Finally will blog about my Day 3 Itinerary of my Tokyo trip. I been thinking how should I start my post because Tokyo DisneySea is a really big place to explore. To be honest, I didn't really go through each of the game at Tokyo DisneySea because of the crowds. The crowds was super crazy and each of the game station requires 1-2 hours of queuing. If you really really want to try out all the game station at Tokyo DisneySea would recommend you start to line up at their entrance at least 30 minutes before the official park opening. Opening hours of the park will be from 8:30am to 10pm everyday.

In this post I will share on base on my own experience exploring Tokyo DisneySea in 1 Day. If you are really Disneyland die hard fan, you could even book a hotel at Disney Resort you can reach Disney Park within walking journey. You can even get their annual passes too.

What's the difference between Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo DisneyLand?

 Tokyo DisneySea attraction are more towards young audience, and Tokyo Disneyland attraction are more towards family and kids play land. You can continue to read my blog to see What's the attraction they have in Tokyo DisneySea.

First thing is we arrived late at the park, set wrong alarm time according to Malaysia time. We plan to wake up at 7-7:30am. Instead we wake at 8:30am, totally screw up. We quickly brush up our self and not forget since we are staying at Asagaya we have to spend 1 hour of train journey to reach Tokyo DisneySea. By the time we were there was already 10:30am.

Journey from Asagaya Station to Maihama Station.

Super late I know. Upon reaching, we have to take Disney Train to go inside the park too. Since I am first timer visit Tokyo DisneySea, eventually I will be taking photos non stop whenever I see anything cute! Even the train ticket is super cute. Purposely get myself their Easter Limited design train ticket too!!

View from the Train.

The arrive train I took comes in Mickey Handle.

Where as the night time, I got the chance to sit Duffy and Shellie May train which was way too cute and can't stop taking photo inside the train. Seeee how cute the handle are and the train is full of Duffy Bear and Shellie May Pictures too.

Bye Bye Tokyo DisneySea. 

We bought online since the date we went there is the Sakura Season which it was the most crowded period of the year. We bought the 1 Day Passport ticket which is 7400 Yen per person. Remember to buy it online where you can skip the queuing up for the Park Ticket.

We choose the Disney's eTicket and we just print the ticket our self. Remember to bring it with you when you go Disney Park.

Buy your online Park Ticket here.

There are even Annual Passport to purchase as well. To be truth, during our visit to Tokyo DisneySea I saw so many high school student visit the park during weekdays. It make me curious about their school life, since in Japan they have so many entertainment places for them to wander around. Honestly I was quite jealous with their lifestyle, which they can visit this cute park whenever they want with this annual passport!!

But the above stated Student Academic Year change, meaning they actually will check on this also. Another thing is, I don't know why is it my own mistake that I actually bought the wrong park ticket, I remember clearly that I check and double confirm that I actually bought the correct date ended up maybe I didn't check on the Park itself. I bought Park Ticket to Disneyland. Which ended up I need to pay extra to exchange to DisneySea Park Ticket.

Oh well but I still manage to get this super cute entrance ticket after exchange.

Another tips for you guys is to look for the Fast Pass Station. Maximize your time at DisneySea Park by using Disney Fast Pass.

Tips and How to obtain Fast Pass Ticket. There's a time limit for every Fast Pass Ticket to obtains too. But you can't be in the same station with the same time right, they actually auto set the time for you for each different Fast Pass Station. The time printed out on the Fast Pass Ticket is the time where you can be the first few VIP to start queuing up for the certain station. 

But bear in mind that one entrance ticket only can claim to 2-3 fast pass at one time. If you try to scan all fast pass ticket at one time, it will be fail and will ask you to wait for another 1 hour more or etc for a new fast pass.

Why do we need this Fast Pass???? 
Because the normal queuing time for the station could be up to 2-3 or even 3-4 hours per station depends on the crowds. I believe that no one would wanted to spend your few hours queuing up just to play at each station. So this FAST PASS is a must get okay!!

The recommended Fast Pass Ticket Station: 
1. Toy Story Mania ( The Fast Pass Ticket Can be FINISH TOO if you are late)
2. Tower of Terror
3. Raging Spirits
4. Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

There are total 8 Fast Pass Station for you to acquire the Fast Past Ticket. Map above is the Fast Pass Ticket Map where you get all the Fast Pass Ticket.

You can check here on the Fast Past Station at Tokyo DisneySea.

Download the Map Park Ticket here.

Since by the time I reach the park is already 11am, the Fast Pass Ticket for Toy Story Mania is finish!!!! The Tower of Terror Fast Pass Ticket time was 8:40pm at night by the time I'm trying my luck. The rest? Don't even mention about it, I only manage to watch the Mermaid Lagoon Theater (Fast Pass) and The Magic Lamp Theater(Queue for 2 hours ++) only. The Best Way to have all The first four Fast Pass Tickets, Separate the station to few of your friends.

Still I enjoy much during my visit to DisneySea, take alots of photos and seeing so many cute and pretty stuff here too. Got my favorite Duffy Bears too!! Although I didn't learn much about the Fast Pass thing online, but I got so many photos to spam you guys on this post.

Of cause you will different mascot around that you can always take photos with them. All the while just manage to meet and take photo with two of these. Just got know Pluto from Disney Character only.

Before start showing you around Tokyo DisneySea, I will post some my solo photo first I take before start exploring DisneySea.

Mediterranean Harbor.

Tokyo DisneySea is a fantasy theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort that is unique to Japan. Inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, Tokyo DisneySea is made up of seven themed ports of call: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

While suitable for all ages, Tokyo DisneySea was designed to specifically also appeal to a more grown up audience. The park addresses the Japanese visitors' strong interest in good food by providing a wider selection of table service restaurants than Tokyo Disneyland and by serving alcoholic beverages, which are unavailable at the neighboring park.

Info from here.

Toy Story Mania - American Waterfront

Appropriate for:
Must be able to sit without assistance, No height restrictions
Attraction Type:
3D film effects, OK on rainy days, Loud sounds, Go through darkness, Children under 3, Parent, children 
✓ Fast Pass

Go in through Woody's wide open mouth and you'll find that you've shrunk to the size of a toy! A great time playing the carnival games set up under Andy's bed is waiting for you!

Like I mention this is the most hype attraction at Tokyo DisneySea. By the time we wanted to queue it takes around 2-3 hours of queuing time. Which we decided to give up because we don't want to stuck here in the first attraction without exploring the Park.

Beside the rides, they have small games outside for kids too. Everyone rush here to get Fast Pass Ticket and enjoy the rides inside Toy Story Mania. 

Video of the game. After watching this video, making me wanted to really try on this ride!!

Tower of Terror - American Waterfront

In New York, 1912, stands the hotel known as the "Tower of Terror," so called after the mysterious disappearance of its owner in 1899. Now, the New York City Preservation Society has finished restoring the infamous hotel, and started giving tours to the public. But what happens when you take the elevator to the top floor...?

Duration about 2 min.
Capacity 22 persons per cabin
✓ Fast Pass

DisneySea Transit Steamer Line - American Waterfront

The steamers travel the waters of Tokyo DisneySea, and depart once the Park opens.

49 persons per steamer

Appropriate for:
No height restrictions
Attraction Type:
Transportation, Babies, Children under 3, Parent, child and grandparents

Beside there are having some game station, they have few show and performance for you to enjoy too. We do miss out few nice performance and Disney meet up show. I would suggest to having 2 days to explore around and enjoy every show and game of the park.

See the Columbia Cruise!


DisneySea Electric Railway - American Waterfront

Ride above the bustle of the city, and what do you see? A beautiful harbor that is somehow familiar, even though it's your first view of it. You've arrived at none other than the marina of tomorrow, Port Discovery. You've traveled through the horizons of time.

Duration about 2.5 min.
Capacity 42 persons per train

Each of the area, they have restaurant where you can enjoy your meal when you passby different area. They serve different foods too.

Photo of the day.

Port Discovery.

Aquatopia- Port Discovery

The three-person watercraft travels around the experimental pool, and this is no typical course. You'll spin around and twirl off in unpredictable directions. Who knows where you'll end up!

Duration about 2.5 min.
Capacity 3 persons per vehicle


DisneySea Electric Railway - Port Discovery

There's a shiny trolley running along the elevated tracks, waiting to take you over the horizons of time, from the marina of tomorrow to an early 20th century harbor town in America. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo DisneySea from any seat.

