Hey guys, I am back for more Markets 21 news! I am so happy to be able to visit the first markets in 2017. As usual, I have so much fun shopping, eating and enjoying myself in this Markets 21. Since Markets 21 happen before CNY, is the best time to shop for CNY outfit too.

They have more than 80 vendors so that make sure you grab your favorite pieces for this CNY! Also, you can get 20% for all your haul in Markets 21 whenever you buy from Shopee. This somehow drives me to shop a lot in Markets 21.

Itinerary during both day of Markets 21.

They have a lot of program in Markets 21. Street Dance competition, Buyer Vs Seller Stage Challenge, and Shopee Auction.

I got 20% Off when I shop in Markets using Shopee apps too! This can helps you save more and shop more at the same time. It was really hard to resist when you saw this discount going on throughout the Markets.

Let's talk about Fashion part since I love fashion a lot! No doubt in Markets 21 you can hunt for your favorite outfit too!

Love this white bomber jacket too! Minimalism and clean style too, too bad that I might not able to take care this jacket.

So gonna check out this swimsuit store when I go Lombok soon!

Not only that, you can find your favorite cheongsam for CNY too! I already got mine, how about you?

You can also shop inside the Jaya Pop too!

It's accessories time! I am able to find a lot of affordable and exquisite accessories too. Gosh, look how pretty the accessories are.

Chokers my love!

Bags and clutches!

Manage to buy 3 pairs earrings from here. I need a pair of everyday earrings to wear.

More chokers and necklaces. Another thing I love about Markets is that you can find a lot of unique things that you can't at any place. You can surely able to find something that you like too!

I manage to resist myself to check out their stuff. Seriously it was way too cute!

Time to get your loved one Valentine's gifts.

This Lego Nametag is freaking cute! 

Check out this Bentuk-Bentuk that design and handmade their own concrete for decoration.

Manage to buy two lego shop too. Isn't it too cute to build it yourself?

Saw this cute little puppy in Markets 21 roo!

Desserts time.

I always love to check out food truck at Markets 21!

Time to get some BBQ sausages.

I am having a lot of shopping fun at Markets 21. Can't wait for the next and more Markets coming soon!

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  1. Oh it looks so fun, too bad I missed it :( Do they have this every month?

    1. Not really! But they have it every few months =D Stay tuned on my blog!

  2. The products there look affordable and nice. Will do my shopping for CNY this weekend.

  3. Yay, if I visit here I will ended up going home with no more cash in my pockets, hahaha their items are all kawaii!

  4. Such a huge bazaar Markets has grown into. I would love to head over there to browse through the many items on sale and to shop!! That's the most important. HAHAHA

  5. love fashion too! I love using shoppe too as it is a user friendly app with nice UI layouts :)

  6. Wahh. Almost like pasar malam, but so many items!

  7. Thanks for alerting me about this. The Lego is too cute! I hope to see more male products so that we can shop too.

    1. Yeap I hope they bring in more male products too!

  8. Wootz! This weekend I try to go there, see can buy some nice accessories and other stuff.

  9. Wow, so many nice clothes selling during the bazaar. Do you manage grab some nice clothes for CNY?

  10. Thank you, Sharon for featuring Bread & Butterfly in your blog! It stands true for us when we say we try to keep our pieces exclusive and unique. In 2017, we hope to keep our passion alive and strive to do better. Till the next Markets event! ^_^

  11. it is never a dull moment here at the markets... i wish i could have gone... but something pop up so i will try not to miss the next one...

    1. Aiya nevermind let's join it next time again =D

  12. Wow! What a good idea from POP and start up own business with our own hobby.

  13. Auto! I missed my chance to be there and grab something for my CNY! :( wish I will not miss the next one. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing