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Shopping Bazaar Markets 20 @ Jaya One

It's time for Markets again! Can't believe I been to Markets for almost one year time and now they have reach Markets 20. This time, the Markets is bigger and more fun to explore! I never fail to always spend a lot of money whenever I am here. 

Since I am a shopaholic for fashion and accessories, Markets seems never fail my shopping mood and I always get a lot of unique and affordable price clothes and accessories that I like. Compare to another shopping mall, I did more shopping at Markets than I usually did. Here's why!

Are you a Fashion Lover? Love Discounts? Ready Stock and High Quality? 

You must definitely make your move to Markets!

The moment I am surrounded with all these clothes, my shopping mood straight away turns on and can't stop scrolling to the rack of clothes I like. There's just too many designs and the clothes here are synchronized with colors which make me easier to shop!

Chokers everywhere!! Too bad I don't have much time to scroll and buy some of them, definitely will bring my ass back here again.

This Bomber Jacket is a HIT in Japan!! Too bad it was really expensive for me to bring it back home with me.

Fred not because there are a lot of cheap clothes where you can find in Markets too. 

See how cute all of these Pokemon collections are!!

During my visit, I stumble with all the Jeans at ANTIPROM. I manage to buy myself 1 vintage jeans which I really really like!! I will definitely gonna style a lot with this jeans, recently I found that I wore jeans a lot, jeans are so easy to match and comfy to wear. I mean who doesn't love jeans!!

Not only that, I stumble at this Sports Attire collection from ViQ Apparel. I love their sports attire collection where it was really versatile and fashionable! Plus the price from their collection is really affordable too. 

So if you are looking for good quality and affordable sports attire, please make sure you visit ViQ Apparel. 

I managed to pair 2 outfits which I really like. Can you guess which set I manage to bring it back home? 

Besides shopping for clothing, there's also accessories and bag to grab too!

See how cute these smiley bag and pouch from Tokki Ant! It was really hard to choose which was my favorite one because by looking on these smiley faces I just felt like own all of them.

But I still manage to grab one of the smiley bag homes with me. Can't wait to share more looks with my smiley bag!

Not only bags but they have a lot of clothing that you definitely won't like to miss! Feel free to check their Facebook page here.

I manage to get few chokers for myself too since I am a choker lover! I can't tell you guys how many chokers I have now. The buy 2 free 1 booth has totally grabbed my attention, total I bought was 1 really cool sunglasses and 2 beautiful stone necklaces.

Any Dream Catcher lover here? I bought their small DIY Dream Catcher hanging on my wallet now.

There are many cute miscellaneous items you can find here at Markets. 

Check out all these Pokemon Stuff Toys here! This is just perfect for all the Pokemon lover out there.

How about Floaties Cup Holder for your upcoming Pool Party? Check out Letsplash for really cool and cute floaties rental! They offer a lot of different floats for rental with a really affordable price too. 

Pretzel, Pineapple, Ice- Cream float whenever you can think of only at Letsplash!

Besides clothes, accessories and bags at Markets, there are also a lot of Beauty and Makeup products you definitely not gonna miss! Especially here Nagano from Japan is now available in Malaysia. You can shop here for all their organic products. 

They have a lot of famous beauty product, such as night cream, hair serum, face mist that are popular in Japan. Definitely gonna try out their products soon and can wait to share with all of you!

How about get some Natural Handmade Soap from Naturafun is famous of their natural soap home remedies that help to cleanse, nourish and revive our skin.

All of their formula is carefully chosen to be the perfect balance of ingredients that make our creamy lather, leaving your skin silky soft. 

They only use cold pressed vegetable and nut oils, unrefined and organic whenever possible, and absolutely no animal fats or bi-products. No harsh detergents, sulfates or phosphates. And they only use pure cold press essential oil blends, NO fragrance use in their soap! are careful to list every ingredient on our labels. 

I seriously telling you guys there are so many handmade and organic beauty products you can find at Markets! I learn so much about these organic products, although I am not a fan of organic beauty products. But despite knowing and understand more about organic beauty products, it just made you curious and wanted to try more!

Next up is Potions!

Potions are started by 2 sisters which are passionate about natural skin care product.

In their efforts to completely diminish the use of harmful chemicals from skin care products, they only use nourishing oils, butter, clays, botanicals, herbs and pure essential oils. No petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, dangerous preservatives are ever used in our unique formulations. So you end up with a bottle full of only the GOOD STUFF! 

