Yeah another Japan post out! This time I will bring you'll around Harajuku. I spend my Day 6 at Harajuku, mainly just shopping and visit some of the famous hotspots at Harajuku too! Normally during my travel time, I will spend last few days for shopping. Since I am a shopaholic and I am totally a girl that love Japan clothes and beauty products! 

But it seems like I can't really shop much due to a shortage of time, just manage to shop for the main shopping street. There's a lot more vintage store hidden around Takeshita Street. I am definitely so gonna visit here again.

Meiji Shrine

Hours: Sunrise to sunset 
Closed: No closing days 
Admission: Free

Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. Emperor Meiji was a popular emperor who reigned from 1867 to 1912. The majority of the shrine grounds are composed of a beautiful, dense forest that can be explored on walking paths.

The first stop we visit is Meiji Shrine. Day 6 morning was slight sizzling and the weather was freezing too. The Shrine is so pretty surround with the deep forest breeze weather. 

The map of Meiji Shrine. It was a really big shrine and you can definitely spend some time over here.

I love the dense forest sensation when I visit Meiji Shrine. The air is so refreshing and chilling here.

Gradient tree leaves view is so amazing.

Many tourists are walking and visiting Meiji Shrine too.

We did stumble upon wine barrel here.

OOTD here with all the sake barrel.

Today blink make-up look.

Meiji Shrine.

We had our lunch here too. Since the rain got heavier, we actually go to their cafeteria to enjoy some hot ramen for lunch. 

Not forget to try their Gelato Sakura ice-cream flavor too! It was so yummy and freezing!

Takeshita Dori

Shops along Takeshita Dori tend to be open daily from 11:00 to 20:00.

The symbol of Harajuku and birthplace of many of Japan's fashion trends, Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) is a narrow, roughly 400-meter long street lined with shops, boutiques, cafes and fast food outlets targeting Tokyo's teenagers. Because of the street's popularity, it becomes extremely busy and crowded on the weekends. Interesting shops and restaurants can also be found along some of the side streets.

Next, we are here Takeshita street where you can shop for Hipster and Harajuku styles clothing here! Not forget hidden vintage clothes store can be found here too.  
I so regret that I did not spend more time here. Continue on, if you are a shopaholic and a lover for Japan Products! You will definitely won't want to miss which are the shops I went and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Read on!

If you are a girl who loves sweet and kawaii Japan stuff, you wouldn't want to miss out WEGO at Harajuku! It was one of the famous shopping place for girls, from the street photo at Takeshita you can see that the crowds are super crazy long and pack. Even inside the first WEGO shop I visit, the walkway inside the shop is very limited. 

There is TWO WEGO shop at Takeshita, so just prepare your wallet and I suggest to visit WEGO which are a further way in. Because the shop is much bigger and more comfortable to shop in too.

Looks how cute and pretty are the CHOKERS!! I bought like 3-4 chokers from here.

WEGO is where you can find all the cute choker, pastel bags, and even their outfits were super cute too! But not only that they offer few really simple and minimalist design in the shop too. Even though I hope to find more Pantone color outfit during my visit in Harajuku, but it was really less and most of their clothes are suitable for autumn and really cozy outfit. 

I got my baby blue front button skirt from WEGO! They have so many colors to choose but I insist on trying the Pantone Serenity color.

The second shop of WEGO was way much bigger and more spacious to shop too! They also have the men section too. 

Paris Kid's is a must visit place too if you are a accessories lover! They offer buy 3 and buy 5 for how many yen which I can't recall. But the offer is really so tempting, ended up buying few pairs of earrings and shoe laces. 

The choices of earrings, hair clips, hair bands are simply too many that I can't even decide on how many pairs I should get! The design is so pretty with really high-quality material too.

Beside WEGO, there are also Spins at Takeshita too! Be aware because their shops are way too nice to shop. Their item is even more Harajuku and cute style compares to WEGO. Frankly speaking, I didn't really notice this store because it was on the second floor where you need walk up to a small shopping buidling. I don't remember which building name already.

Spins style is very colorful and daring Harajuku style. It was hard to find an outfit that is black or dark color. They have everything so colorful and vibrant. 

In Japan stores, they already get used to selling USED products in their stores too. Just feel free to check the corner out too because you might find some cheap treasure item in the corner too.

The choker is just everywhere when you visit Takeshita. I'm pretty much a choker lover, it was really hard to resist all these cute pastel chokers.

There are two sides of Spins to shop, one is the hipster colorful style and another side is all pastel cute style! I got my heart shaped pink top from here, matchy-matchy with my baby blue skirt from WEGO.

The style is more girly and cute too! In Japan, they are really into BFF Outfits that's why in most of the stores they like to do matching outfit too.

Moving on, I will share some of my favorite outfit pieces shot I take during my shopping time at Takeshita.

During this chilling season, they sell a lot of sweatshirts which are in pastel. Is just that I can't wear it at Malaysia.

Vintage Wash out Denim Jacket.

Cartoon Tote Bag.

There are also a lot of funky, simple and Japanese shoe style too.

Manage to meet some really Harajuku Style Fashion.

Totti Candy Factory!

The queue for Totti Candy Factory is always long! Love this pastel Cotton Candy. Not quite recommended but if you wish to try and take pretty photos of this cotton candy just go ahead.

Apparently, you can find the Line Store here at Harajuku too! It was slightly further away from Takeshita, but it was really easy to look for it too.

Seeing all the Brown and Cony merchandise is making me so happy and excited too! I did manage to grab some merchandise here too.

Must take a group photo with Line Friends.

Huge Brown sitting here too.

Hey, Brown Light!

Not quite a big Line Store to visit but I was really happy to be able to drop by too since I love Brown x Cony so much.

That's all for my really short and quick update post on what to SHOP and VISIT at Harajuku! Hope you guys like it! The overall shopping experience at Harajuku is way more fun that I could imagine. I wish to spend more time here because Harajuku too has a lot of shopping complex and places to visit too.

They have lots of yummy food stall to visit too but due to the crowds and queue are always long. Which I don't want to spend too much time on that too. I would definitely recommend you to visit here if you are a Harajuku Fashion Lover, or a Fan for Japanese Clothes and Accessories like me. 

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Till Then.

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  1. that Meiji Shrine is one of my favorite places in tokyo.. loved it there... reading this brings back memories...

  2. WEGO is just my kind of store to shop in. I have a fear that I would bust my budget should I step into the store! And the Line store!

  3. owhh, it seems you have a great fun there.
    The cotton candy is not that nice is it? cause im planning to give it a try when im going there.

    1. Is nice! But I feel that's nothing really hype about XD

  4. That is one detail travel blogpost that you have shared! And my oh my Takeshita Dori was very crowded!

  5. so much fun in Japan!
    I love the stuff they sell at Takeshita Dori!

  6. Wow a girl can go mad shopping over here! So many choices and love all the colours and shades available..

  7. Super loving your blink cute...and I need to go to Takeshita to get me some of those chokers....

  8. looking at all your photos, i miss to shop in shinjuku...huhuhuuh

  9. Oh wow all the pics are amazing darling
    I love it the Harajuku pics are super kawaii
    That cotton candy is lovely

  10. wow so many nice pics there! Pretty oh

  11. Wow~ I love to visit Harajuku! Changed new layout huh dear? =D

  12. I wanna cry! Went to Harajuku last year but was late and it was raining, lol. Can't shop much and too cold for me to look around. Will definitely go again next year, in warmer season.

    1. Ahhh that's really bad >.< Yeap! Another reason to visit Japan again =D

  13. awwww ... gradient tree leaves view so lovely ^^
    waiting for the day 6 photos ^^