It's been a while since I update some beauty updates here. Today I will gonna blog about Nude makeup products. I believe that no makeup look is still in the uptrend right now, but how do achieve this no makeup look. Here are some few makeup products which I highly recommend for all beginners and you can easily achieve the no makeup look that you want!

All-in-One: Concealer, Foundation, Highlighter, Touch Up Too. Features a chubby propel/repel stick.

Let's talk about concealer first, firstly to achieve this no makeup makeup look I personally agree to start with a concealer. First, you don't want to have a thick and heavy foundation base on your face. Therefore concealer is a really good alternative for you to use to cover the blemishes and spots that you want to hide from.

Physician Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick comes in a really beautiful nude shade that matches your skin. In the center of this glow stick, it has some brightening application which it can easily absorb and easily blend to your skin tone. 

Even the packaging which is extremely cute with a ribbon bow at the cover of the glow stick! I can't scream of cuteness inside my heart when I first saw this packaging.

The first class issues that face by me is

1. Uneven Skin tone of the Cheek area
2. Dark eye circle
3. Smudges of Lip Stain
4. Pimple scar 

Ta dang! Everything is cover up and you can just proceed with blending using your hand or beauty blender.

The small stick even looks like a lipstick for me.

Slowly blend, blend, and blend ahead until the concealer nicely sits on your blemish area. The texture is really easy to blend and glide on as it comes with this easy-to-use and glide-on formula to help erase the appearance of imperfections and restore the glow of natural, naked skin instantly. 

That's all for the base. I love this glow stick is that I can not only use as a concealer but I love how it can achieve natural glow after you apply too. Everything blends effortlessly to provide a long lasting natural finish.

After applying concealer on your face, I will move on eyeshadow → blusher → contour my face. To achieve all of these steps, I simply need only this two products from Physician Formula.

Another cute ribbon bow on the top of the product! Plus it was in 3D too.

Since my photo is edited, you can refer to the color of the product from their official website which the color are more to really a sweet light pinkish collection.

What I love about this product is they have front and back compact opening!! The front part where is the color you can apply with, the back opening was in a mirror and a small brush that you will need to use when applying the product. How convenient is that har!

The 1st color I apply all over my eyelids as a base.
3rd and 4th color as the transition of my eyeshadow.
2nd is the crease color which I apply to create dimension on my eye.

Whereas the brush where you can apply the blushes color all over your cheek!

Whereas the shade of this bronzer is more on nudes and browns. Both products formulas are able to deliver a Beautiful Bare Skin Effect & Skin-Glowing Finish. Airy formulas are infused with a natural extract that allows skin to breathe, as if completely "in the nude". 

Mirror and Brush included.

Close details on the product texture which are really pretty, not the glossy and cheap material type. Although it looks bulky since its thick, however I feel that this was a really convenient casing which consists of all the color I need and brush and mirror too!

Next, let's hope into contouring too!

The 1st color will be as a highlight on my face.
2nd and 3rd color can be brightener color on your skin base on the skin tone you had.
4th color will be the bronzer color I need!

Simply achieve this no makeup makeup look with all the product from Physician Formula. I love that both of the palettes comes in really pretty blushing shades that helps brighten and enhance skin tone while adding a touch of naturally radiant color. You Can Easily Look Flawless Without Looking Made Up!

Some of the area for you to apply blusher, bronzer, and highlighter.

Orange: Bronzer
Grey: Highlight
Pink: Blusher

That's all for my short review, I hope that you guys can love this product as much as I do. I can't really say that the color is really pigmented since the formula is pretty light. However, for me who love natural and no makeup makeup look, these products are working just fine. If you prefer the dramatic look, these might be not the option you looking for. But I believe for the glow stick, it might be a good investment as the coverage are pretty much up to standard.

Tell me which is your favorite?

All of the products are available at Watsons and Guardian Malaysia.  

Till Then.

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  1. I love their glow stick, it very handy and multi-purposes. The most important it does not look cakey at all.

  2. I love nude shades for the no makeup makeup effect. Haven't tried Physician Formula before but this is a good lure to start!

  3. wow looks good, no try this brand before.
    shall check out the outlets soon.

  4. very detailed here. Love the packaging a lot! So beautiful right

  5. i think i should share this with my little sister :D

  6. WAO.... great tips babe and I learn a lot from here too.. I am gotta try out your suggestion of colors today. ^^

  7. Good products if I want that no makeup makeup look. The formula is quite light for the eyeshadow while the blusher and contour are more visible on you.

    1. Yes! The formula are pretty light that is why is perfect to achieve this No makeup makeup look!

  8. it is so pretty and you are so good at making up.. i do not know how to use this... hahahaha

  9. I guess if the pigmentation and fomula is pretty light then it will be perfect for a no make-up, make -up look!

    1. Yes! The formula are pretty light and natural =)

  10. Pretty neat and handy products here. I think this may conclude all the items needed to look pretty on the go.

  11. Physicians Formula packaging is always a killer. I've a couple of product by them. And omg that glow stick... gotta try it soon!

    much love... GreenStory

  12. The Nude product range looks really promising. Have never used this range, but will try out as they look good.

  13. I like this newest nude collection. Its the kind of shades that my Dada prefers me to wear :)

  14. Wow!you review so detail! I'm not a make up master, i feel very challenge!