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Minamotonoya Cafe @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

Been to a few cafes last month, since its our anniversary and my birthday month. Basically last month I enjoy a lot of good food with my boy! Will start of with Minamotonoya Cafe first. Well I know that they have new menu coming soon, but when I visit their cafe the new menu food is not yet out. Feeling kinda disappointed but is okay I still manage to try their famous Mizu Mochi!

I hope it rather not feeling weird to have anniversary celebration by doing cafe hopping. But that's what I wanted as well, don't have any other dining place I wanted to go. I mean spending together with your loves sound great enough right! You doesn't have to go fancy place or any high end place just for the celebration. 

Matcha Latte RM 9.90 (Hot)

The photo totally out of focus sorry for that! Matcha Latte always my first choice when ever I visit cafe. It was quite rich in taste and not too sweet too! It still has the aroma of the matcha taste which is not too strong.

Shimeji Mushrooms Pesto Spaghetti RM 15.90

I never really a spaghetti lover. But when I saw this dish, I find the cooking style was quite interesting. Out of my curiosity I go ahead and order this dish as my lunch. The serving was quite good, with the shimeji mushroom which is my favorite. The smell was really good too.

I don't really like spaghetti in green sauce, I hate the vege weird taste. Like I mean what type of green sauce that you can imagine that you can mix with spaghetti.

BUT to my surprise this pesto sauce is so yummy! It was really appetizing and since they have mushroom, tomatoes which actually bring alot of taste in it

Saba Poele Style Ochazuke RM 18.90

This was another dish that caught our attention too. Basically is a ocha rice dish. You mix the ocha and the rice together and eat. Something like the hakka traditional food kind of eating.

We got the soba fish as the serving. Although comes in small serving but the fish is really nice and fresh too. 

Pour all the ocha in the bowl and mix it all together. Its depends how much you want to pour. But since we are basically soup lover, love eating rice with soup. So my boy pour all of the ocha and eat. 

The taste doesn't taste weird or too strong of ocha taste. Everything seems balance out but after each bites you can taste the after taste of ocha tea. Quite special try on this ochazuke. If you are boring with any Japan cuisine out there, I recommend you to drop by Minamotonoya Cafe for some fusion Japanese cuisine.

Mizu Mochi RM 6.90 (Bear)

Mizu Mochi RM 6.90 (Rabbit)

This is the another reason I am here too! To try their Mizu Mochi only at Minamotonoya Cafe!! At first I didn't realise is the playe serving which determine the cartoon. Thinking of getting bear and rabbit. But the cat one is their signature plate serving. 

Totally photo worthy for the Mizu Mochi.

Since it was too soft and QQ texture. It was quite hard to take the first bite to eat this Mizu Mochi. Eat together with the sugar syrup and the peanut powder to have more sweet flavor of the mochi. Because the mochi itself don't have any taste. Overall it was a unique and QQ taste of this special dessert. 

Overall seating of the cafe is quite cozy and comfortable. The interior all in wooden texture modern design.

Dessert counter. You can see 4 different plate for their Mizu Mochi.

Overall each corner of the cafe is really cozy and lovely I would say. It was a pleasant cafe moment at Minamotonoya Cafe. Although I didn't manage to try their new menu yet, perhaps I will be back here again some time.

Minamotonoya Cafe

37, Jalan Radin Anum 1, 
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Monday to Saturday
11am - 3pm
3pm - 6pm (Break)
6pm - 10pm
11am - 5pm 
Closed on Sunday



  1. i love their food. They have cute and pretty nice food

  2. OMG! this is cool. I want to try this.

  3. OMG!! These foods are so so so appetizing

  4. The Mizu Mochi is the main attraction to this cafe but the food also looks delicious.

    1. yes I agree, since I am here for their Mizu Mochi =D

  5. That Shimeji Mushrooms Pesto Spaghetti looks just so good and those Mizu Mochi sooooo adorable served in that bowl....

  6. Shimeji Mushrooms Pesto Spaghetti seem worth to try! Thanks for sharing =)

  7. Great cafe, nice food, awesome environment.. Everyone gonna enjoy the time there!

  8. ah you been to the cafe too! I wanna try their Matcha Latte next time

    1. But the new menu is not available yet when I visit the cafe. TT

  9. I was interested in the Mizu Mochi but kinda disappointed that it's the design of the serving plate. Other than that, this cafe is cute.

  10. this is too cute to be true! Ochazuke seems very interesting and nice too. would pay a visit one day.

  11. Saba Poele Style Ochazuke looks special. I love the place for dine-in.

  12. such a good ambiance! They selling Mizu Mochi too? OMG I should really try them out

  13. Yummylicious! Mushroom Pesto I simply love. Desserts look so colorful and tasty.

  14. Spaghetti in green sauce is looking amazing and beautiful food presentation.

  15. Oh, so here's where to find the famous transparent raindrop mochi! Thanks for this info. Would love to try soon. :)

  16. the mizu mochi is appearing in my timeline a lot, it must be very unique, wonder how it's like eating raindrop

    1. Yesh!! You should try =D quite challenging but super refresh taste.

  17. Nice serving they got there. The food looked too delish. Belated happy birthday and anniversary as well.

  18. The Saba Poele Style Ochazuke is really interesting. Have not tried this dish before

    1. I find it was really interesting too! hehe Let's try it next time =D


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