Hello people! Finally, I'm back to blogging and I feel like being restless during work after all the campaign over. 4 Days of neglecting my blog and my Instagram are like the longest day ever. But after this, I will definitely spend more time on my Instagram, Facebook, and my Blog! Miss my time sharing stuff with my lovely readers.

I can't imagine how I actually spend my whole last week working and spending time outside until nighttime without even really rest well. It's time to get my beauty sleep again and pump up for my 2017 Resolution too!

To start off with my comeback post, I will blog about one of my favorite visit during November. The environment of the cafe is really cozy and nice too.

One of the reasons I plan to visit this cafe is because they have really cute macaroons too! Be make sure to check their facebook page to see all their macaroons, they have Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Snoopy and other more cute macaroons too.

Be sure to check out their macaroons and make sure you take lots of photos of the macaroons too.

Coffee and Macaroons Date.

Our meal of the day.

Milli Mac + Cheese RM20++

I love this so much! Although it was a really guilty meal with cheese and bacon but seriously this just so worth it too. I order this with Bacon as well since I love bacon as well. 

Super super cheesy and best eat while it was still hot! The cheese is all over the serving too, the taste is so creamy and appetizing. Highly Recommend for those who love cheese and baked cheese!

Half fried egg on top of the bread. I love this serving and it was the best combination of healthy and high protein breakfast meal.

Smoky Bacon Carbonara Pasta RM20++

Opps breaking egg yolk on top of the pasta. Love that their carbonara sauce is not too creamy but gives the right sauce and taste with the pasta. Compared to mine, the sauce was apparently lighter but still taste favorable too!


It's been a while I visit a cafe, missing my favorite Matcha. So I decide to order Matcha when I visit Milligram Cafe.

Orange Cucumber Juice

Okay, my unashamed photo was taken by my love.

I'm gonna start and end my post with these cute macaroons from Milligram Cafe! Can't remember how much was it, but it was counted as a pair. It was a really hard decision to choose because all of their macaroons is so cute!! Be sure to don't burn your wallet when you visit Milligram. 

More details

No 8, Jalan SS26/4, 
Taman Mayang Jaya
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening hours
11 am to 11 pm

03-7497 4358


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  1. Great to see you have enjoyed your weekend. Love the pics :)

  2. wa their macaroons are so cute! Now I also want to check it out loo

  3. The macaroons designs are so cute and also the interior of this cafe is incredibly nice!

  4. OMG!This place look super cool. Great place to chillex!

  5. AWWWWWW I love the macaroon so much especially TOTORO and Pikachu!!!! I always want to visit this kind of cafe but I have no friends have the same interest LOL(<<this person mei ren yuan)
    Maybe have to "force" my friends to come with me already I think they will like this place hehe :P

  6. Wow! A must visit! So so cute! I like the totoro macaroon the most! Thanks for sharing this cute place!
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  7. The macaroons are really so cute. How to eat them?? I'd totally do there just for the Pickachu. LOL

    1. I know right I really want to keep them forever too T_T

  8. Waa~ The Milli Mac + Cheese looks so good! I want to visit now!

  9. The Pokemon looks too cute to be eaten. Want to try this cafe soon.

  10. oh no... what cute macaroons... I WISH i can have some too... but Taman Mayang a bit far for me...huhuhu

    1. awww that's too bad!! Nevermind once a while should be fine =D

  11. Do you eat the cute macaroon at the end? Hehe. They are so cute omg.

  12. omg this is such a cute cafe! and i need to go and try the mili mac + cheese. looks so good!!!!

  13. This cafe is near my house. I will bring my sister for lunch this coming Saturday. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. such adorable macaroons! i too wouldnt dare to eat it because it's too precious looking lol

  15. Put aside their delicious food, I think the cute Macaroons have steal my heart.

  16. WOW! Food looks really good. Im already drooling. But what attracted my attention more was the macaroons. *squeals!