritated eyes and restores balance of the 3 layers of tear film: 
It is only suitable for non-contact lens wearer. 

[About ROHTO®]
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been producing and marketing eye drops for over 100 years. Rohto® is the number 1 brand of eye drop in the world and has been number 1 in Japan for the past 40 years. Rohto Cooling Eye Drops launched in the United States in 2001. 

[About Mentholatum] 

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. The manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing in over 150 countries. 

The company privately held for 99 years, was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese Pharmaceutical market with top selling products. The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the World.  



  1. I like this eyedrops too! It really give us a cooling sensation feeling! Now my eyes is used to it and I no longer feel "pedih" likewise I first tried it haha

  2. Photo is very nice! Love the background with the eyedrops. Heard its very comfortable too.

    1. Thanks Cheryn yes I super love the cooling feeling XD

  3. loving all the photos you took! so compatible with the packaging! I have got one too after reading so many reviews for all of you.

    1. Thanks babe! Yes how does it feel like using it? hehe

  4. Ah, never use before, but i can recommend my brother use it

    1. I think for non lens user we can use it too!

  5. Been using this since few years back and still loving it! =D

  6. I read about this brand on so many blogs. Looks like a popular brand. Not sure whether available in SG though.

    1. You can try find it in nearest drug store =D

  7. I tried it before and no more dried eyes and made me feel fresh too.

  8. Now , i use it everyday as i wearing contact lens which easily dry ..This product really moisture my eyes ~

    1. Yes I agree =D Even when I don't wear lens often I also using it when I feel my eyes is dry and tired!

  9. Rohto keep my eye fresh and first drop, I can feel the cooling effect. I love this eye drops.

  10. personally tried it and i love it especially the cooling effect. :D thank you for sharing this! :D

    1. Yes no worries Janice =D Is a good product!

  11. I saw many good reviews from this products!! The packaging looks very cute!!

  12. Read about this products recently on many blogs and looks great.

  13. I just fell in love the packaging. it's different from any other brand.

  14. so cute la your last photo. Rhoto is very good brand. thanks for sharing.

  15. I love this eye drops. So cooling and the packaging so cute

  16. This eye drops do make me feel comfy when saw your photos. May I know where can I purchase as I'm from Perak state.. ^.^''

    1. Any drugstore such as Watson or Guardian also can buy ya!

  17. This is my must have eye drops in my purse... have one bottle there for whenever my eyes feel overwhelmed

  18. I bought it and I quite like it after using it for a few times.

  19. i love this eye drops too coz it's so cooling to me eyes!

  20. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)


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