It was my first time writing a review for Mobile Phone. The experience was really fun and experimental because I had used my Samsung Note 3 for 4 years coming this December. My phone was still in good condition despite I did drop my hp all the time. But during the time I got this Wiko U Feel phone, my phone has got wet and forced to rest and let it dry for good old 4 days.

During this time, I have enjoyed using Wiko U Feel phone although did not manage to experience all the function they had. But overall experience was really fun and great!

Receiving a box of Colorful and Funky W in the box.

There are a total of 5 colors to choose from Space Grey, Lime, Chocolate,Creamy, and Slate.

Why do I choose Wiko U Feel?

4G Data
Fingerprint Detect
13MP Camera

I know there is a lot more function Wiko U feel can offer! But for me, the connection, camera, and RAM are important for me. As a social media influencer, you need to make sure internet data connection is fast, Camera MP is cleared and high, and despite install a lot of application and memory full with photos you have to make sure your mobile phone ram is faster and capable of all the applications.

Designed in France.

The front view of Wiko U feel. Didn't take many photos of me using U feel. But the size was just right and suitable for my hand to hold and use it.

I love the outlook of Wiko Ufeel. They come with soft edges and 2.5D curved glass that is both harmonious and ergonomic, making this classy device ultra-compact. With the tactile sandstone back cover finish and the cold metal frame contrasting on the side, it perfectly fits in your hand. U feel glass technology makes the screen highly resistant to shocks and scratches, so you can enjoy your device fully.

Despite their camera function is really good and comes in Auto and Manual but I only tried out their Auto function which it was quite convenient and easy for lazy people like me. You can choose 6 photo guide from Normal, Professional, Panorama, Face Beauty, HDR, Night and Sports mode.

I love how clear and easy to focus the image when I need to take close up product image.

I can even focus on the product I want to take by focusing on the product. The other view will be bogeyed straight away after I focus on the other product. Although the effect is not so visible, but I love how easy we can focus and create blur/bogey effect.

I notice that the selfie mode that comes in Beautify and Larger eyes function where you can choose the level of beautifying and larger eyes you want. Just don't over adjust it and the selfie beauty mode can really perfect and beautiful!

Summary features of Wiko Ufeel camera mode.

I never get to try out this feature but definitely a really good feature for those who love to take wefie!

In Ufeel, Fingerprints is the Key to everything. Ufeel features a second-generation fingerprint sensor for better performance, speed, and greater accuracy. Located below the display, the Ufeel sensor is easy to set up and will unlock your smartphone in only 0.48s for an intuitive experience. This 360° reading sensor will also recognize your finger in any position.

The highlight feature with Wiko Ufeel is their 5 fingerprints 5 actions. Base on the picture summary above, you can set all 5 fingers to launch any function you want in Ufeel. 

You can assign function Call Your Love to your index finger, Directly launch the camera by touching the sensor using your middle finger, Launch messages using your ring finger and tiny fingertips to launch music! Thumb to lock and unlock your mobile phone!

Everyone phone is precious, with your own contact number and photos that you previously save and keep it inside your phone. With Ufeel Fingerprint technology, you can decide to secure your favorite apps, requiring fingerprint recognition to open it and only you will be able to access it. Store private files in encrypted boxes that only you can open. Your sensitive photos, videos, music or files will be safe. Only your hand will soon both be the best password and security key you’ve ever had!

Like I had mentioned previously, I will need a stable and well performance mobile to support my use of social media and live sharing. This Ufeel has a powerful processor combined with 3GB RAM memory will ensure faster multitasking, a quicker load of applications and greater reliability for demanding users. With their 4G LTE connectivity, I will be able to do my stuff faster, from apps downloading to contents uploading or video streaming. 

Android™ Marshmallow is on the board of course and with it about 1.6 million crazy apps. Storage won’t be a problem for Ufeel: it comes standard with 16GB ROM and you can add another 64GB using a micro SD giving you 80GB of storage in total. 

Ufeel offers a 5’’ HD screen with a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution, just the perfect size to watch multimedia contents and comfortably use your phone. But there is more. First, the high brightness of 420 nits will allow you to appreciate great pictures even in full sunlight, while CABC technology will automatically adjust the backlight for brighter videos, clearer text display, and even battery saving 

Quad-Core 1.3GHz, 64 bits
4G LTE connectivity
Android™ Marshmallow

Other Setting

Schedule Power On and Off by your own setting.

Low Battery View Page to help you to sustain your phone usage longer.

I love this Phone Assist Perfect that I can control my own settings: power saving, notifications, black list or permission manager.


Simple layout and apps page. Everything is visible upon gliding your phone page to left or right side. 

At last on-cell technology comes in. This obscure designation is actually quite simple to get. It means the space between the glass and the screen is considerably reduced. 

What do you mean by that? Well, a better responsiveness of the screen and battery life optimization since the screen will get totally black when turned off. Last but not least, visualization of contents will benefit from lower reflection and higher contrasts.

My experience using Ufeel was really wonderful and awesome, although I'm not much a tech user but after using Ufeel make me feel how fast technology can keep improving and upgrading non-stop. Plus Wiko Ufeel is really affordable too, you can get it for only at RM699!


Wiko is Europe's fastest growing phone brand and they are known as the "game changers". They believe in providing a practical alternative, offering the right technology, with the right design at the right price.

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