Time for a Chinese New Year dinner with family and relatives! I can't believe how fast time past and we have less than a week till Chinese New Year. Have you planned out your family dinner? Would love have something that not too heavy but is sumptuous and hearty for the whole family including elders? 

Today I will blog about a really nice and cozy restaurant at Puchong that is KungFu Steam Seafood. It was my first-time visit this restaurant, but I already loving the place and the food they serve. 

Although this was a Chinese Restaurant in town, but the interior was really classy and high class! I was in awe when I saw the interior.

Fresh seafood gets from their live aquarium just beside.

Chinese New Year decoration everywhere.

They have a total of 4 VIP Rooms for booking, 2 VIP rooms consist of Karaoke settings and the other 2 VIP rooms just mainly for dining. The price starts from RM1000 and above per room. They have 1 children room where the children can have fun in the room without running around the restaurant.

VIP Room setup.

Tools to get prep to start the meal!

鲜果老生 Fruity Lou Sang 

My first lou sang of the year!

The lou sang they offered comes in all fruits lou sang, with Apple, Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Berries and Mandarin Oranges. 

Even the topping is from dragon fruit too. Time to get all healthy during this Chinese New Year.

Hope for a prosperous and wonderful year ahead! Huat ah!

Today dining set was Set Menu B from their Chinese New Year Set Menu. During this Chinese New Year, Kungfu Steam Seafood is offering 3 set menus. The set menus starts from RM638.80++ for 6 pax to RM1,688.80++ for 10 pax. Our dining set was Set Menu B which is priced at RM1,088.80++ for 10 pax.

In here you can find many sauces all up to your liking! From really spicy sambal until the sour herb taste that you can choose. 

加拿大生蚝 Canada Oyster

Eat up some appetizer before you start this hearty meal of 10 dishes! Look at how big and fresh their oyster are, my first time slurp up such big oyster. I don't eat Oyster that is too heavy smell of oyster, I guess I learn the way to nom it. Squeeze one slice of lemon on top and slurp it all in. 

Scallop Chicken Soup

There are two options of pot you can choose to put under the steam. The first will be the chicken soup and the second will be their signature seafood porridge. 

I highly recommend going for this Signature Crab Porridge option. Bear with me until the end of the post and you will know why!

Cooking the seafood porridge in the progress!

沙白 Live Clam

We start our first dish with this fresh live clam. I love how they name this dish in their mandarin name, eat until you laugh! I love how fresh and juicy the live clam without any msg, oil, and salt added. I can really enjoy the enjoying moment when I taste this live clam. 

Tiger Prawn

See how generous the portion of the Tiger Prawn they served! Can't wait for all these prawns was cooked. Steaming time is really crucial because you have to make sure your food is cooked, not over cooked or under cooked.

We just so in awe when we saw all these fresh and cooked Tiger Prawn shown in front of us. Since I am a prawn lover, the prawn is so fresh and juicy. Their flesh is so tender and sweet, as they were just so alive in our mouth. Seriously the Best Steam Prawn I ever enjoyed!

Cooked beyond our imagination!

法国面包蟹 French Edible Crab

My first time see such huge and big crab in front of my eyes! This is the so call Frenc Edible Crab that looks like French Bread.

I get so excited when I see this is finally cooked! The waiting period during the steaming progress is somehow making us anticipate for every dish that they serve. Each time the cover was opened, we can enjoy and fall in love with the food serving.

Looks how sumptuous and plumpy this French Edible Crab are! It just makes me feel more hungry while blogging this post. I love steamed seafood even more after I taste so many fresh, sweet and juicy seafood in KungFu Steam Seafood.

当归杞子红枣蒸鸡 Herbs Steam Chicken

Love how the herbs soak into the chicken flesh, gives the chicken the sweetness of the herbs. I hate Chinese herbs and surprisingly eating this herbs steam chicken can be so refreshing and love tender flesh after it was steamed too!

鸭丝蔬菜菌  Smoke Duck with Vege

Not forget to have some vegetables to complete this hearty and healthy serving. The vegetables are so sweet and juicy. While you eat together with the smoke duck, you can taste the aftertaste of the smoke duck. Love how they cooked this combo together!

珍珠老虎斑 King Tiger Grouper

My first time taste with such tender and smooth flesh of a fish. I love that how was cooked and steamed. Any steam fish lover here? The texture of the fish was definitely surprising you, the flesh was so elastin and chewy in the same time too.

