Recently I have try a new supplement that is BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron thanks to Hawooo Malaysia. I am not a supplement girl, but I realise that my body lack of many proteins and vitamins because of my unhealthy eating lifestyle. Not that I wanted that but I always eat at office food court basically all are serve in Malay and Indian food only. The food mostly are quite heaty and I love to eat fried rice from Mamak stall. 

For dinner wise, I always eat at home with minimum oil cooking vege and other dishes. Last time I use to avoid eating chicken, but after I start to work I love to eat fried chicken and spicy food. I have less intake of vegetables, fruits and fish. I decided to try on this BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron to help to regain my lack of protein and vegetables intake.

The packaging comes in really cute pink and white combo which I really like. 1 Bottle comes in 60 Tablets. Advisable to consume 1 tablet after meal per day. One bottle can eat for 2 months!!

With BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron it can supply all supplements our body needed, we can regain our healthy and beauty easily by consuming BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron . Expiry date is 2019.03.22.


[About BHK's]

" Together we can all become beautiful women"

BHK's is a very famous health product in Taiwan, this product is authorised by United States & Japan and Made in Taiwan. After they release in the market, they are many Taiwan Artist, Model and even Beauty Blogger love BHK's and was their loyal consumer of BHK's. Their famous product BHK's Glutathione help boost metabolism, replenish nutrients to help us to achineve fairer skin. Also with Deep Collagen Release that are from the deep sea fish, is easier for our body to absorb the nutrients and help regain firmness of our skin. Not only that BHK's have many other great products too that help us to remain young and beautiful !

What are the benefits of consuming BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron?

How do we know that our body lack of Vitamin B? What are the symptoms?

- Tired Easily at work
- Easily stress out
- Not eating on time
- Not sleeping on time
- Pale Face

Are you having one of those symptoms above?

Vitamin B is really important for our body, as they help:

Promoting cell growth and division
Maintaining healthy skin and muscle tone
Supporting and increasing the rate of metabolism
Enhancing immune and nervous system function
Easing stress

They are also few benefits you might want to know:

Improving mood
Improved mood
Reduced anxiety and depression
Reduced PMS symptoms
Improved memory

Now we know the benefits of Vitamin B that helps regains our body health and increase body metabolism. Ferrochel Iron is too are very important to our body. Ferrochel Iron Chelate is a potent iron supplement that is extremely well tolerated by the gastrointestinal system and boost the absorption of our body. Ferrochel is a premier chelate from Albion Advanced Nutrition.

What is the cause of our body lack of Icon?

- Insufficient dietary intake
- Losses a lot of blood during period
- Regular consumption of coffee or tea

Now with only 1 Tablet of BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron everyday, is equal to all the Vitamin B and Iron that our body need.

- 3kg of Pork
- 166 eggs
- 10kg of Fish
- 19kg of Beef
- 4 Cabbage
- 160s Cherry Tomatoes
- 850g of Sesame Seed
- 6 Pieces of Tofu

BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron provide good absorption to our body, safe and stable to consume, does not stimulate and no nausea cause as well. 

With only 1 Tablets per day is all we need from the glass bottle of BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron.

Safely seal before consume.

The tablet comes in pastel yellow color which kinda cute in color. 

 I never use to consume any supplement before, but after trying BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron I realise it was important to consume healthy pills to help regains the nutrients that our body needed. Vitamin B and Iron is very important to women especially, since we suffer blood loss every month, we depends on coffee and tea during work, less exercise due to busy and tired schedule. All these causes lack of Vitamin B and Iron for our body, now with BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron I can be worry less about getting tired easily or depends on coffee or tea daily anymore. 

Now you can purchase this BHK's Vitamin B + Ferrochel Iron from Hawoo Malaysia which they direct ship the product from Taiwan!! Not only that BHK's has alot of great beauty product you might needed too, so hope onto their website here to shop more of their beauty product.



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  1. I really need something like that. I'm so tired this time...
    I can't find this one in France, but maybe I cn find something similar :3

    1. I believe that there are many good Vitamin B that you can consume =D

  2. I can't drink coffee.. so I am always tired.
    I wonder how good these pills will be to help me with this problem, cos Malaysia doesn't have caffeine pills available at pharmacies

  3. This looks like a magic supplement. I need to check what I lack and hope this solves my health problems!

  4. Interesting post! I think I might do more research on Vitamin B and consider it. Been having a lot of trouble with my sleep. Hopefully it will help. xx

  5. good to have supplements in life as our diet may not be balanced all the time :) stay healthy, babe!

  6. I think I'm lack of vitamin B after reading your post!Woww! One tablet can replace back what we have lacked for the day! :)

    1. Its quite amazing right!! loving this tablet =D

  7. Looks great.. I need something like this... I am tired plenty of times...

  8. Vitamin B and iron is something our body really need... Essential supplement..

  9. I heard about this on Taiwanese show. Seem a great product to consume. =)

  10. I am the same with you...not the usual supplement kaki...but probably should try, in need of some energy here..hahhahha how much is it dear?

    1. You can click on the link to check their price =D

  11. spot on everything for the symptoms and also lifestyle :( thanks dear for recommending this, it's a life saviour.

    1. No worries! I believe with the busy lifestyle we have now, definitely need some healthy supplement for our self =D

  12. Interesting, never heard about this before hehe. But it's always good to start somewhere to supplement our body with proper nutrients that we may be lacking.

  13. looks like a very good product. essential vitamins

  14. I read so many positive reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

  15. Sometimes we tend to ignore the nutritional needs of our body. Good to take supplements in that case.

    1. Yes we always thought that we don't need it but in fact it was important for our body =D

  16. Never heard about this product but it seems good for me as i always not enough sleep.. haha

    1. Remember to have enough sleep for the day dear!!

  17. First time heard about this brand ..hehe ! I think need it because i always like lack of sleep ~ Will check out their website ^^

  18. Is this product even certified by the health ministry regulations? I don't dare to buy supppliments online despite all their "claims" as I would pay abit more and get from the pharmacy by someone certified

    1. I understand your concern. But I believe this is certified by Taiwan.

  19. Wow, it seem good. I will go Taiwan this October and I will grab this product from Taiwan. Thanks for sharing.

  20. oh so now i knw why i alw feel tired n lack of sleep ! thanks sharing darling, but i think will check properly before i tk :)

  21. I need these nice stuff as I am a night horse! Let's be pretty :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing