First of Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all of you here! I'm so excited to continue my Tokyo journey in my blog. You can check out all my previous Tokyo post here. Continue my Day 4 journey after Tsukiji Fish Market. After I visit the market, we decide to visit Odaiba since taking the Metro Line is nearer from here. We walk from Tsukiji Station to Ginza Metro Station. Ginza is very nearby to Tsukiji too. 

About Ginza

The Ginza (銀座) is Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes.

One square meter of land in the district's center is worth over ten million yen, making it one of the most expensive real estate in Japan. It is where you can find the infamous $10 cups of coffee and where virtually every leading brand name in fashion and cosmetics has a presence.

We didn't walk much at Ginza as it was quite a high-end places to visit. You can find many high-end brand and shopping mall here too. If you want to enjoy the high-end lifestyle in Tokyo, you can always visit and enjoy your day here at Ginza.

From Higashi-Ginza Station to Shimbashi Station via Asakusa Line. You can actually walk to Shimbashi Station from Tsukiji Market, it takes around 20 minutes of walking time.

We take the train from Shimbashi Station to Odaibakaihinkoen Station via Yurikamome Line. Yurikamome Line is either under Metro or JR line. It was a completely different train line available when you heading Odaiba.

Maps from Shimbashi Station to Odaibakaihinkoen Station via Yurikamome Line

Map around Odaiba.

About Odaiba

Odaiba (お台場) is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. It originated as a set of small man-made fort islands (daiba literally means "fort"), which were built towards the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868) to protect Tokyo against possible attacks from the sea and specifically in response to the gunboat diplomacy of Commodore Perry.

There are several lavish development projects did materialize, including some of Tokyo's oldest architectural creations, such as the Fuji TV Building, Telecom Center, and Tokyo Big Sight. Modern city planning furthermore provides Odaiba with plenty of green space and a pleasant division of motorized and pedestrian traffic using elevated walkways and the like.

Saw this super funny and random photo I took. After arrived at Odaiba Station, you just need to follow the pathway out and you will see the Statue of Liberty at the first sight. Just check on the map around to see which area you would explore first.

Here at Diver City at Odaiba. Where you can see this Real Life Gundam size, everybody around me is crazily taking photos with the Gundam. There's not much of chance to have a nice solo photo with the Real Life Gundam.

About DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Shops: 10:00 to 21:00 
Restaurants: 11:00 to 23:00 
Gundam Front Tokyo: 10:00 to 21:00, 1200 yen 
Closed: No closing days

This shopping, dining and entertainment complex opened in 2012. Its most unique attraction is the Gundam Front Tokyo with various attractions and a shop centered around the anime series' robots. A "life-sized" Gundam statue stands in front of the building

They even have a Gundam Cafe too! Must visit for all Gundam lovers.

Beside that sakura blooms during this season, where tulips here are also blooming too! I love the Yellow and Red color of the tulip. Vibrant and youthful to look at.

Me and the Tulips.

Palette Town is a large shopping and entertainment complex consisting of the Venus Fort shopping mall, Toyota Mega Web, a Ferris Wheel, the Zepp Tokyo music venue and Tokyo Leisureland.

After passing by Diver City, we reach Palette town on the other side. Where we didn't actually explore into. There are the Ferris Wheel and Tokyo Leisureland.


So many Gachapon here.

Hello Kitty store at Diver City. 

Saw this cute Hello Kitty Ice-cream, must try! Although it seems to be a bit cruel to noms away my favorite childhood cartoon, Hello Kitty.

Lunch we have Ramyeon at the Food Court. 

After lunch, basically what we me doing here is basically just shops around to Daiso, H&M, ABC Mart, Adidas, Samantha Vega and more. 

Next up, is another shopping mall nearby where you can enjoy the night view of the across city here. I am here wanted to see the beautiful light from Rainbow Bridge. 

About Aquacity Odaiba

Aquacity Odaiba
Hours: 11:00 to 21:00 
Restaurants: 11:00 to 23:00 (some restaurants until 4:30) 
Closed: No closing days

Aquacity is a shopping mall featuring various stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and a 13 screen cinema complex. The fifth floor houses a ramen food theme park where you can try different ramen from all over Japan. There are nice views of the Rainbow Bridge from the wooden deck in front of Aquacity and neighboring Decks.

They have this small statue of liberty here where you can take photos and pretend you are in the United States. 

Me and the view.

Evening and Night view from Rainbow Bridge. Since it's so called Rainbow bridge, I actually wanted to see the Rainbow LED light of the bridge. But after we enquiry from the reception at Aquacity, the Rainbow LED Light only available on special festive such as New Year only. Basically, for normal days you can only see the White LED light from the Rainbow bridge.

About Rainbow Bridge 

The Rainbow Bridge connects Odaiba to the rest of Tokyo. The two-story bridge is an iconic symbol of the bay and is especially beautiful during its nightly illumination. The bridge supports an expressway, a regular road, the Yurikamome train line and pedestrian walkways along both sides.

Info all from here.

That's all for my short visit to Odaiba. They have a lot of building to visit such as the Fuji TV Building, Telecom Center, and Tokyo Big Sight. Due to these places are quite further from the Odaiba station where you can actually decide to walk or take a train to Telecom Center Station.

PLEASE STAY TUNED for my next post where I visit Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari where all are naked enjoying the public onsen. 

PS: NO naked pictures

Read more for more other Japan Post.

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Till Then.

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