Today post will definitely burn your wallet to a hole, make sure you bear with it or just don't continue to read my post. haha! If you have knew me long enough, you will definitely know that I am a Laneige BB Cushion Fan. True enough when their Holiday Edition out I was so over on it. 

I manage to grab it during their first promotion at Pavilion with RM150 with basic make-up brush set and a duo tone lipstick from Laneige. The original price is RM110 (BB Cushion) and RM75 (Duotone lipstick).When I checking out their collection at the counter, even their skin care set is soo pretty and dreamy. I manage to hold myself to only get the BB Cushion promotion set.

So after I get their BB Cushion, I find that it just so lonely to share the BB Cushion only! Hence when I saw in Althea they are also selling this Holiday edition set, I manage to the new duotone lipstick

The packaging of the product itself was pretty enough to resist. Gradient Blue and Pink like the color of the galaxy. Both are my favorite color so it was really hard to resist since I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

Inside look of the product itself. Both products come in a super pretty pink gold casing. 

2 is always better than 1.

Besides the pink gold casing, the cover color comes in blink blue and pink gradient too like the box! It looks glamorous and glittering when you saw the real product yourself. I swear that I need to get this product soon enough.

Another cute part I scream is the air puff!! Is in pink!!! OMG how cute is this small little puff. Just spend more time looking at this piece of beauty artwork. hahahaha

The seal and texture of the bb cushion are the same as the latest bb cushion. That is why I didn't show you guys much on the texture and coverage of this BB Cushion. Because this is all about packaging.

Move on to the duotone lipstick.

Although the packaging of this lipstick is not colorful as the box packaging and the BB Cushion. However, I love the Pink Gold color theme for this makeup series. 

The cap of the lipstick is in gradient pink!! Super pretty and gorgeous. Let's move on to its color.

Let's just take some moment enjoy and appreciate this such pretty texture only from Laneige!! They come in two colors, Bloody Dress and Mystic Rose. Since I have a lot dark color lips color. I choose Mystic Rose in this collection.

Okay I don't dare to swatch too hard on my hand. Right is one swatch, Left is two swatches. This color is really light more to sweet pink color.

I am a sucker for Christmas Packaging. So during Christmas Time, my wallet normally will burn big for this festive season! haha. If you are fond with Althea Christmas Box just remember to make way to shop there ya!

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  1. What a beautiful Christmas beauty package. I'm gonna check Laneioge products and see what would be suitable for me. May you have a blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  2. so loving the gorgeous packaging... it is just so pretty... wishing for some of this too...

  3. Omg the Galaxy packaging is so pretty, I like their cushion texture and finishing also.

  4. Omg omg omg I like the bb cushion. It's so pretty ah I'm going to shop now!!!❤❤

  5. oh joke..the packaging looks icy magical!!!

  6. aaa envy youu XD I love the packaging. but this month I already broke to buy this haha.

  7. I love their packaging it's really cute and omg you're right that this will make my money vanish in an instant! lol

  8. I like the packaging, so sparkling in nice colour tone :)

  9. wow! love the vibrant colours of its packaging of this beauty products! Am impress with the lip colour and its design of so slim, can easily put into my skinny jean pocket to carry around :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. Wanted to get that cushion from Althea but its sold out T_T Managed to get the lip sleeping mask though! Can't wait to try it yet hahah

  11. i too was tempted to get just because of the beautiful casing but can't splurge on make up anymore with the baby around T.T

    1. >//< That's too bad! Anyway baby comes first =D

  12. I like Laneige packaging so much and it looks so fantasy. The lipstick color moisture and the color striking.

  13. I love this packaging a lot too! So great for this Holiday season

  14. Omg!! I love this holiday edition so muchhhh. Super love the color theme!!

  15. hi, may i ask what skin type are you?

  16. What a packaging! That cushion look so adorable! Lovely photos ❀

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