Step up to TEMPTationS from 11th to 30th November 2016 as Delhi-born Chef Himanshu Roye will take your palate on an incredible Indian spice sojourn. Available for dinner only, diners will be able to savor a selection of meticulously crafted Indian dishes prepared with traditional spices masterfully mixed by the maestro himself.

Chef Himanshu's mastery with Indian spices will be demonstrated in the subtle ways he spices his culinary creations such as boneless fish tandoori, chicken tikka and tandoori lamb chops, prepared on a rotation basis during the Taste of India promotion. Diners should also look out for his laudable gulab jamun at the dessert section.

Chef Himanshu in action.

Be sure to stop at the Live Action Station for a sampling of pav bhaji and keema pav or see how khurchan is made, alternate evenings. Bhaji is mixed vegetables cooked with spices and keema is minced meat simmered in Indian spices and consumed with pav, a type of bread. Khurchan is a dish prepared by slow cooking shredded lamb or chicken on a hot plate or griddle and continuously scraping the meat off the hot plate to avoid sticking or burning, thus giving the dish its name and flavor.

Pav from India.

Chicken Tikka is a chicken dish originating in South Asia where it remains popular in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Grill and marinated in perfection too.

Another thing I was really fond in Indian food is they always serve with many different sauces, herbs, and spice. I did try all these sauce with their famous Chicken Tikka, out of my expectation the sauce actually tasted really good. 

Vegetables Biryani Rice
Basmali rice cooked with mixed vegetables and fresh Indian herb.

Dal Makhani
Chick Peas cooked in coconut milk with curry powder, onion, garlic, and chili.

Butter Chicken
Chicken tikka cooked in creamy tomato gravy

Besides that, you can even try Chicken Tikka in gravy too. I am a fan of all Indian gravy as long as it was spicy and appetizing. It tastes so good even when you just eat the gravy with rice.

Fried pepper and Satay serving too.

Gulab Janum and Laddoo both are famous Indian traditional desserts. The taste was really super sweet compared to the normal western desserts we had. I was really anxious when I was trying this sweet dessert.

Biryani and Chicken Tikka.

I love this serving, the biryani rice gives a nice aroma of Indian herbs and spice. Where the chicken tikka is so yummy and delicious too! The outer is crispy and juicy inside. I never really try authentic Indian food before but at TEMPTationS, Renaissance KL Hotel I can taste really yummy and delish Indian food.

Pav, Satay and fried pepper.

Just look for this pot and you can enjoy all the delish Indian Food at TEMPTationS, Renaissance KL Hotel.

Apart from the prime seafood which will also be featured in the buffet, diners can relish in a tantalizing spread of specialty dishes that span from East to West. Savor Japanese delights such as sushi and sashimi, Chinese hot-off-the-wok stir fry, assorted pasta with traditional Italian sauces and do make room for a line-up colorful and delicious cakes, puddings, Malay kuih, ice-cream and more.

The Taste of India dinner buffet is priced at RM 145nett per person and half price for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

*Prices are inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% GST.

TEMPTationS is located at the East Wing Lobby Level, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. To discover more and for restaurant reservations, please call 03 2716 9388 or email

TEMPTationS, Renaissance KL Hotel

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, 128, 
Jalan Ampang, Kampung Baru, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Phone: +60 3-2162 2233

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