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Perhentian Island Trip @ Alunan Boutique Resort

I realize that I have not updated my Perhentian Island trip at Alunan Boutique Resort on my blog here. Just do a quick recap about where I stay, what to do in Perhentian Island. You see online booking making your stay super convenient nowadays, so don't find excuses for yourself but start planning your holiday stay now.

We plan a 3 days 2 nights trip here and you can choose to take flight from KLIA Airport to Kota Bharu Airport but you need to take 1-hour journey reach the jetty or drive to the Kuala Besut Jetty. We take the second option to drive and it's was definitely not an easy journey. We spend literally 6-7 hours journey drive to the Jetty. Upon reaching Jetty, we manage to get on boat at 2:30pm and reach Alunan around 3:15pm. The boat waiting time is kinda flexible and we didn't do booking too.

Reach Alunan Resort Boat resting area.

Our room. Every room comes with open balcony in the roof of our room. Open cupboard with hangers, towel, bathrobe, cups, safety box, refrigerator, and bath essential that we need.

Come with 1 Queen Size and 1 Single bed in the room too.

Clean bathroom.

Off we go the open balcony on the roof.

They're a lazy chair and hammock for you to enjoy the outdoor sun at Alunan.

View from the balcony. The day we reach here the sky was really gloomy that's why you can't see any blue sky out there.

The layout of Alunan Resort. The resort is tilted along the way up high, not encourage to have kids or old elderly to stay here. If you want to, you can book a room closer to the reception where you don't have to trouble yourself to go way up high to your room.

Even though our room is No 10 room, every time we go back up to our room it feels like super tired and exhausted.

I like the Glass View from every room, but the best room view will be the first room near to the beach. Love the Mint Blue and White of the Alunan Resort View.

After a night rain for the first day, we are welcome and greet by the blue sky and sea at Alunan Resort.

You can see through the sea water, the shadow of the tree on the sea water is so pretty and relaxing too. 

You can see the gradient sea water from transparent color to the deep blue sea color. Morning view is really so amazing and so glad that we could have our DIY Pre Wedding Shoot here at this private beach too. Basically, the beach is really quite and peaceful as this beach along only has 1 Resort only.

The second half staircase to climb up to the room. The left side is the reception and the dining place. At Alunan Resort, they have their own restaurant where you can enjoy your meal for Breakfast(free), Lunch(pay) and Dinner(pay). I can't find the food pics I take during my trip, but I can promise you that the food there is seriously delicious. The food portion is super big, the price is between RM15 to RM25.

After the shooting, we book 2pm time with Alunan Resort to go for Island Snorkelling. We go to 3 spots, the Shark Point, Turtle Point and Sea Point.

My Snorkeling look. I didn't prepare any waterproof casing for my camera so only manage to take some pictures of the Blue Sky and Island.

Manage to see baby Shark at Shark Point, although feeling a bit scary when you see them. But don't worry they don't bite as long as you are not hurting them. Able to see a sea turtle with in front of my eye is like a dream came true! The sea turtle is very cute too, while we snorkeling everyone keep following where's the sea turtle headed too. Feeling a bit regret because not able to take a picture under the sea, but the experience to be able snorkeling again is really amazing.

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  1. Wow, last time I was in Perhentian was 7 years ago, I think a lot has changed since my lastvisit, but i love how crystal clear the water is. I was terrified with the Shark Spot and only enjoyed swimming with the turtles too.

    Mr Orsen of Nesro Blog

    1. Yea me too! But luckily no shark attack us hahaha XD

  2. wow, nice stay place eh! n must be a nice trip !

  3. the hotel looks so comfort and relaxing...never go pulau perhentian before...should plan a trip to there!!

    1. You should go ler! It was my first time too =D

  4. This is such a nice resort! Wonder if they offer diving course as well?

    1. Hi babe! You can check here I think they do offer =D

  5. wow, i love that rooftop. pretty amazing to check out the view

    1. Yes It will be a perfect view that we want to see every day after we wake up XD

  6. What a beautiful resort. Have not heard of this resort before but then again, I have yet to visit Perhentian!

  7. wow... I wish I can go there to Alunan too... it is just so beautiful there...

  8. You guys are so lovely <3 Never been there before. Might will check it out next time.

  9. OMG it's been years I didn't go to Perhentian already! Such a huge change & now so high tech d, thanks for sharing! Must visit someday!

  10. Despite the clear sea water, I'm amazed that you guys drove for such a long journey, guess that the passion to enjoy throughout the journey is the key point ya! btw, minimalism and clean interior of the resort room is another things I like too

    1. Thanks Mable =D It was definitely not an easy journey to drive for long hours to the Jetty!

  11. The place that you stayed in look so comfy and feels so much like a home by the sea!

  12. Wow~ I never been to Pulau Perhentian, but it is in my bucket list!

  13. Nice resort! looks spacious and clean! i missed perhentian a lot! wanted to visit there again..

  14. perhentian still looks really amazing, always wanted to go but never have the time yet, will check out this particular resort

  15. I've not been to Perhentian for ages. Like the idea of a private beach :)

    1. Yea me too. Gives us more private space too ><

  16. After reading this post I miss pulau perhentian, hope to go back there again.

  17. It honestly doesn't look like in Malaysia...

  18. The hotel design so impressive and clean. The place is romantic and a good getaway from a busy city. To me taking speedboat is the most scary part as I have seasickness .

  19. cuti-cuti malaysia is a good for malaysian without travel far!
    I not yet go perhetian island, i might visit soon!


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