Ohai!! Another busy week of work, I am glad that my work is back on track rather having system issues all the while. Although the workload is still heavy but compares to the peak time, this is considered much better already. Before 2017, I manage to clear my leave and plainly just eat, rest and sleep at home.

Manage to visit this newly open BANNGKOK Street food during one of my resting days, guess what this place was super near to my place. Not only that they serve really yummy Thai Food too! If you wanted to try some Authentic Thai Street food, make sure you visit BANNGKOK to enjoy yummy and delicious Thai Street Food.

I remember I use to love these Koh-Kae Coated Peanuts when I visited Bangkok. So while you waiting for food, you can enjoy these Bangkok Snacks too.

Fancy some childhood soda drink, you can also drink it at BANNGKOK too!

Thai Green Tea with Milk.

Found my favorite Thai Fish Sauce here too!

Nam Kia RM 4

Green Thai Iced Soda

Nam Daeng RM 4

Red Thai Iced Soda

 Khao Pad Thai RM9.90

Fried rice with shrimp paste, chicken, and shredded egg.

I can't believe that this Fried Rice tasted so nice! I am a fan of fried rice, so when I was enjoying this dish. I can give almost full star of this fried rice, the fragrance of the fried rice was fried evenly. Not too oily or spicy, eat it with the chicken was so perfect!

Khau Niau Kai (Pulut Ayam) RM7.90 

Comes with a plate of Thai sticky rice with a fried spiced chicken and sweet Thai chili sauce.

Never think of Chicken with Sticky rice together can be so good too! I really enjoy this combination a lot. 

Siakap Kaeng Som RM43.00

Spicy Tamarind Fish

I guess this is all our favorite!! The sauce is so appetizing, not too spicy at all. Not only that the flesh of the fish is so fresh and tender too. Highly recommend for this dish when you are here.

Mee Siam RM9.90

Fried with Fried Bihun, adding on with crispy chicken, shredded egg and tom yam broth!

You can pour out all the tom yam broth and mix together to enjoy the full aroma taste of the mee siam. The tom yam broth just spices up the whole dish together. Not spicy but full of the aroma of the tom yam broth.

Khao-Pakra Pow RM9.90

Steam rice with stirred minced chicken/beef basil leaf and fried egg.

For this meal, if you can't eat beef you can always ask to prepare with chicken too. I feel that it was really thoughtful of them to actually provide more choices of food customer that cannot eat beef.

This was also another yummy combination with this spicy chicken serving but overall was really appetizing!

Tomyam Super Banngkok RM10.90

Prepared with Chicken Fee and Chicken Wings.

I don't usually eat chicken feet or chicken wings, but I enjoy the mild tom yam soup!! I can just drink all this all soup, the taste for me was really appetizing, spicy and sour for the after taste. It was just what I love about Thai food.

Ho’ Mok Steam Seafood RM14.90

Cook with Thai Curry Paste, egg, gravy and young coconut.

The dish was served in a heated coconut. This is to bring out the sweetness and freshness of the coconut with the dish. You can find yourself indulge in this loads of fresh seafood ingredients such as Crab, Softshell fish, Squids, in Thai Curry Paste and egg gravy.

Yam Thalay RM7.90

Thai Seafood Salad

I find this cold serving salad was really yummy and appetizing! You can see that they serve with really fresh and yummy seafood too. Love how chewy the squids are and I love glass noodle too!

Pad Woon-Seng Goong RM12.90

Stir-fried Glass Noodle with tiger prawn, peanut, and sprout.

Can you see the amount of Chili Padi!! We mix up all the chilies with the glass noodle and ended up it was really spicy. However, if you are keen to go for that spicy level come and challenge this dish!

Kai Dow Kra Paw RM7.90

Fried egg and minced beef.

Another highly recommended dish too! The egg was fried perfectly with the crunchy outer and not over fried texture. Plus the beef is so yummy, and I can't believe that this combo actually can be so good and awesome. This might be the typical street food you will see in Thailand. I can say that this is the perfect dish to end of yummy food session.

Chattuchak RM9.90 

Served with ice cream, sticky rice, slices of coconut served inside a young coconut and topped with Kelantanese Jala Mas.

My first time on this desserts! I am surprised on how thin the Jalamas slices. The taste was sweet and match the ice cream perfectly. With this serving, you could easily nom all out this sweet and refreshing dessert!

Pancake Banana RM9.90

Pancake grilled with Banana fillings

So if you are not a cold desserts fan, this hot and cold pancake banana serving might be the best choice for you! I love how crispy the texture of the pancake are and with the healthy and yummy banana fillings inside, it tastes awesome! 

Not only that they actually grill the banana too that's is why it taste double the happiness with the pancake too!

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They also allowed customer to choose the spiciness level that the customer want.

Once again thanks, Chef Mus for this wonderful Bangkok street food journey in BANNGKOK. I really enjoy the meal here, and happy that I am able to enjoy this Bangkok Street food here too! 

All the price is NETT which means they didn't charge GST nor Service Charges too. What are you waiting for, with a really affordable price you are able to enjoy all these yummilicious Bangkok street food journeys in BANNGKOK! Be sure to check them out!

Opening Hours 
Mon- Thurs 12 pm - 12 am
Friday 2 pm - 2 am
Weekend 1 pm - 1 am

53300, 1-3, Jalan 1/23e, 
Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur 
Platinum Walk Setapak


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  1. Wow, this is indeed good news for me. I can finally get authentic Bangkok street food without travelling to Bangkok!

  2. have not been this city before.
    I love to eat, the food pics look so attractive!

    1. Now you can enjoy Bangkok food easily at BANNGKOK!

  3. Not a good idea to be reading this during lunch time. haha. now im craving for thai food. mmmmm

  4. For a minute there I thought you were in Thailand. I'm currently living in Thailand and I do enjoy thai cuisines, thee best food ever...

  5. The spicy tamarind fish looks sooooo good omg. But really, its the desserts that are making me drool. Need to go here next time I'm in KL!


  6. love the food here.. and I think it is pretty good value for money... Going back for more....

  7. I haven't tried Thi foods, but I guess its quite similar to other Asian foods. I'll add this to my list of restaurant to be visit soon :) Thank you!

    1. It was really authentic kind of Bangkok street food =D

  8. OMG...all these food is making my tummy super hungry...the food looks delicious!! *grabs maggi cup and cries*

    1. You gotta try this dear and price is super affordable =)

  9. So many nice feed photos. I remember eating those Koh-Kae Coated Peanuts from Thailand many years ago.

  10. I miss bangkok and thai food. Its my all time favourite cuisine.

    1. Then you should visit BANNGKOK definitely brings out the memory of Bangkok Thai food =)

  11. Wow! All the Thai foods so delicious tempting looking! Can't wait to try! Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  12. Definitely going to try this soon!
    Omg look at those foods!
    Which one is your fave?

    1. I can't really decided because all was my favorite =D