Today I will be blogging about my Day 5 visit to Chidorigafushi for another Sakura Viewing! This is my second place to visit sakura and I am definitely feeling excited! Visiting Chidorigafushi is out of our plan, as we plan to visit Mt Fuji during our visit to Tokyo. But due to the gloomy weather and cloudy sky, it was best not to visit Mt Fuji since you will return disappointed.

I do hope that one day I am able to visit Mt Fuji with a clear sky and beautiful weather. So when I do my research and knew that Chidorigafuchi was best to know for Sakura viewing too. If you would like to know where the best Hanami place for sakura viewing, you can read here.

 Map around Chidorigafuchi.

The first view we see when we are at Chidorigafuchi, sakura beside the river. If you think that this is the best view for sakura, then you are wrong because there is more sakura tree along this river.


Hundreds of cherry trees decorate the moats of former Edo Castle around Kitanomaru Park, creating one of Tokyo's most outstanding cherry blossom sights. Boats are available for rent, but picnics are not allowed. Trees are lit up in the evenings. Many food stands can be found at nearby Yasukuni Shrine, where another thousand cherry trees are planted.

Info from here.

Please do keep in mind that Sakura season, crowds are literally everywhere. It was really quite possible to view sakura in lesser crowds. If and only you are here early as 5 or 6am, then the crowds will be lesser and you can take photo freely. 

Although the crowds are really pack, but the traffic of the human crowds are really in queue and not pushing here and there. So you don't have to worry if you are being push around.

This is where the famous spot view for Sakura view in Chidorigafuchi. But due to some incident happened during the day before, the place are blocked and only can view from a far. It was quite sad that I can't take photos in this famous sakura spot.

Hello cutie!

There's some booth and tourist information counter. I kinda regret that I miss out Sakura View at Night. The night view for sakura at Chidorigafuchi was really pretty too!

Close look of the Sakura. Seriously missing all these sakura flowers now. Can't believe I actually been here to see sakura with my own eyes.

River really do compliment Sakura a lot.

Not forget to take selfie with these beautiful Sakura flowers.

Can I just bring home back all these beautiful sakura flowers.

The view when I look up, my view is all cover up with sakura.

I can't stop taking photos of these beautiful sakura. Sorry for keep spamming all the sakura photos.

If you walk until the end, there's a place for you to rent boat and enjoy sakura flowers on the boat. Didn't manage to try it because as I said the crowds are pretty crazy too. So we rather enjoy the sakura view along the pathway.

Saw this really cute shiba inu.

Wait I found this ICOCA card and it's Hello Kitty!!

Found this red wall and take some of my outfit shots here.

Here's end my sakura photos here at Chidorigafuchi.

Weather was really freezing here due to the river and the wind. Whenever we are near to sea or river, the weather is freezing and hence we are in need of hot pao here!

My super layer outfit I wear.

We visit around Kitanomaru Park and manage to find a toilet here too.

When I scroll through these photos, I find that I am taking portrait with the beautiful sakura flowers.

Please do take note sakura viewing is a very important season for Japanese as well. That is why whenever you visit any famous sakura spot, the crowds are always as crazy ever. Sakura season last long for 2 - 3 weeks that is why Japanese appreciate every moment of Sakura blossom. 

I hope that someday I will be back here again, perhaps some day some year.

Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo
Free Admission
*Lights will lid in the Evening.

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Till Then.

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  1. OMG~ Sakura flowers are so beautiful
    How much do you spend for this trip?

    1. Hi Dear! You can visit back my itinerary post to check out =D

  2. OMG sakura view so so nice! Wish I can go with my bf and enjoy this gorgeous moment :)

  3. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post on sakuras in Japan. Have not been to Japan yet and I hope that I could experience the same one day.

  4. oh wow...this is just so magnificent... I hope I can get to see some sakura... even though I know I am going to be there so early in March.... huhuhu

    1. ahhh is okay! one day you will have the chance to see sakura =D

  5. Very pretty scene and beauty! Lovely place to visit

  6. The sakura really pretty. Have to wait until next year only can see Sakura again.

  7. I really love the pictures of Sakura - you really captured the spirit of Sakura in your blog.

  8. Gorgeous photos and loved your photo in this coat. It is on my wishlist to visit here.

  9. This looks out of this world. These delicate flowers are breathtaking.

  10. Scarily nice I would say. Interesting!

  11. wow...your photo so nice!!!! Love it!!

  12. wow the view is amazingly beautiful! definitely worth a visit!

  13. cherry blossoms, so pretty ! wish i was there..

  14. The cherry blossom flowers are really beautiful. Want to go there too.

  15. I have never been to Japan before but the view is really beautiful.

  16. Always wanna go to Japan! The cherry blossoms are so pretty !! Will take note of this place :)

  17. The abundance of cherry blossoms is amazing!!!! I love them all and can't get enough of it. Love your tulle skirt babe

  18. OMG....I am in absolute need of a trip to Japan..for this sakura seriously...

    1. I know babe!!! I can't control myself either ><

  19. Sakura, one of my fav festives, you are so lucky to be there :)

    1. Yes indeed =D I am really glad my first trip to Tokyo is during Sakura!!