Their products are freshly made, transparent with all the organic and fresh ingredients they use for each of their products.

Don't forget, you will definitely feel hungry after some shopping. In Markets, they have food trucks outside! From Desserts to BBQ Feast you will definitely find one of your favorite out here.


Next, we will have GrabFresh. I get to their Chia Seed drink which is really special! I do know that Chia Seed is good for health, never knew that the taste was really good. Even their cold brew is really tasty and not too caffeine for me to drink.

They have Matcha and Coconut Chia seed which both taste really, but my favorite will always be Matcha! 

Besides that you can find beauty products that are handmade and organic in the Markets, you can also come visit M.A.K.A.N counter to get yourself organic and handmade home pasta, peanut butter, and all sorts of handmade jam. 

Although the food looks colorful but all are made from organic and healthy ingredients!

My final stop will be chilling at Bucket B Cafe! I have never visited this cafe before previously. The interior is so colorful, great for a family gathering because they have a kids playground beside the cafe. Which the parents can chill while the kids are having fun.

My Salty Caramel Latte! Surprisingly taste really good, even though I am not a coffee lover. But the taste is so smooth and addicting!

Their macaroon was really good too from UnionJac! Not the normal artificial kind of sweet but the sweetness comes from the ingredients of the macaroon. I am glad that I find a really organic and taste really good Macaroon at Bucket B.

Rainbow cake!

End my Markets 20 Experience at The Bucket B Cafe. I can't wait for more markets coming up soon. In this Markets, I was quite rushing and not able to really go through all the booths and shopping enough.

Not forget, Markets 20 have a lot bigger space because of Jaya One expanding and more new restaurants too! 

Stay tuned for Markets 21 coming on 10-11 December 2016 too! I will be shopping for Christmas gifts that time. Cheers for more Markets coming in the future!

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  1. i have never been here! there is so interesting how come now only i know?!! i must go~~ i like the fashion department, looks like my style ^^ and the pikachu shirt is so so sooooooo cute!!

    1. Book your calendar for the Markets 21 to come!

  2. Omg so much versatility in terms of items sold in this round bazaar!! Love the accessories section and miscellaneous section. Lately drawn towards cute stuff. Must go for the next bazaar then ^^ Great pics!

    1. Thanks Bee Lee! Don't forget to join the next Markets =D

  3. I totally love shopping at bazaars like this. I have not been to Markets yet but I believe I too will spend hours browsing, should I go. Hope I can make it this December.

    1. Yes I hope I can be here for hours shopping non stop!!

  4. There are so many interesting stuff there. I thought they only sell clothes

    1. Definitely not! There's so many choices of stuff to buy =D

  5. Really love bazaars like this! Wish to get my hands on the organic products!

    1. I love Bazaars too!! Try to get it on9 if you keen =D

  6. So much to shop and buy right? Haha... Love the VIQ sportswear too.

  7. Looked like you had a lot of fun... and knowing you you got all the fashionable stuff best suited to you... I forgot all about this... hope to check out Markets 21....

  8. Always loved going to the markets at Jaya One and the one this year seemed pretty good :) Will certainly check out the next one.

    1. Yea I agree that each time I went to their markets, they seem keep on improving =D Love it!

  9. Your food pics looking really amazing and making me drool over.

  10. looks really fun! and there's a lot of choices! especially love all the bags u took pic off!

    1. Thanks Love!! There's plenty!! I need more time to shop >.<

  11. the pikachu shirt is very very cute!!!!love your food photo too~~

  12. So many things!!! I want to get my set of chokers too!!! I am locking down my date....

  13. Whoa! they have many awesome stuff on sales. Can't wait for next...

  14. never been there! so many things and the price is reasonable toooo, i love the blue black top! i just bought something, i think maybe next pay day, i will visit this markets! hehe

    1. Yes omg!! I tell you I will easily get craze when I am here XD

  15. So so tempting! I loved the chokers. Shop till you drop!

  16. Want to join their next bazaar too!

  17. Definitely a fun time shopping at Markets20! You sure shopped a lot

  18. Wow so much things there, you must have gone crazyly excited. Well i would have atleaset. Spotted so many things i would love from the bag range and the skin care.

  19. Jaya one is really the place to go for these eh.. :) nice

    1. They have a lot of nice shops and restaurant too!!

  20. Jaya One is women's heaven. Thanks for introduction of this place. Plan to visit this weekend!


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