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Candle Fragrance for Your Home @ Yankee Candle, Sunway Pyramid

Last few weekends, I visited Yankee Candle and manage to get some of their votive candle sample from their Sunway Pyramid branch. Thanks Seeties Malaysia giving me this chance to try Yankee Candle! I am not much a candle lover so Yankee Candle is new to me. I visited the Sunway Pyramid Branch and find out that candle can a delicate present or even house decor accents that every houses might need it.


In Christmas 1969, 17 year old Mike Kittredge, too broke to buy his mother a present, melted some crayons to make her a candle A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles - one for his mom and another to sell.

Yankee Candle offers the world's largest and most compelling selection of scented candles and other home fragrances. Prices range from RM13.90 for votive sampler to RM124 for large jar candle. Car freshener priced at RM27 for one month usage.

Yankee Malaysia first started with Holiday 2014 series by Ultimate Senses Malaysia Sdn Bhd and being the sole distributor of Yankee Candle in Malaysia. They have currently 5 store around Malaysia, Great Eastern Mall, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, IOI Putrajaya and the latest branch at The Gardens Mall.

These are their Top 5 Best Seller. 

No.5 Sage and Citrus - Refreshing and Fruity Aroma
No.4 - Midnight Jasmine - Rich Floral aroma Aroma
No.3 Midsummer's Night - Musky Strong Aroma
No.2 Beach Walk - Sea Salty Beach Aroma.
No.1 Pink Sand - Light Sweet Refreshing Floral Aroma

Testing out each scent of their top 5 Yankee Candle Jar.

I found my favorite scent. No joke that the Pink Sands is the TOP 1 best selling scent, because it was the BEST and NICE aroma I ever smell of. The sweet floral and refreshing beach aroma makes you feel so calm and sweet too. It's smell like an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

Every month Yankee Candle will pick their monthly fragrances candle.  The monthly fragrances candles can get 20% Off upon purchase at their store.

Beside with their top 5 sellers candles in Yankee Candle, there are total 5 categories for you to choose from. Don't say I don't warn you, because when you at Yankee Candles store you will be spoilt by all the choices that they have in their store!! I get so crazy because they have so so so many different color of their fragrances candle in their store. You see I am a sucker of cute packaging and color.

If you do not know where to start from, maybe you can start from the categories that you want specifically. They have Fruits, Floral, Fresh, Food & Spice and Festive aroma category for you to choose.

They comes in Large Jar, Baby Jar, Fragrances Sphere, House Decor Fragrance, Car Jar Ultimate, and more for you to choose.

Yankee Candle also sell the Candle Warmer as the decoration of their Big Jar Candle. Candle Warmer Lamp creates the ambiance of a burning candle and melts the candle from the top down releasing the candle’s fragrance within minutes. It helps filter smoke or any flame from the candle, quick releasing the fragrances from the candle, basically it was Safe and Clean to use.

Christmas Holiday is coming soon!! They will be releasing their festive collaboration too.

Car Jar Ultimate RM 21.60 (Online Price)

Large Jar Candle RM 124

Fun Facts about Large Jar Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle glass is thicker and was Made in USA

A Large Jar will burn up to 150 hours!

They have 150 Over fragrances for you to choose.

Each Large Jar candle burn evenly across.

Fragrances oils and dyes are mixed with wax throughout the entire Large Candle Jar.

Yankee Candle are made using only premium grade paraffin, the same grade used in food and cosmetics.

They only use premium quality and synthetic extracts and fragrance oil to create TRUE-TO LIFE scents that no one can match!

I can't believe that the texture of the candle is so SHIMMER!! I am sucker for anything nice, sweet scent and SHIMMER!! The texture is so beautifully made and smooth also. The color of each candle is richly colored throughout the candle. 

I couldn't find any other reason to not like Yankee Candle. You can choose your favorite scent from over 150 scent they have, is a perfect gift for festive season, high premium quality and delicate with it design as its perfect for every houses.

Sample of the Votive Sampler from Yankee Candle. Since this sample is wrap only with the plastic shrink wrap that helps storage and locks in the candle fragrances in this small candle and expose to the air on the top candle. You can easily smell the fragrances from this small Votive Sampler. Which is currently what I can smell in my room. 

Last but not least, I have some good news for all my readers. If you plan to get a Yankee Candle for your house, You can get 1 FREE Votive Sampler for every purchase at Yankee Candle Online store here by using code seeties_sharon.

Feel free to check out other outlet in Klang Valley
Great Eastern Mall
One Utama Shopping Mall
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
IOI City Mall
The Gardens Mall

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  1. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  2. So many choices and looks so pretty all the pastel colours. I would be lost at which to choose.

  3. haven't try fragrance candle before. Can burn for 150 hours ... @@ wow

    1. The Large Jar ya! hehe Me too, first time heard about Yankee and really love it!

  4. Midnight Jasmine looks suitable to put at my room. It mades the atmosphere so romantic.

  5. I wish to put some candle for my future home one day. haha XD
    Imagine my home have the good fragrance!

  6. love you dear, this post just came in time when i need it the most! was thinking where to find red candle. hahaha

    1. You are welcome Geng Qian! Hope I have give you some idea =D

  7. I like your floral top! What did you get it?

  8. definitely look like a treat for the senses... I love lovely scented votives and I want to try this!!!

    1. Yes!! You need to go and try and check out the store too =D

  9. I need one of those fragrance candle to get rid of the smelly smell.. hehe! Nice one!

  10. I plan to buy something similar for my friend's birthday, this seems like a good suggestion :)

  11. i never knew that candles can be put into the shapes like lamps, so inovative. it's very romantic tho to light candles at home

  12. i think we all love pink sands, haha. i think the toughest thing to think about would be to decide on which scent to pick

  13. I don't really use candles at home unless there is a power outage. Still, would love to try these for the many different fragrances.

    1. You can check out their candles on the website and store too =D

  14. I have their big pink sands. nice candles!

  15. I think Im falling for these because of the colorsssss. I hope the smell is as good as the colors too

    1. They are!!! You should check it out if you passby the store =D

  16. i love the Yankee candle so much and it smell nice. To me the price is too pricey. Only afford the small candle.

    1. I find it was pricey also but if you buy more you can get more discount! Can share with friend =D

  17. My stylist just gave me one as a gift! Loving it because the smell is so soothing and not overpowering

    1. Yes I agree! Haven't start to use it, will try it at my home.

  18. This looks classy. Home decor items like candles really make homes look beautiful.

  19. many choices!!i love their smell...smell nice!!

  20. yankee is the best! couldnt get enough of it. very nice smell.

  21. many choices!! How to pick le??!!!


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