Another Cafe Hopping session last month with my love. This time, we are exploring new cafe at Bangsar. After my event at Bangsar South, we went straight to Breakfast Thieves just slight ahead from Bangsar Village. I never been to APW Bangsar before, I now know that Pulp & Co were there too! It's a place for Coffee Lover.

Not sure have you guys heard of Breakfast Thieves? It was a cafe newly open at APW Bangsar for a few months ago. It was quite a hype when it's first started, so how do I know about this cafe? Through Social Media and Blog of cause! I even read a blog that this cafe is overrated, but for me is half and a half.

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Mocha RM 12

Gypsy King RM 29

Serve with garlic rosemary polenta bars with beetroot & citrus cured salmon trout. Along with cauliflower with parmesan puree, roasted mushroom, charred onion and poached egg!

Egg Yolk bursting out from the poached egg. Overall the dish presentation is pretty simple but is the most expensive dish among all the food. With all different mixture of mushroom, salmon, and egg, it tastes pretty good though. Since they add their own herbs and recipe along with the food, it was not too weird but the mixture of all was pretty pleasant. This served as a not so hot serving since salmon trout is served in this dish, so if you prefer to have warm food. This Gyspy King definitely is not a recommended dish for you.

The Legend RM 25

Cooked with spicy baked egg with chunky beef salami, okra, mushroom, sweet corn, green peas, feta cheese and slices of garlic toast.

This was one of their signature dish in Breakfast Thieves - The Legend! One of the musts tried dish when you are here. This dish never failed me but impressed me and tantalized my taste bud. I didn't know that it was a spicy baked egg, which tasted not too bad. Instead, it was very appetizing and not too spicy either. I just can't stop eating this when it was served. Hot and Warm welcoming dish I could say!

It was quite a healthy dish with eggs, beef and vegetables too. Boring of baked eggs and mushroom for breakfast? Try this The Legend when you checking Breakfast Thieves.

Drinking Mocha and Selfie like nobody business.

Crowds in Breakfast Thieves. The ambiance of the cafe is really cozy and homey feel. They have inside and outside seats. Love the LED Orange Bulb on the ceiling.

Drinks Counter.

So what you think about Breakfast Thieves? The price of each meal is definitely not too cheap or too expensive either. But it was a photo-worthy place to visit! With all the Trees, White Stones, Wooden Structure of the cafe definitely brings out their own style and coziness in the busy Bangsar City.

Breakfast Thieves APW Bangsar
Australian Restaurant

Lot M, 29-5 Jalan Riong, 
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours:  9AM–5PM | Closed on Monday
Phone: +60 3-2788 3548

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  1. i love the food and ambience there. :) nice place

  2. looks like such a nice place to have breakfast... hahaha... the food is pretty tempting.. will check it out when I am in Bangsar next...

  3. Sounds like a great meet up place with friends. I love to check this out!

  4. wow...the food looks so yummy and delicious!!!!Make me hungry now!!

  5. I've not heard of Breakfast Thieves before until I read your post. What a cute name. I bet I would remember it forever.

  6. Breakfast Thieves - The Legend looks interesting to me. Will try it out this weekend.

  7. I'm actually want to visit here anytime soon. Thanks for sharing. =D

  8. Wow, I really love this sort of cafe. Good food, good coffee. Definitely a good place to kill time on weekends.

  9. Agree, this is a place worthy for selfies, the decor! The food looks yummy, just wondering the portion worth the price or not.

  10. Never know Bangsar got such cafe ! I like the poached egg because i always failed to do that ~ Lets go again one day

  11. The food look good. Will check it out.

  12. Never been to APW bangsar before>< Maybe should find one day and have brunch at there! This cafe shop looks good too! :)

  13. This post makes me want to fly to that cafe now! such good food and good environment. really enticing.

  14. The dishes look wonderful dear and will certainly give the cafe a go. Have passed by this place numerous times too- should certainly check it out soon.

  15. the gypsy king looks amazing!! and that egg.. T.T now I'm hungry...

  16. Yes! their brunch is awesome, i just went there over the weekend.