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Cafe Lafayette the Authentic Italian Cuisine @ Damansara Uptown

Hola another food post, I will be sharing one of my cafe that I always want to visit. Cafe Lafayette, this cafe has caught my attention since when I know they serve the BEST and yummy Risotto I ever tasted! I've never been a fan of risotto but after trying the risotto once from Cafe Lafayette I never forget how yummy their risotto are.

The Cafe always full house especially during the weekend. Beside their risotto signature meal, they also serve a lot of yummy Italy Cuisine that is going to satisfy your taste bud.

The environment of the cafe is really cozy and comfortable too.

Any desserts lover here? 

Welcome to Lafayette where you can enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine here! Many people will have the mindset of dining Italian Cuisine is really expensive, is not worth the price and serving are small. 

But this is not true here at Cafe Lafayette, with a really affordable price you can enjoy the yummy serving of Authentic Italian Cusine.

Let's start with our main course of the day - Risotto! What is Risotto?

Risotto /rᵻˈzɒtoʊ, rᵻˈzoʊtoʊ/ is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetables.

Smoked Chicken Risotto

Not gonna lied! This was the BEST ever Risotto I ever has eaten. I even started to miss it now when I was blogging. It's not my first time eating Risotto, I have like bad taste experience of risotto. I am not sure whether is it the traditional kind of risotto is totally not my liking, is just so watery and urgh. 

But at Cafe Lafayette, their risotto is cooked to perfection, not too watery and not too dry. The cream they used to cook with the mushrooms, chicken, and other spice was just the perfect combo to create this Smoked Chicken Risotto. I am mushrooms and cream lovers! I will definitely recommend and come here again just for their risotto.

Chicken Carbonara

If you are not a fan of Risotto, don't worry spaghetti is Italian Cuisine main meal too! Perfection cooking with cream, premium chicken ham, mushrooms and garlic. 

Spaghetti Penne Salmon

I don't really like to spaghetti but I love Penne a lot! The tomato cream base sauce of this dish is super appetizing, the taste of the sauce doesn't feel overpowering too. The portion of the food is really huge too. This dish was claimed as their best seller too.

Hawaiian Chicken

What do you think of Hawaiian when it's come in food? It will be sweet, sour and refresh sensation for me because Hawaiian is more on PARTY and fun! 

With Deep Fried Chicken on top with poached eggs and veggies, this looks like a healthy and yummy brunch to kick start your day with!

Lamb Shoulder

Any Lamb love here? The lamb was really tender and chewy. It doesn't have a really strong smell. The black pepper sauce is really appetizing. 

Breaded Fish Deli

The fish deli texture is very crunchy outside but in the mean time, it was really tender inside. The sauce was a perfect combo dip with this fish deli that Cafe Lafayette freshly got it from Market.

Maryland Chicken

Topping with cheese and cheery, perfect grilled chicken which is not too dry! Their black pepper sauce is totally my licking, juicy grilled chicken and appetizing sauce together is just too awesome!

Snack time! With one of their signature Fried Mozzarella, this was deep fried with Mozzarella serving inside.

Deep into their sauce, a bit spicy and sour eat with the Fried Mozzarella is just balanced out the cheese flavor! If you are not fond with too much of cheese intake, dip with the sauce and enjoy this big serving with friends.

Nutella Ice Blended

Choco Banana Ice Blended

With Caramel, Nuts and Cream as the topping!

Not a coffee lover? Try out their Tea serving, we have Tiger Tea
and Chili- Chili Bang Bang Tea.

Love the name of the tea, super fun and creative! Curious about how their taste be like? Come and try it at Cafe Lafayette yourself.

Waffle Martini

After a delicious meal of all the Italian Food, it's time for desserts! The presentation of the food is so strong, with dried ice on the bottom. Homemade Waffle, ice-cream, chocolate syrup and coffee! 

This waffle will definitely satisfy your craving with a hot and cold craving!

Yummy Serving!

Strawberry Stack

The waffle from Cafe Lafayette is really crispy and crunchy! They claim that they have mix and create their own dough for waffle. It's was my favorite desserts from Cafe Lafayette. Hot Waffle stacking with fresh strawberries and cream. Don't forget to mix with the Vanilla ice-cream, to enjoy mix craving in this one dessert!

I have enjoyed my time here enjoying really yummy and delicious Italian Cuisine here at Cafe Lafayette! Definitely will come back here for more Risottos and Waffle. 

For more details

Cafe Lafayette Damansara

Cafe Lafayette, Jalan SS 21/1, 
Damansara Utama, 47400 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

03-7496 7044



  1. Bojio~~~~~

    Haha the food sure looks so good! That fried mozzarella is just so sinful!

  2. I love their risotto too. The Martini waffle looks inviting, will definitely try it when I'm there. :D

    1. It was sooo nice!! I am not getting enough of this!!

  3. OMG Babe the food looks so amazing! Great job with the photography! :)

  4. The servings are really generous. Now, I'm just curious about their pricing. Just going for a drink and soak in the ambience is wonderful.

    1. The price is really affordable too since the serving are really generous XD

  5. The food presentation make them look so delicious but i am not a fan of too dim and yellowish light. it hurts my eyes so bad

    1. Ohhh that's too bad, you can choose seat nearer to the glass mirror =)

  6. This looks like a nice cafe to hang out.. would love to try the dishes out....

  7. Wah, you ate so many things. I have to say that im tempted to try their penne pasta!

  8. Woah... love cafe hopping! But I need to limit down my quota as there are so many out there now and I am gaining weight!

    1. Me too! I am really gaining weight bit by bit TT

  9. I always love the food at Cafe Lafayette and my 3 times visit to the cafe. I love their fried Mozzarella and spaghetti.

  10. The strawberry stack looks very tempting dear and the waffle martini too. Will certainly need to check this place out :)

    1. Yes dear! Never knew they serve such yummy desserts at Cafe Lafayette =)

  11. Oh my, the food they serve looks so yummeh...and I think I have tried risotto once, and did not like it. Probably this would help me change my mind.

    1. You definitely will have a change of mind!! =)

  12. italian cuisine makes me fat. fat fat fat. hehe, delicious though

  13. Smoked Chicken Risotto looks delicious. First time heard of such dish and I should give it a try.

  14. omg! it looks really yummy.. it's really hard to get good rissottos and this one looks really good! plus, i really want to get my hands on that waffle martini!!! OMGGGG!!

    1. Yea I know right! I am really glad that now I can enjoy really yummy risotto here at Cafe Lafayette =)

  15. heard of Cafe Lafayette since year ago. Wish to take some time to visit them one day

  16. I'm a fan of Risotto too! will definitely check out their offerings as they all look so delicious and promising!

  17. Italian restaurant looks so nice and food photos are awesome.

  18. I always a big fans of risotto! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They served a lot different flavor risotto! You definitely need to check it out =)

  19. The food look awesome, I want to try their maryland chicken.


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