I'm back with my Japan post! I have less that few post till I end my Tokyo Post! Today post will be a little short as I only go to a few places after visit the place. Hope on continue my Harajuku in the last 2 days of my days at Tokyo.

In this post, I visited Ichiran, Kiddyland, and Shibuya crossing too. Was a pretty adventurous and tired too, as the weather is getting cold and freezing too.

After shopping, the whole day around Takeshita Street is time for dinner and we decide to go for Ichiran. I did spend time looking for this ramen shop too. When we found it and the queue was pretty long. Since we already planned to try this so we decide to just wait for our turn joining the queue.

Ichiran Harajuku

Order in Ichiran is not the usual type of restaurant. You have to order via this food machine. By doing this they actually save money by hiring waiter or waitress too. 

I wanted to try the Matcha Annin Tofu but too bad it was hot selling and selling out really fast.

I order Ramen & Half-boiled salted egg.

Messy hair doesn't care.

Upon going in after paying for the food. We need to wait for an empty seat too. All of the seats are separate to individually. But if you wanted to sit together with your friends or family. You can always wait for few empty seats to sit beside each other.

Machine to indicate empty and occupied seats.

They also handed this piece of option paper for you to choose an extra topping for your ramen.

Individual seat and the food is served via the black small curtain.

Extra ramen, soup and dish for you

Me and my Ichiran ramen. The seat comes in a limited seat where I only can take selfie diagonally.

Not a lover of green onions hahaha.

Although many people saying that there is nicer ramen shop than Ichiran but for tourist like us. I must say is a must to try out Ichiran Ramen when we visit Japan. 

Their ramen is really smooth and chewy too. If you love the heavy taste of soup, they serve the best ramen soup I have ever tasted in any ramen shop too. My boyfriend even added extra ramen and soup too!

Eating at Ichiran can be really quick too since it was more to convenient and fast eating style too. 

After our dinner, we randomly did some walking places and found this Kiddyland which consist of the 4th floor of all time favorite cartoon character. We spend most of our time in this store too.

Kiddy Land

My boy in love with these small DIY food dough and bought a lot to bring back to Malaysia. Each box comes in random design too.

Snoopy Town.

My favorite Totoro is everywhere too in Japan.

They have a lot of Disney merchandise too. So tempting to get their merchandise.

My favorite part of my shopping at Kiddyland. Sailormoon merchandise!! I manage to get the eyeliners from here. Feel like wanted to get the coin purse but it was very expensive.

They even have Stars Wars corner merchandise too. With Jedis and Star Troopers.

Sanrio's Corner!!!

Manage to get one of this, haha!!

Spam a lot of Hello Kitty merchandise picture I take from Kiddyland.

Whole level full of all Sanrio's Characters.

More Cartoon and Anime figurine.

Shibuya Crossing Road

My last night activity is visiting this huge crowds of Shibuya Crossing!! We actually walk from Harajuku to here. You can either choose to take the train or by leg too. We spend less than 10 minutes of walk from Harajuku to Shibuya Crossing.

We spend some time taking photos with the crossing crowds here too. Seriously each time we want to take photos the crowds never decrease. Is just keep coming and increasing too. Now I know why they say that this is the largest crossing road ever. 

I do spend some time to understand how this crossing road works too. It was a really big and huge crossing road I've ever see!!

That's all for my Harajuku Journey at Tokyo Japan. Spend some time wanders around the city and shopping too! Japan just continue to awe me in many ways and it keeps me wanted to visit this country again and again. 

Hope to visit to Japan again!!


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  1. Omg... you make me miss Japan again. Yah there are so many bit and pieces plus cute stuff to but in harajuku. I love the Ichiran ramen too.

    1. Yes yes! Hope to visit this amazing country again =D

  2. I'm going to Tokyo this year and your post just save my day! I'm sure going to put Harajuku on the intenarary!

  3. I wanna go to KiddyLand. I think I will come out broke. Yikes!!!! The ramen looks yummy, BTW.

  4. You're living the life! I envy you so much right now, I would also love to visit Japan someday, thanks for the recommendations!

    - xx, Mariel

  5. oh my god... all those super kawaii items.. i know i find it hard to resist them also...

  6. Wow, seriously I want to visit Japan lah, especially disney shop! So many chilhood memory there

  7. Ah went pass these places too when I was there as well and I have to say that I agree that the crowd is never ending when it comes to that walk,lol. Looks like you had a splendid time though and Happy 2017 dear.

    1. Thanks dear!! I know right the crowds is always crazy as usual =D

  8. Looks like so much fun. japan is on my wishlist. thanks for sharing babe!

  9. I think I will like small kid jump here and there when I touch down Tokyo in April 2017. I can't wait to go Tokyo. This write up will be useful to me.

  10. OMG they all so cute!!! Never been to Harajuku but your guide is so detailed!

  11. Sharon you make me jelly~~~~~ lols... Super need to visit Japan!

    1. Make sure you plan it ya!! It was a amazing country to visit!!