Hi all, finally my last post for my Day 1 visit to Tokyo during Sakura Season. You can read back my previous Japan post by the end of my post ya. Finally I have reach the last post for my Day 1 journey to Tokyo Japan. I can't wait to share for more and show you guys all the photos I take during my trip. Since this is the last post for my Day 1, I will gonna spam a lot of photos as well. Also I realize that I haven't post out my itinerary of my trip. After I compile my Day 1 post, next I will move on to my 6 Days 5 Nights Itinerary Post. 

Guess what Day 2 Post is about Tokyo Disney Sea!! Feeling so excited and can't wait to share with all of you.

When you go Tokyo, every places is so picture worthy. Even if you pass by any road you can always get a really nice tourist photo without needed any photo skills!

After we have visit Sensoji Temple, we decided to go to Tokyo Sky Tree since it was just nearby. As we thought, I actually plan to walk there but we been asking around and it will took around 20-30 minutes of walking distance from our place. They have a cross over bridge and you will have to walk further after you walk through the bridge.

I amazed with all the pretty flowers I see around Tokyo as well. They have really taken care of their surrounding well, you can see no rubbish around, you can always see many pretty fresh flower around too!

We manage to take a glance on how Tokyo Sky Tree looks like by far. I am glad to have a clear blue sky when I visit to Tokyo Skytree.

Finally we decided to take Train to Asasuka Skytree. We take Tobu Skytree Line from Asasuka to Tokyo Skytree. I even research that you can also take bus to Tokyo Sky Tree as well. But I rather not to because not familiar the bus route and the communication with the local bus driver.

Welcome by the Mascot from Tokyo Skytree!

The Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー) is a new television broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo. It is the centerpiece of the Tokyo Skytree Town in the Sumida City Ward, not far away from Asakusa. With a height of 634 meters (634 can be read as "Musashi", a historic name of the Tokyo Region), it is the tallest building in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world at the time of its completion. A large shopping complex with aquarium is located at its base.

Credits from Japan-Guide

Can't really teach you how to go to the ticket counter but just take note on the direction board and they will pointed you to the direction you needed to go. Tokyo Skytree Ticket Counter is on the 4th floor.

I am really glad that I have a clear sky without cloudy weather or rain during my visit to Tokyo Sky Tree.

We actually got attracted to the counter for Foreigner Counter on the half way of going to the Tokyo Skytree ticket counter. We went in and saw all the tourist from different country is here including us as well.

What's so special about this Counter is ticket specially for Foreigner only(obviously). We can bought the ticket faster and we can have our own lift to the Deck as well.

Normal Ticket Charges.

Fast Skytree Ticket. So we decided to go for Fast SkyTree Ticket because the queue for the normal ticket is really long and crazy waiting time since we didn't booked online. We always think of use money to buy us faster time so that we can save more time later.

Extra Deck ticket you have to bought them when you are at the Tembo Deck of Tokyo Sky Tree. Additional 1030 Yen for Adult.

For more ticket info you can click here to check in their website.

We got our Fast Skytree Ticket. In less than 15 minutes, we are guide by the officer to the lift and off we go up to level 350 Tembo Deck. The lift is super fast and We reach level 350 in less than 3 minutes which I was amaze by it. It feels so crazy when you are in the lift seeing the number of the level keep increase rapidly. 

Map of the Tembo Deck. Basically is just a round circle area to let you have the 360 Degree view of Tokyo.

I can say that the night view of the city is really gorgeous and the city feels so tiny when you see from the 350th Level of Tembo Deck. You can see how pretty the city lights are and the busy road of the road at Tokyo.

Ticket counter for additional ticket to the Tembo Galleria. We didn't make it since we feel that the night city will still looks the same like we have seen in this 350th floor. My friend once told me that that are not much things in Tembo Galleria as well since she went up there. But its never wrong to explore, if you have the extra cash you can always go ahead to their Tembo Galleria 450th Floor.

We can play around with this directory with the area around the Tokyo Skytree.

Not forget to selfie with the beautiful night view of Asasuka.

Besides just seeing the beautiful night view of Asasuka, they even have a WIPE UP Show on the glass window itself. It was really fun to watch it and gosh I wonder how they really do it because it does looks real and we can't stop watching it. They have presented it so well and lively with the story as well.

Tokyo SkyTree Cafe.

Next they have some photo spot as well. Since we are here so why not. It feels really great to have a printed photo to actually let us keep this sweet photo as our memory been to Tokyo Skytree.

Next, we went to The Skytree Shop where you can buy all kinds of Skytree Souvenir.

They have all kinds of Skytree merchandise and even some sakura season merchandise too. I manage to grab some Hello Kitty x Skytree Merchandise for me and some postcard to keep.

Not forget to take photo with the view.

Feeling so scary when you 350th floor above the ground and look through the mirror glass. I am having height phobia and only my boyfriend dare to stand on the glass. 

Time to finish our visit at Tokyo Skytree. Waited for the regular lift as it was really fast and we didn't actually waited too long for it. In Japan they actually do things really fast and efficient, even when they saw the queue is really long they will quickly open a new queue.

After reaching the 5th floor, we actually notice that this place was a shopping area, Tokyo Solomachi. Tokyo Solamachi (lit. "Tokyo Sky Town") is the large shopping, dining and entertainment complex at the base of the Tokyo Skytree. It features over 300 established and original shops and restaurants, and would be well worth a visit even without Japan's tallest tower on top of it.

Saw this anime shop forget its name, and I could find all anime merchandise here. I didn't really get anything from here because its only first day and I wouldn't spend a lot on the item that I want first.

Cachapon Machine here too! Me and my boyfriend actually get crazy when we have try the Cachapon Machine first time on our next few days trip. 

Dinner at the foodcourt. Resting our super sore leg here too.

After dinner, we plan to head back to our Airbnb. I wanted to get the Chocolate flavor Tokyo Banana first before headed back that are near to the SkyTree Station. Guess what! I saw this Heart Shape Tokyo Banana Store when we were heading outside, feeling so excited and I spend my money to all the Tokyo Banana I got from Tokyo Skytree. 

The Heart Shape Tokyo Banana is only available at Tokyo Skytree. I can't recall where is it located but their shop is near to other dessert shop beside too.

Suites Heart Tree 
Tokyo push 1-1-2 Tokyo Sky Tree Town 
Solamachi Tower yard 2F 5 address 
TEL 03-6658-4953 
Hours 10:00 to 21:00

Moomin Cafe! SO cute but didn't manage to try.

Next we are here for the second Shop for the Chocolate Tokyo Banana. I wonder why did they separate the different flavor of Tokyo Banana to different places.

Click here for Tokyo Banana Store Locator.

Floor Guide.

Our return line was decided last minute, but they are few options route back to Asagaya station. Since it was night and we normally will choose the route that are not required to change too many line. Google is really very convenient since they have stated the time needed for the journey, the station you need to take your train from, the total train ticket you need to pay too. Don't forget to make use of Google when you travel.

Can't believe I had it made to the 350th floor deck of Tokyo Skytree to have a chance to see such amazing view of Asasuka. Actually there are many places where you can always enjoy Tokyo Night view at Tokyo. But I plan to conquered Tokyo Skytree first. Nevertheless you can always plan your visit to either one the buildings to enjoy night view of Japan. 

Next I will compile a short Itinerary of My Tokyo Trip. Day 2 will be at Tokyo Disney Sea, can't wait to share more on my next upcoming Tokyo Post.

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Till Then.

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