Here's a short update on my last post of my Japan Trip during last year Sakura Season! Although this year we didn't plan any trip because of the wedding is coming soon, I will still cherish the moment throughout this wedding preparation. And next year we can plan another sweet honeymoon trip to someway further!

Back to this short update about my trip to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo at Sunshine City. I would say that this was quite a random trip because of me myself not sure where is this located as we plan our last visit venue is at Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is a huge place to visit ya, since we have to travel to Airport in a while we didn't spend much time here but I will definitely back here again when I back to Japan. 

Since I have no idea where's Pokemon Center are, we actually asked around when we reach Ikebukuro station. Even some of the people don't know where it located, I guess it might be the way I asked haha! Luckily one of the train's officer knows and patiently show us the way to the correct exit. He's the one who tells us to follow Sunshine City sign!

Upon reaching Sunshine City, the first thing to ask is where is Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo located?

When we are closer to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, you can there's a lot of Pokemon board anywhere.

Photo with this big and wide Charizard background.

Finally, we are here! Will gonna have you guys to scroll throughout my pictorial story about what I have seen in Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo.

Get your limited Pokemon's Card collection here!

Looks at these Pokemon keychain holders! I am a sucker for everything cute especially for Baby Pokemon, super kawaii!

They come out a different edition of Pikachu base on the season in Japan! Which mean you can just collect all in a different design. I saw from one of my favorite Youtuber which always buy it when they come out with the new limited design.

You can't just ignore all of these! Ever since Pokemon Game launch, I haven't got my Lapras yet. I should have just bought this.

Mini figurine of Pokemon.

Pikachu mini figurine in different expression and what's wrong with the Ditto one so funny!

Must take a photo of my favorite Pokemon of all, Pikachu!

Basically, whenever you walk to, you can find all the Pokemon Plushie around! It hard to resist actually to not buying them because they are just too cute!

Crowds are pretty crowded on that day too. They are still lot's of Pokemon's merchandise you can get from here.

Here are some of my shameless photo with the adorable Pokemon plushies!

Not forget to take a selfie with Pikachu!!

At first, when I think of Pokemon Center, I thought it will a place to visit or take photos but turns out it was a place that sells a lot of Pokemon Merchandise! There are some big Pokemon Statue around for you to take with also ya. I bought 2 small Charmeleon and Pikachu mini figurine back to Malaysia.

And this super cute Cup Noodle! To my surprise this taste so good!! Can I have more of this!

Not only that, there are Pokemon Arcade Machine and Gachapon around as well!

That's all for my last adventure to Tokyo! Seriously miss that place a lot, really hope that I can back to this place again. I guess Japan always have this magic for you to feel wanted to visit this place again and again. I miss Sakura so much and Japan too! I will be back okay! If you wanted to read more about my Japan journey, I will put all the related link down below.

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo
Japan, 〒170-0013 Tōkyō-to, Toshima-ku, 
豊島区Higashiikebukuro, 3 Chome−3−1−2 
Sunshine City Alpa
+81 3-5927-9290

Open Daily 
10am - 8pm


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  1. Early congratulations for your coming wedding! :D
    Oh i miss Japan too T_T I'll make sure to visit this pokemon center when i'm back in Japan!

  2. Hello dear,

    how much you spend for the whole trip per person?? :)


    1. Its depend actually! For me since I love shopping alot, I personally bring 5K for personal use+food+transport and My bf only bring around 3K ya!

  3. Thank god you managed to find Pokemon Center. I know how it is not being able to find a place that we so want to visit. How disappointed it would be!

    1. Yes exactly!! It was hard at first but things started to get easy when we saw the signboard! hehe

  4. nice post, love your blog :)

  5. By looking at these pictures I feel like a kid again. It looks really fun. I wonder if you can capture any Pokemon with you Pokemon GO there.

  6. ohhh my am jealous! Every Pokemon Go hunters MUST STOP BY here! And get those adorable keychains :)

  7. OMG my kids would LOVE this!!! It's definitely making it on the list for when we're headed there one day!


  8. omg the place is awesome babe XD
    I want all of the merchandise hahha.
    and of course wanna try the cup noodle too >3<)/// so cuteeee

  9. Wow! So nice this place in Tokyo! Wish I can be there to try the Pokémon me in cup too 1 day ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. Wow I wish to go there next week, I am going to Tokyo this month.

  11. OMG!
    I know a friend of mine will go crazy, over the top if I were to him here!
    I wonder about the price of the merchandise.

    1. Go there and explore it Rawlins maybe ask your friend visit here also! haha

  12. why u no bring meeeeee! hahhaa, such an enjoyable experience weh.

  13. wow such a cool place in Japan. Pokémon fans would surely visit it hehe

  14. I remember going there too! Ahhh memoriesss

  15. OMG this s so cuteeee! I have one of their merchandise from my Japanese friend but I still wish to visit there by myself one day ><

  16. Hmm..i have forgotten to buy the pikachu noodle cup ..omg!! So Sad!!