蒜香鸡丝拉面 Garlic Chicken Slice Ramen

I love the texture of the ramen which is really chewy and not too heavy taste too. Although it looks plain from the outside, but when you eat it you can taste the garlic fragrance cooked with the vegetables and chicken slice. Despite we have steamed this ramen for quite some time, I was really surprised that the taste is still so yummy!

Signature Seafood Crab Porridge

Our long waiting seafood porridge is here! Seriously my anticipation heart is no longer patient when it comes to the last dish, the fullness of the seafood essence steam throughout the process soaked into this porridge. 

I bet you never have such full of seafood essence seafood porridge before! We have Tiger Prawn, Fish, Crabs, Chicken, Clam all soaked into this small bowl of goodness. Even though I was super full with all the dish served, but this was really the Best of the Best. I highly recommend having it change to Porridge base when you dine in KungFu Steam Seafood. The aftertaste of the seafood with making you truly unforgettable. 


龙眼海底椰柠露 Sea Coconut

麻芝  Mochi

Lastly, we ended our wonderful dining experience with desserts! Simple refreshing and sweet, it gives a happy ending note for this savory feast we had at KungFu Steam Seafood.

Kungfu Steam Seafood Chinese New Year Set Menu

Set Menu A RM638.80 ++ (6 pax)
Set Menu B RM1,088.80 ++ (10 pax)
Set Menu C RM1,688.80 ++ (10 pax)

Why is the name call KungFu Steam? There are some special meaning and story for this name, People always have this wrong mindset that steam is a very simple cooking method. However to achieve and remain all the goodness of the food after steam and to make sure that every part of the food is cooked is never easy. 

In KungFu Steam, they do their best to serve the healthy and hearty food for all their customer. I can truly experience their hard works and preparation heart throughout this journey of feasting with KungFu Steam Seafood. Definitely must visit here again!

With such generous, huge and fresh amount of food, the total round up bill will be around RM100+ person which I totally think worth the price dining here during this Chinese New Year. No msg, salt, and oil, a Healthy meal for this Chinese New Yeat 2017!

No. G-13A, Jalan Puteri 7/13A,
The Cube, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +6016- 213 2828

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday 
Dinner 5pm -11pm
Lunch 11.30am-3pm | Dinner 5pm -11pm


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  1. pricing is pretty affordable at just RM100 plus perperson... for a feast of such proportions... highly recommended especially if it taste as good as it looks

  2. The seafood looks very fresh and love the kids' room! And the decor this place looks very inviting!

  3. Wahh!!! another good food hunt. I love to try their steamed crab and chicken.

  4. Hey Sharon, your post makes my lips bleeding, lol as I couldn't help but bit it while reading your hearty meal experience. Those lou sang looks divine and as pretty sure will give you and your family a prosperous days to come. And the shrimps, looks tasty!

  5. I like how they steam the prawn and some other seafood. This way you can still taste the sweetness and freshness of the seafood. Also the Yu Sheng are all fruits so healthy!

    1. No doubt that it was a healthy and hearty meal here =D

  6. the interior is surprisingly really nice and different from what i would expect from a seafood restaurant. definitely interesting meaning to their name as well!

    1. Exactly the same feeling when I first visit too =D

  7. Last year for CNY I was in London and I visited China Town and my friend from Beijing threw us a dinner party. I'm gonna miss it this year! The Lou Sang looks way too yummy!!!

    1. Yess!! Lou Sang is the best when you do it with friends!!

  8. i am a porridge lover.... and that crab porridge looks good, i can imagine the essence of crab of te porride.... And i love that lou sang with the fruits... so refreshing!

  9. I love the setting of this restaurant. And of course, this Chinese New Year menu is so delicious looking. Unfortunately, I am no where near Puchong this Chinese New Year. Will be staying put in Ipoh.

    1. Come and visit this place when you are back to KL =D

  10. Yummy! The crab porridge looks appetizing! I love how it's made fresh in front of you. Super unique!

    1. Yea! We were so exciting while waiting for the porridge =)

  11. wah so yummy the food! Too bad it's far for me sigh

  12. Oh my..I am not only loving their menu, the price for the sets but also the interior...you weren't kidding when you said it looked cozy...

  13. love the fruit lou sang, am sure it's a great way to start a feast! other seafood looks fresh and delicious too

  14. looks amazing! wanna try!