Finally, the Weekend is here and 12.12 is near! I can't wait for this last campaign to be over and gonna clear my leave by end of the year. Before I get overwhelmed by task, I need to update this yummy crab feast post asap too. I was lucky to be able to share and enjoy this crab feast at Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

I would highly recommend for those who love seafood because their crabs are really fresh and huge! We enjoy ourselves very much this feast here when we visit Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

I love their interior with the white and black ink painting on the wall. It just adds some vintage and old scenery when you are here.

 Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House is really spacious.

Here's one of my favorite wall painting. Today I will introduce 7 different cooking ways of crab from Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House. It was my first time so many types of different flavour crab in just one meal. All of the crab was cook to perfection too! 

Yummy and Fresh is the main point of a crab. Make sure you scroll to the end of the post to check out all the yummy crab meal I eat at Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

Asam Curry Crab 2 PCS RM 88

If you are a lover for Asam Curry, you can enjoy their Asam curry crab too! Sour and Appetizing enough too.

盐焗蟹 Baked Crab in Salt 2 PCS RM 88

Feeling to heavy with Asam or Egg Yolk Crab? I find this Baked Crab in Salt is just the right taste that you need, the freshness and yummy of the crab is just so tasty too! 

黄酒焗蟹 Baked Crab in Shao Xing Wine 2 PCS RM 88

If you're mom or family members which are a lover of Shao Xing Wine, you need to try this too. A healthy and yummy combo for crab.

甘香蟹 Kam Heong Crab 2 PCS RM 88

Another recommend crab is this Kam Heong Crab, if you are up for heavy spices this will be a good choice for you too.

芝士咸蛋蟹 Cheese and Egg Yolk Crab 2 PCS RM 88

Anyone up for Cheese and Egg Yolk?! This is my favorite combo when it comes to seafood sauce, a heavy and guilty meal I would say. Make sure to dip your break with their sauce too!

黄金蟹 Golden Crab 2 PCS RM 88

Egg Yolk is my favorite too! If you are not into the cheesy sauce, this sauce might be the best option for you. Egg Yolk and Fresh Juicy Crab, it's just hard to resist isn't it.

清蒸蟹 Steamed Crab with Egg White 2 Pcs RM88

When I first saw this serving, I was in awe! LOL Egg white is a really special way to steam and it actually boosts up the freshness of the crab. Overall the taste is so smooth and fresh!

So here's the 7 different type of crab you can order at Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House. Just make sure just try all of them, and with different of choices you can enjoy the freshness of crabs to the max too! With only RM88 you can enjoy 2 big and fresh CRABS which give another bonus must visit shop too!

Next, if you are not a crab lover you enjoy other seafood too, such as lala, clam, prawn and mantis prawn too. The price is really affordable too!

炸馒头 Fried Man Tou 1 PCS RM 1.20 (Min 5 PCS)

This especially need it when you eat with the cheese and egg yolk sauce, yum!

白灼蛤 Steamed Clam RM 18

芭蕉蛤 Belacan Clam RM 18

上汤啦啦 Fresh Lala Soup RM 28

Lala Soup is the best to drink during rain.

麦片明虾 Oat Fried Prawn RM 28

双味明虾 Asam Curry Prawn RM 28

清蒸濑尿虾 Steam Mantis Shrimp with Egg White 6 PCS RM 48

蒜香濑尿虾 Mantis Shrimp with Garlic Fried 6 PCS RM 48

I never think of eating Mantis Shrimp here too! I remember my first time was during my Sekinchan trip. Eating this mantis shrimp definitely brings back my memory.

This 2 different way of cooking style of mantis shrimp is really special. Especially the steam mantis shrimp, it was so fresh and juicy too.

咖喱花蟹 Curry Flower Crab 3 PCS RM65

My favorite came the last! Curry Flower Crab, when I see this I was so excited and see how pretty the pattern of the flower crab. Although flower crab might not have juicer flesh than crab, but if you are light crab eater, you can always order this flower crab.

蒙古鸡 Mongolia Chicken RM 22

香叶鸡 Pandan Chicken 1 PCS RM 4 ( Min 3 PCS)

Pandan Chicken is one of the must try dish  too! I find it was quite interesting but it sure doesn't fail my taste  bud.

京都排骨 Pork Ribs RM 22

干咖喱花肉 Dry Curry Pork RM 19

蒜香双豆 Fried Garlic Long Beans RM 15

鱼香茄子 Fried Brinjal RM 15

灵菇扒时菜 Assorted Mushroom RM 22

Yes and they serve other delicious home cook dish too, so don't worry if you are stuff with crabs and seafood. Because all of their dishes is really yummy, and most importantly it was really affordable too!

For more yummy detail

Home Style Kitchen Asam House
No 20 (GF) Jalan Puteri 2/3, 
Bandar Puteri

03-8051 7107
Opens at 11:00am 11:00AM - 3:00PM, 5:00PM - 10:00PM


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