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Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion Series

Opps another BB Cushion story from my blog. I totally forget how many Bb Cushion I use so far until I have to look back for my previous post, haha! My 5th BB Cushion will be Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion Series that I bought since last December. 

This design that I got was a fast selling design because of its super duper cute drawing and weasel is a really cute animal too. I only know that Hermo did sell this Collab on their website. But I noticed that they only sell some of the design from this Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion Series.

All the design from Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion Series.

In this Limited Edition Collection, there are total four different endangered animals including an Emperor Penguin, Sand Cat, Siberian Weasel and a Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby. 

This collaboration from Etude House with Sungsil Hwarang, a Famous Korean Lifestyle Brand that helps raise awareness for a variety of endangered species. Sungsil Hwarang even collaborates with few famous brand too! if you go through Sungsil Hwarang website, you can view all their products are drawn with the endangered species animal. By doing this, your input for all these endangered species animal will be more impact too!

I decide to go Siberian Weasel design which I find it was the cutest design among this collaboration. What do you think? Packaging was pretty simple, brown and turquoise green color.


It was pretty simple to use. For this collaboration, they don't have any extra refill upon purchase. They will provide a casing which is in the box packaging and another packaging with the cushion pack.

Here's the info about Endangered Species - Siberian Weasel.

Packaging color will be near to the color as the picture below. It was more to turquoise green color which I really like it. I never own a BB Cushion with such fancy colorful color. 

More details on their design packaging. Ignore the crack Air Puff.

Cushion Texture. For the sticker sealing part, is up to you to leave it there or just remove it. I always feel that with the sticker seal remained can help to seal the cushion and it can be used for a longer time.

Trying out on my finger.

Before using Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion Series. I got few acne scar on my face. I got serious breakout due to work stress on the month of September. Definitely need some high coverage product when I head out.

After applying the bb cushion, you can clearly see that the redness of the acne scar was like POOF and disappear. I actually was really surprise on the coverage of this bb cushion can give me.

I just can't stop staring of the super cute weasel drawing on the cushion! The super cute and innocent eyes they draw for each of the cartoon animals.

My clean and naked face.

After applying Etude House x Sungsil Hwarang Save Cushion BB Cushion, no more scars or redness on face. The coverage is pretty good! 

If you would ask me what are the other brand I will choose for BB Cushion, I will definitely say Etude House was my no.2 BB Cushion brand. Perhaps I will try The Face Shop brand in the future too, heard of their good review all the time. Especially the new series with Disney Collaboration is making me feel itchy to own it.

Who can resist the innocent eye of all the endanger species animal!

Pretty Strong. I can't give it a high coverage since I always think that BB cushion can't give really high coverage for skin. But it was buildable as usual!

Long Lasting
Pretty good. Doesn't feel caked or drying my skin after long hours.

My friend helps me to buy from Korea. This design had already been discontinued too.




  1. Oh dear, the packaging is so cute. I can certainly make use of them after the product is finished.

    1. I hope the refill for this casing is still available at Etude house!

  2. this is so cute, dont know of this until I read here.
    shall check this soon.

  3. the packaging looks so cute!!!Love it so much!!

  4. The packaging at Etude House is always spot on and this one certainly takes the cake :) The coverage for this looks pretty impressive too - the skin certainly looks much more dewy after application.

  5. Loving the packaging so much!
    Should try Etude House BB cushion one day once mine is finish! Yeah. I keep the sticker too, they said to prevent the cushion inside to dry fast, nt sure true or not haha

  6. Oh you're right! The packaging is so so cute. I don't even need a new BB Cushion cause I'm still using my Laneige one but after seeing those cute animal designs, I feel like getting one too!

    1. I have whole lot of collection now! Laneige is my favorite!!

  7. wow. this is so beautiful the packaging. love it

  8. Etude House always have the cutest packaging. Love to read your review

  9. So cute! I like the Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby! Too bad I got too many BB cushion or else I will consider to buy this.

    1. Yes its so cute!! That time I only have 4 ma >.<

  10. The packaging is very cute and reminds us to save animals. Would like to try this product.

  11. the coverage looks good..and the packaging super cute!

  12. I like the animal designs. It can really make your skin look good.

  13. OMG.. I would just buy the BB Cushion for the Sungsil Hwarang designs... so pretty and cute...

  14. Wow I love the packaging and their products are great too.

  15. wahaha, so many bb cushions. Can open garage sales already

  16. nice product it seems. would love to try it out!

  17. So cute the BB cushion. I like the pink color one. I wish i can own it now.

  18. OMG so cute, wish I can have the full collection :)

  19. I would buy it just because the case is toooooo cute. Hehe.

  20. The packaging is so nice and cute! I'm loving it!

  21. why the packaging is so cute?? i want it also, wanna be a collection coz it's just too pretty.

  22. I would probably buy it because of the design. It's so cuteee

  23. Omg! So so cute the packaging! Guess I am truly attracted and to own the pink kangaroo one :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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