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Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson for Weekend Staycation

Yeah back to my travel post! I have been sharing my weekend staycation at Port Dickson last time. This time, I will be showing you guys around Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. We are here only for 2 days 1-night stay at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. The time was really short and fast but we definitely enjoy this 2 days spending time together.

It's not easy to always able to see Blue sky in town too, so if you're missing clear blue sky already make sure to take a break from your work and plan a short vacay!

Before traveling, there is always some checklist to check before leaving your house. Recently I found this checklist above was really useful and helps me a lot during my travel. Hope to share with all of my readers. Do check out on So that you can be safe and fewer worries before travel!

I am pretty lucky because I got a boyfriend who is really thoughtful every time we go to travel. He will help to double check and always remind me to double check on the stuff I need to bring during travel. I am a really forgetful girl and definitely not a trusted girl when come to keeping stuff safe. Because of this, I always make sure I prepare everything before 1-2 weeks before traveling and prepare a checklist before packaging too.

Recently I think I am better at this since I always mess things up and I don't think everyone will like how you mess up and forget things. So I learn to double check and double confirm on things happen the next day! 

One thing I love to travel and staying at the hotel is because of Comfy Bed in Hotel Room! We got 2 King Size Bed in our hotel room. I was super excited and can't wait to jump into this comfy bed. We have a TV in front of our bed too.

Everything is well prepared, bathrobe, iron, and hangers.

Classy organizer for all the bath essential.

Another thing that gets us excited is this Bathtub too! You can't get enough of relaxing yourself inside the bathtub. This is how a relaxation vacation should be.

A Cozy corner for us to relax ourselves and chilling.

Snacks and Drinks are complimentary.

A small private pool just outside our balcony area.

Balcony view is really so pretty! Although we are a bit regret of staying here because we thought that our room will be one of the below. LOL I guess I will have more reason to come back here again.

Time to explore the area. I love the mint color paint outside each of the room. The color is super sweet and relaxing color to look at!

Outside swimming pool view is really amazing! Best if your swimming pool view is facing the sea right.

I simply can interpret all this beautiful view I took at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson! It looks like some paradise outside from Malaysia. It is true that there is more gem place that waits for us to explore in Malaysia. Not sure when I was able to back here and travel again. If travel is free, you won't be seeing me here again.

In case you have luggage that is very heavy to carry around, there has buggy car drive around so that you don't have to worry carrying luggage under this hot sun!

Public swimming pool.

Time to explore beaches and sand at Hibiscus Walk.

In case you are worry will there be any dining available? They have their own Hotel Buffet, Breakfast, and even one Japanese Restaurant. 

Feeling too pricey? You can always come here at Hibiscus Walk to grab some snacks and enjoy breeze sea wind here. Upon checking in, you will get yourself food voucher to redeem any food from here too.

After back to our hotel room, time to dip into the pool!

Having fun taking photos in this private pool without any weird eyes looking at you! 

With Le BFF

Night view from the Balcony.

By the Beach. 

Map around Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

Time to say Goodbye!

Feeling so sad that we gonna end our vacation here.  Cheers to more holiday and vacation together! Overall I am really happy and enjoy my stay at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. I have not been here for 5 years and there are so many things had changed! Port Dickson can be a really worth place to visit and relax too. Don't give yourself an excuse for not going vacation because there're so many places to explore even you are only in Malaysia.

I will be super duper busy for coming months, can't wait till Christmas where I can enjoy the festive with new clothes, present, love from each other celebrating Jesus Birth to the earth.

No vacation until Christmas

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


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  1. Wow, I know this is paradise! So so pretty, wish I can go there one day!!

  2. Stunning view from balcony leh!!! And the private pool is indeed a good thing as we can pose freely without people throwing us weird look hahaha

  3. went here for my honeymoon last 3 years. but i didnt stay on the sea room. i stayed at the garden room.

    1. Ohhh you should try the sea view room next time =D

  4. i been there for my company trip. nice place

  5. OMG. It looks so beautiful there! Would definitely be the perfect holiday with my boyfriend.

  6. I have heard so much about Lexis Hibiscus but have not been yet. I would really enjoy myself judging from your amazing photos.

    1. Thanks Emily! Definitely need to check it out =D

  7. Lexis Hibiscus is my dream place to stay. Will ask my hubby to bring me there for honeymoon.

  8. awesome pictures.. loved them all..

  9. sweet weh. the place looks so nice. port dickson not very far also, lemme check my trip there :D

    1. Yes I love that the place that are not too far!!

  10. I been there during my birthday surprise 2 last years ago. Love this place and I can't wait to go back again.

  11. So chilled out and so refreshing staycay it must be. The photos look amazing.

    1. Thanks love! It was although it was a short trip =D

  12. seems like a heaven to me. a great place to getaway from the busy city life

  13. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about lexis PD and the photographs are certainly very tempting for me to make a visit to it soon. Glad you all enjoyed your trip there, and loved seeing the sights you took as well.

  14. I like the view of the resort. It looks so pretty especially at night.. :)

  15. The rooms on the water look so nice and cozy! Definitely doesn't look like Malaysia at all!

  16. This is such a pretty place and I wonder when I could get the opportunity to do this... so on my bucket list too

  17. seems very good vacation! yes. there are so many beautiful places to explore in Malaysia that we often forget.

    1. I agree need to plan and visit them next time =D

  18. never knew there's such beautiful place in Port Dickson! love the swimming pool & bath tub!

    1. Yes there are so many hidden gems we can visit in Port Dickson!

  19. Great suggestion for my coming short trip, thanks for sharing :)

  20. Lets go again ,babe ! Request a room with infinity pool with seaview ! XD

  21. This seems like a really nice place to stay at for a short getaway! So many nice spots for OOTD pics hahaha

  22. I did stayed at Penang Lexis Hibiscus hotel room with my friends before <3 so so want to go this Port Dickson Lexis Hibiscus with my beloved hubby <3


  23. This is a very nice place to relax. I have been there once.

  24. may i ask something?
    this room can how much people inside?

    1. Hi there!! There are total 4 of us in the bedroom ya =) However if you bring kids along, one bed can fit 2 adults and 1 kids!


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