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Pretz n' Beanz New Outlet @ Bangsar

Pretz n' Bean has open a new outlet at Bangsar area. Which I think this was a smart choice because in Bangsar, you can always find all the yummy and nice cafe for a chill out afternoon session. Since Pretz n' Beanz has open a outlet here at Bangsar, it was a good news for all Pretzel lover too! In this new outlet, Pretz n' Bean has come out with few new dishes and they added some fun 3D painting too! You can take photo and pose with their 3D painting and enjoy your pretzel.

New Menu.

3D painting at Prezt n' Beanz.

Interior of Pretz n' Beanz is still as cosy as ever. Red Bricks with their signature logo which mark the meaning of Pretzel and Coffee. Now they even have this sweet corner to let customer to stick on the sticky notes with all the sweet comment from customer.

Green Latte always my favorite drink from Pretz n' Beanz.

Coffee and Latte of the day.

Royale Salmon Egg Benedict RM 28.50

Seriously when they serve this dish out, everyone feel so mouth watering and can't wait to noms this Royale Salmon Egg Benedict. Which you can see the egg yolk is dipping from the salmon and on the toast. I never thought this 2 combination looks so good together and what for when you eat it, it was actually super yummy! With Fresh Salmon slice, egg yolk and toast, super royale sensation I would say.

Feeling so hungry in this midnight when I was blogging about this post.

Champignon Baked Egg RM 18

Eggs baked with tomatoes, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese served with Pretzel.

The food at Pretz n' Beanz always got me hook with all their delicious serving. Since mushroom is my favorite dish, together with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese it was actually perfect. Taste with rich mozzarella cheese and juicy mushroom.

This time we choose 3 different flavor that was quite unique. Read through to see how was the taste like.

Chocolate Cookie Crunch RM 8.50

Best for chocolate and pretzel lover! Since the topping was cookie crunch, the crunches actually easily fall off when you bite on it. So make sure you have enough bites and it actually tasted not too sweet as well.

Poppy Seed RM 6.50

I find this really interesting to try, the seed on the pretzel is so cute right! Super tiny and across the pretzel, Poppy Seed is really common for pastry, like breads, bagel and rolls. So why not Pretzel as well? Poppy Seed taste slight sweet and able to give a lift of the taste with Pretzel.

Seaweed RM 6.50

Since I like Korean and Japanese cuisine, seaweed is quite common in their dish as well. I wanted to try how it goes with Pretzel. To my surprise, it give some crunchy bites together with the Pretzel. So yeah if you are looking some crunchy bites and unique taste combination of Pretzel, Seaweed is not that bad huh!

Dipping Sauce - Passion Jam RM 2.60

They have a new dipping sauce for Pretzel as well. It was Passion Fruit sauce which I totally love it so much. It was sour and sweet in the same time, and was able to give a really fresh and unique flavor when I dip together with Pretzel. 

Flammkuchen RM 18 7" | RM 26.50 10"

Pretzel Dough top with sour cream, yellow onion slices, beef brisket and mozzarella cheese.

They use the Pretz dough for their pizza crust. Which was quite soft and chewy to noms when you eat their pizza.

Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pizza RM 17 7" | RM 24.50 10"

As you can see they have hot pepper and chili as the topping for this Pizza.

Both of the Pizza we order was actually suppose to be spicy and fire up our taste bud. But too bad it doesn't really give that strong flavor of it after we eat. 

Shrimp Olio Alio

We order this spaghettie for our last dish. To give us a filling stomach we decide to go for slight heavy dish. It was cook just alright, rather spicy but appetizing. Importantly the shrimp they serve with is really chewy and fresh!

Table meal.

Rainbow Cake

I actually has Rainbow Cake for my birthday last few years. We always order just for its colorful rainbow sponge cake. You will feel happy when you saw all these beautiful rainbow color. 

Sesame Crepe Cake

Ordered this because curious how sesame taste like with cake. Love the texture of crepe cake. Every layer is full with dark sesame filling, it was slight dry at first but overall taste was all good.

Pretz n' Beanz

No. 9, Ground Floor, 
Jalan Telawi 2, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
+603-2201 9026

Opening Hours
Sun - Thurs : 7.30am – 12am.
Fri, Sat and PH Eve of holiday : 7.30am – 1am.



  1. I like Pretzel but the place seems abit far><! Another choice other than Auntie Annie! :DD

  2. Aritu pergi and iday punya husband suka sangat dengan pizza pretzl. Next time nak datang and try crepe pulak. hehehe Nice photos! :)

  3. gosh, i fall in love with the Pretzel and it crepe cake! overall, it all caught my appetite, i can't resist! but so sad, in Klang there is no Pretzel :(

    1. Yes! Oh ya come here and try ya next time =D

  4. Waaaa you all had dessert after I left! Haha it was a great time to meetup with all of you. Can't wait for our vacation

  5. I like to visit Bangsar :-D Now, I have a new place to check out. The pretzels look delicious and the drinks too. Prices look reasonable as well. Shall pop by this interesting cafe when I am in KL next. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes I love they have really affordable price food but yet it can be really delicious too!

  6. I love their pretzel and unique pretzel pizza, nice cafe setting :)

  7. Went there to celebrate my friend's bday! Love the foods there!

  8. I have heard so much about this cafe but never have a chance to visit it! Royale Salmon Egg Benedict looks so deliciouussss

  9. i have only visited their outlet in mont kiara, the pretzels are always so yummy there. good to hear that they are here in bangsar now

  10. Near to my place! Can go there frequently hhehe

  11. Visited the new branch and I love it too! XD

  12. love your photos la. especially the rainbow cake, it cheers me up :)

    1. Happy that it cheers you up =D Have a nice day ahead ya!

  13. wow ! The food looks so yummy ~ It just near my house ^^ I wanna try the sesame crepe one day !

  14. I know that the food there are good. I have to make a stop there soon. Hehe

  15. pretz and beanz.. i am a big advocate of their pretzel pizza. superb !

    1. Yes! Too bad flavor is not as strong as I think!

  16. I loved the food photos. The rainbow and other cakes look droolworthy.

  17. love pretzels! The Green Latte looks so yummy

    1. Their Green Matcha Latte is always my favorite!

  18. I never try it but I heard that my friends always liking on this pretz and beanz! Bangsar get new one. I will go check there :D

  19. Aww, that egg Benedict looks yummy! Heard a lot about them but I'm yet to try...

  20. Bangsar, my favourite lepak spot. It is a food haven and for those who are into food review, it is a nice place to explore. I've never been to Pretz n' Beanz in Bangsar but will definitely give it a try one of these days.

    BTW, the address is not Jalan Tewali 2 but Jalan Telawi 2.

    1. Opps thanks for the correction! The place is food heaven love to go there hang out with friends =D

  21. Really need to visit Pretz N Beanz at least once in my life as I do read a lot of reviews about them. I must at least visit at least once in my lifetime.

  22. they are expanding quite fast lately! so many branches around kl and selangor!

    1. Yes I know right! What important is they serve yummy food!

  23. I like pretz-n-beanz and always visit them :) thanks for this sharing as this new outlet very near to my office. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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