Woola I'm back to a travel post after few weeks, left 1 and half day post before I end my Japan Travelogue. During the day 5, we just manage to do some shopping and walking around Shinjuku after sakura viewing at Chidorifugachi. 

Shinjuku was a really big distinct and they have the busiest railway station in Tokyo too! Be sure not to lose your way when you visit Shinjuku. So the first day at Shinjuku was a really tough one but luckily we spend half day here. We have been asking around how to go Isetan from the railway station. Because the Shinjuku station is way too BIG and connected to so many entrances too.

Manage to stop by a shop at the railway station and buy my favorite products from Canmake.

Lunch here. 

Saw this cute little plushie here!

Manage to grab some custard while finding the entrance to Isetan.

Hours: 10:30 to 20:00 
Restaurants: Typically 11:00 to 22:00

With a history of over 100 years, Isetan is a veteran among Shinjuku's department stores. The Shinjuku store is Isetan's flagship and consists of ten floors, including restaurants on the top floors and a food department in the basement.

Look for exit B5 if you are heading Isetan. There're so many exits here at the railway station from A to Z. Can you imagine that? LOL 

The directory at Isetan.

Isetan is way much bigger and crowded. We didn't really go through all the stores since the product here is pretty high end too. My purpose here is to get the YSL products!

There are also a lot of beauty high-end counter too. I just can't stop look all of this glam beauty counter. 

The crowd of the beauty counter is so packed. But one thing I really admire is their service, you will be provided a number and later on you need to wait for your turn. When the number is up, they will be showing you their products, testing out their makeup in their make-up bar. I was totally amazed by this friendly service.

Products from YSL. All of the packagings was so glamorous and pretty! That's all my journey here at Isetan store. If you have plenty of time, make sure you go through every store at Isetan. Just don't burn your wallet to a hole, though.

My most expensive haul in Tokyo, Japan! The YSL BB Cushion that is too precious to even open it and use. Guess what, it was still in seal mode though.

After the visit to Isetan, we plan to walk to Shinjuku Gyeon to continue our Sakura journey. But we miss out that the park closes at 4:30pm. By the time we reach the entrance the crowds are leaving from the park. I was rather sad because I hope to visit this park for my last place for Sakura Viewing.

Love the building street at Tokyo.

Takashimaya Times Square

Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (Saturdays until 20:30) 
Restaurants: 11:00 to 23:00 
Closed: January 1 (except restaurants)

Opened in 1996, the Shinjuku branch of Takashimaya consists of 15 floors, including a food department in the basement and three restaurant floors. It is the main store of the "Takashimaya Times Square" complex that also houses a Tokyu Hands branch and Kinokuniya book store with a large foreign language section.

Next, up, I decide to go visit Takashimaya Store where I want to visit Disney Store too. Didn't realize that in Takashimaya Store they have the biggest Tokyu Hands in here too. I buy some haul from Tokyu Hands and Disney Store. Tokyu Hands is so shopping worthy! Their products are so cute and many stationaries that you can buy from here.

I can't take away my eyes seeing all the beautiful jewelry from Disney Store. Plan to get one but didn't.

Tsum Tsum!

After Disney Store and Tokyu Hands, we continue to walk around Shinjuku. There is total of 6 big department stores and 3 electronics store at Shinjuku. Hope to return here again and visit some of their attractions here.

Walk pass a cute Hello Kitty store, not forget to stop by and take a photo!

The night is here at Shinjuku and we are here at Kabuchiko Street.


Restaurants: Typically 11:00 to 24:00 (some open 24 hours) 
Bars: Typically from 19:00 or 20:00 until the next morning 
Closed: Some establishments are closed on Sundays

Named after a kabuki theater, whose construction plans have never been realized, Japan's largest red light district features countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pachinko parlors, love hotels and a wide variety of red light establishments for all sexes and sexual orientations. Explore with caution and beware of exorbitant cover fees and drink spiking resulting in loss of cash and credit cards. The latter typically occurs at establishments run by non-Japanese patrons and is initiated by touts targeting foreign tourists.

Checking out some dinner place. 

The another side of Japan. Full with colorful night's light, noisy crowds and BBQ smoke everywhere. Not quite liking it but the experience was pretty fun, and so do you must know there are also many love store here at Kabuchiko Street. In case you are alone, make sure you are company by a friend.

BBQ are really famous here.

Claw Machine plushie!!

One of the famous Robot Restaurant is here at Kabuchiko Street.

We manage to find a cheaper dinner place. In the meantime, I can enjoy Sashimi, tobiko and crab miso soup.

The Godzilla head! While we are enjoying our dinner nearby, we heard the Godzilla roaring sound outside. Luckily manage to take some picture of the Godzilla head.


I did my Tax-Free shopping here at BIC Camera. Manage to grab the things that I want and some other things my friend want too.

Next up, Don Quijote another shopping paradise you definitely must visit here at Shinjuku!! They sell a lot of different products in here. They literally just sell everything here! From Healthy and Beauty to Personal Care products, you can find it here with a cheap and tax-free price when you shop for 5000Yen/10000Yen and above.

Since everything is pretty cheap here, the crowds are pretty crazy in here too! Queue in the cashier is super long too. Just be prepared.

You can get Sailormoon eyeliner here!

Hair Styling Products.

Overall, I am missing this place so much! I hope to visit here again enjoy the crowds and weather here. Not forget fresh sashimi and udon too! Nightlife in Japan really opens up my eye here, although I don't fancy this kind of nightlife. But able to see and experience it was quite a fun experience for me, colorful and sexy night life here at Shinjuku.

Till then.

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Till Then.

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