Who here's are seafood lover? Me! I love prawns, crab and fish! I never get bored of eating seafoods since it was my favorite. But also I never always eat seafood too since there's not much of seafood resaturant that serves great seafoods nearby my house. 

I'm really happy to finally try this hand feast seafood at Vitamin Sea. Well the venue was far from my place but nevertheless it was definitely worth the travel and visit afterall!

Interior of the dining place. 

If you are not prefer to have seafood outdoor, in Vitamin Sea you can also enjoy seafood indoor with good dining environment and aircond too!

There's outdoor seat for you to enjoy seafood too! 

Ocean Blue Lemonade RM 4.90

Coconut RM 6.90

My first favorite was this Seafood Chowder

The sauce are so creamy and rich in flavour some of you might think that you will eat until too jelak with the creamy sauce. But for me I am a fan for seafood chowder, they are just so good! 

I can imagine pairing with bread might be the guiltiest feeling ever eating this set at night.

The signature serving that everyone like the Spicy Signature Sauce.

This signature spicy sauce is really one of a kind! It was so spicy and in the mean time it was really addicting too. So when you taste the first bite, the sauce was all over your mouth and spicy sensation go through your throat. But as you continue to eat, the feeling just got numb and you can't stop eating this!

All the seafood they serve at Vitamin Sea is really fresh and no stinky seafood taste at all. I am amaze with their huge serving for just RM 99.

They comes out a new flavor of seafood combo which are Steam Light Soy Sauce.

If you are lover for steam soy sauce fish/chicken, this might be your favorite sauce! The sauce and serving taste really good if you eat with rice too. They serve in enormous of seafood in one big serving. The soy sauce serving will be more light and more emphasize of the seafood flavor.

Strawberry Buttercream Prawn RM 32.90

A little snack and desserts after seafood meal. Although it was very pricey but the taste is so good that I can eat finish the whole serving! The strawberry is so fresh and even the prawn is so chewy. Taste is really appetizing with the buttercream sauce too. 

So who say that strawberry and prawn is not good combo, it was a perfect match!

Super Fries RM 12.90

Next up we had Super Fries, that serves with mayo, tomatoes cubes, onions and fries! This was a super filling snack too.

Mini Burger RM 8.90 (Ala Carte)

Petite Burger with Octopus Cake

Petite Burger with Prawn Cake.

Both are my favorite since I am both Octopus and Prawn lover! I love their fried prawn cake that are not over fried but brings out the real taste of prawn. Even the Octopus Cake was so filling with octopus meat and so chewy and fresh!

At Vitamin Sea, they provide 2 choices combo where Combo A is RM 99 and Combo B is RM 79. The only differences between this two sets are Combo A serve Live Meat Crab and Combo B serve Flower Crab. Bread and Rice are refillable where you can refill non stop. Both of the combo is totally worth it where you can eat up to 3 pax too! 

Happy me enjoying my favorite Seafood Chowder Combo A set. 

Vitamin Sea
F-11-G, Jalan PP25, 
Putrawalk, Taman Pinggiran Putra, 
Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan

014 9759 865
5pm – 1am (Mon - Sun)



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