Duration about 2.5 min.
Capacity 42 persons per train


DisneySea Transit Steamer Line - Lost River Delta

The steamers travel the waters of Tokyo DisneySea, and depart once the Park opens.

Duration about 6 min.
Capacity 49 persons per steamer

- When shows are being set up and performed on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor, Transit Steamer operation may be suspended or the route may be changed.
Please check the Park Information Board or see a Cast Member at the dock.


We got to queue up to take photos with Mickey too! You can choose to take photo from Minnie or Donald also. But as I mention they put the minimum waiting time for each of the queue, so that you can always count the time you waiting for each station.

Lost River Delta

Raging Spirit- Lost River Delta

This is a high-speed rollercoaster attraction racing through the excavated ruins of an ancient ceremonial site. This thrilling ride will turn your world upside down.

Duration about 1.5 min.
Capacity 12 persons
✓ Fast Pass


Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull - Lost River Delta

Experience the temple tours organized by Paco, a friend of Dr. Indiana Jones. But wait. The temple's vengeful guardian spirit, the Crystal Skull, is not happy about this at all. When the spirit's anger is unleashed, will you get out alive!?

Duration about 3 min.
Capacity 12 persons per cabin
✓ Fast Pass


Arabian Cost

I really like this place as you can see I took alot of photos here because of the Blue sky. The building here match the blue sky perfectly. I kinda like Arabian design too, we stop here for quite some time. We have our lunch here, and we wait for the Magic Lamp Show here and queue for almost 2 hours standing in the line.

There are total 4 Attractions here, Caravan Carousel, Sindbad's Storybook Voyage, Jasmine's Flying Carpets and The Magic Lamp Theater.

The Magic Lamp Theater - Arabian Coast

The "greatest magician in the world," Shaban, presents his first solo performance without his partner, the popular Genie. So what happened to him? Find out as you take in this magical performance!

Duration about 23 min. (Show Duration: about 9 min.)
Seating Capacity: 322 persons
✓ Fast Pass


Mysterious Island

There are 2 Attraction at Mysterious Island. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Home to an ancient, advanced civilization, Atlantis is said to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean long ago. Some say the people of that continent lived on and adapted to the world beneath the waves. Board one of Captain Nemo's powerful submarine boats and join him in his undersea search for Atlantis.

Duration: about 5 min.
Capacity: 6 persons per submarine
✓ Fast Pass


Journey to the Center of the Earth

The enigmatic genius Captain Nemo has unearthed a heretofore unknown world deep underground. During your journey on board a unique subterranean vehicle, the volcano suddenly shakes and erupts, taking you where even Captain Nemo has never been before.

Duration: about 3 min.
Capacity: 6 persons per vehicle
✓ Fast Pass


After the Magic Lamp Theater, it was around 5pm. While my boy is queuing up for the Theater, I suggest that I should go and get another Fast Pass Tickets too - The Mermaid Show 6:30pm. Before we go for the show, we decide to do a quick last round of DisneySea. All these are from Mediterranean Harbor, nearer to their signature mountain view of DisneySea.

More evening views of the Park.


Finally I am here at the most special and wanted to go place in this DisneySea park - The Mermaid Lagoon.

I love the lightning and water seems one of my kind. So I really enjoy the environment inside the Mermaid Lagoon.

I am back here by 6pm, where the sunset started.

Can't stop taking Photo heh,

There are total 7 games in here, where mostly are suitable for Family and Kids. They have Ariel's Playground, Jumpin' Jellyfish,Scuttle's Scooter, Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster, Blowfish Balloon Race, The Whirlpool and The Mermaid Lagoon.

See how pretty the interior ah, just can't stop taking photos of the place. I love the design of this lagoon with the water effects, and you can hear the song Under The Sea keep playing.

Finally the Mermaid Lagoon Theater start. The Fast Pass privilege, seriously enjoy myself by using the Fast Pass Tickets!! We got to be in the first crowd to go in, although we have to queue and wait also. But at least we shorten the waiting time and no need to pack around in the normal queue. Plus since we are first crowd to go in, we can get better seats too!!

I love this show so much!! The mermaid is so pretty and lively and since we got to go in first, we got the best angle to watch this show.

The Mermaid Lagoon Theater

A musical concert is about to start in the kingdom under the sea but Ariel, the star of the show, is nowhere to be found… Ariel, who dreams of becoming human, will enchant you with popular songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid such as “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea.” Enjoy this brand new show with music, visuals, and dynamic performances!

Length of Show: about 14 min.
Seating Capacity: 700 persons
✓ Fast Pass

After the show, it was already night at DisneySea. We plan for a short dinner and waited for the fireworks. BUT they CANCEL the fireworks and celebration due to the gloomy weather!!!! I am feeling super sad and disappointed because this is where I wanted to enjoy and see too.

As for the food part, I would recommend you to try their snack along the way. They even have all those super cute popcorn holder, where you can buy here or just feel free to keep refilling when you saw any popcorn stall. 

If you plan to save your money on these, you can always bring enough snack and water in your bag! We bring few breads and water bottle with us. As for the water coolers around the park, you can keep refill your water when you are there. To be frank, the water is so cold that we didn't bother to fill our bottle!! Just bring a hot tumbler with you.

Casbah Food Court - Arabian Coast.

Our lunch place will be at Arabian Coast, we decide to eat here because we are looking for rice to eat so that we don't get hungry easily after lunch. This is the only Rice Meal we get to eat, they have the Curry Rice in Arabian Style. The previous food court area was all comes in western food which doesn't come in rice serving. If you prefer to have rice for lunch, you can come and enjoy the Curry Rice in Arabian Coast.

They have Beef, Chicken and Shrimp Curry for you too choose. We order set meal, which comes in Naan(loaf) and Rice too. If you are into spicy food, you can even choose the spiciness level too.

Shrimp Curry with Naan and Rice 860 Yen
Chicken Curry with Naan and Rice 780 Yen

Mediterranean Harbor Food list.

The Mermaid Lagoon food list.

Mysterious Island Food Court.

Mediterranean Harbor- Zambini Brothers' Ristorante.

They serve mostly western cuisine, and since it was dinner, we decide to get light meal.  We order soup also since the weather is seriously freezing, Cheese Baked Rice and Spaghetti Bolognese.

Click here for more Foodie Choices at DisneySea.

As for the shopping part, it was like every girls heaven. I manage to control myself to not shop too much. But when I saw all the Duffy and Shellie May Bear, I couldn't stop but buy all the way at DisneySea. Guess what it was only Day 3 of my trip. hahahaha I limit myself to spend only 1K at here okay. In the end I think I spend less that 1K since I was good in control by my boy too.

Every store here sell different of merchandise as well, you can always check on the map to look for the merchandise you want to buy.

I got my favorite Duffy Coin Purse and Shelie May Two Way bag which is my proudest haul at DisneySea.

So cute, the accessories is so pretty and cute.

The merchandise for Ariel is just too pretty!!! It was hard to resist from all the cute merchandise, manage to get one Ariel Keychain.

Food is even crazy around here too! There are so many Disney Merchandise you can get from. Since there's no more firework to enjoy, we spend our last time going through the stores.

The design of the store is very nice and delicate too.

I got myself, my mum and auntie Duffy Handphone accessories too! The Bears are just too cute to handle alright. hahahaha

Click here for more shopping attraction at Disney Sea.

The extra item that I want to mention is the Outfit the Japanese wear to the park. Seriously I can't stop observe and see how they wear, they can just hug the bear, wearing all the Disney hair accessories around, no matter who you are, but as as you are in DisneySea!! Of cause there are more outfit you can see from my photos, they wear all the couple BFF wear, Disney outfit, which I was quite thrill to see how they wear in theme park.

That's all for my post. I spend almost 5 days to write this post out and keep brainstorming how should I start this post. It may be quite lengthy or even lack of information about this Park, but I really write and edit this post whole heartedly and hope you guys enjoy reading and find this post helpful enough.

If you have any more question or info of the park, feel free to ask me or go through their official website okay!! I put the link down below for your reference.

Till then

More info:

Blog Reference from here and here.

You can check here on the Fast Past Station at Tokyo DisneySea.

Download the Map Park Ticket here.

Buy your online Park Ticket here.

Attraction of Tokyo DisneySea here.

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Till Then.

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