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[Review] Magic Water by WECOMED

Hai lovelies, back to another beauty post about Magic Water. I rarely use mist for my face but I have one mist from Tony Moly. Although I got this but I rarely use, because I am not use to using water mist on my mist. To be truth I am quite a lazy girl, sometimes is not that I don't want to do or I don't have the product to do it, mainly just because I am lazy.

But in Chinese, there's a phrase saying that in this world there's no ugly women but only lazy women. Well that's some how apply in me hahahaha. After I get this Magic Water product by Wecomed. I start to experience the need of mist and water on our face. Especially in dry and cold weather at Malaysia, staying indoor with aircond can cause skin dehydrated and dry skin.

As usual, a quick go through their packaging. Ingredients of Magic Water.

Short intro about Magic Water.

210 ML Full Size Bottle.

Love the metallic logo of the word. The box is like Holographic design, they have the metallic reflection of different angle. 

What is Magic Water?

- Nano Aqua for Ultimate Beauty -

✓ It contains water moleculer of nano size can freely penetrates through our cell membrance.

With the negative ION in Magic Water, it help neutralize all harmful environmental substances and reduce microorganisms. It hence increases blood circulation and reinforces collagen for a healthier skin.

✓ It can help stimulate the opening or cell channels, thus, increase the absorption of nutrients.

It also helps increase cell metabolism by 3 - 4 times. Definitely an excellent solvent to dissolve all nutrients and facilitates their penetration into the cells.

✓ This products is FREE from Paraben, SLS, any artificial colorings and fragrances.

Unprecedented packaging solution with positive pressure console to eliminate all forms of contamination, thereby creating a natural preservation without the use of paraben or SLS.

✓ It is made from Natural Botanical Enzymes and Nano Petides.

Concentrated fruit enzymes from fermentation of papaya, pineapple and other botanics. A rich source of super anti-oxidants, multivitamins and natural exfoliant to refresh the skin.

This product is designed and formulated in Singapore. Made in Malaysia.

A cap safely seal the spray opening.


Versatile Application. Used twice daily during day and night. It is also ideal to refresh and soothe the skin anytime and anywhere. Shake well before use.


- Accelerates recovery of damaged skin -
- Moisturizes without clogging the pores -
- Regulate Sebum Secretion -
- Reduces Skin Sensitivity -
- Lasting Whitening Effect -
- Improves Skin Immunity -

Few Tips when you use Magic Water

1. You can use Magic Water for moisturize, then make up with sunblock base when you go head out.
2. You can use Magic Water to avoid hot air affect to skin condition under the hot weather.
3. You can even use for oil control when you are having oily skin in your T Zone area.
4. Use when you have itchiness or redness on your skin.
5. Good for hydrating your hair, hair scalp inflammation and itching. Even helps on reduce hair fall problem.
5. You are good to spray on your eyes area to soothe your tired eye.
6. It helps Dental Ulcer, Ozostomia and Hydrating Dry Lips too.

Basically you can use this one big bottle of Magic Water as your daily moisturizer for every part of your body that requires more moisture and soothing purposes. How cool was that, every day before I sleep and before heading out to work I will spray this Magic Water on my face. Feeling super refreshing and skin feel more tightening with the moisture from this Magic Water.

The normal price for this Magic Water will be RM 128. Now they are having promotion with only RM 89 you can get a Full Size Magic Water 210ml Bottle + FREE one small bottle Magic Water 60 ml worth RM 56.

You can Per order your Magic Water now through here. | Shop online through here or Visit Wecomedmy now for more info.



  1. i love this . just bought them but din really use yet

  2. Nice products, to keep my face fresh. I must try the magic water to transform and become pretty like you

  3. Seems like a great product for the humid weather in our region! Lovely packaging too!

    1. Yes I agree! I always use it at night and day =D

  4. I love these water sprays cos the weather is so hot that my face gets blotchy and red

  5. this product looks like a great product...I really want to try it out...been using Avene all this while, perhaps it is time for a change

  6. looks good :) can use it anytime anywhere i want

  7. sounds magical and helpful. would love to try!

  8. lots of folks go for these mist thingy nowadays.. magic indeed :)

  9. Looks like a refreshing mist from Avian, i use a similar one but it's from Japan named Tansan Magic.

  10. I always carry a spray in my bag! I'll give this a try when I'm done with my current one! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is great for the hot weather like now. It very soothing and hydrating.

    1. I agree! We need it for hot weather like this at KL.

  12. Looks like really refreshing and healing. Would love to try out this magic.

  13. Is it okay for sensitive skin? :)

  14. wah magic water wor, i would love to put some magic on my face for sure

  15. Looks like a good product. Need this for my face too.

  16. Magic water really looks so magical. Let me give a try to this product.

  17. To bring along a product to moisture our skin during working time is a must for a lady~~
    Can consider this brand, looks like quite good to use ^^

    1. I agree, office always with air cond and make our skin dehydrated.

  18. the packaging so nice and cute!!!I like use mist!!!New brand for me to try it out!!

  19. I love mists like this, so helpful to hydrate when it's scorching hot

    1. I know right!! We need it during the hot weather in Malaysia!!

  20. I'm using this too. Love the refreshing feeling.

  21. Looks like a nice product. Will see if I could find it on Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation!

    | |

    1. Definitely a nice product to use! No worries =D

  22. This is my favourite products and I can see improvement on my skin. I will continue using the magic water.

  23. It is in spray form? That is convenient as mine is in bottled water. Definitely practical!

  24. Nice magic water. can use any time! Will put in my hand beg if i have this dear!


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