Hello guys! Time to do a hair update for my hair, this time round I visited Jeff Lee The Hair Company as they offer 20% off for all hair coloring services! Having discount hair for hairdo definitely is a bonus marking for my current hairdo progress. Just read on in this post to see what hair color have I choose in Jeff Lee The Hair Company.

Not only that if you get hair coloring + hair treatment together you can easily get 25% off for both of the services together too!

I visited JeffLee The Hair Company which are located at Damansara Uptown branch.

In Jeff Lee, they offer a lot of hair color for you to choose! You can also choose coloring which is for short term or long term too. Since I am going to beach real soon, I decide to go for a short-term hair color. If you like to be adventurous changing color every month, Jeff Lee The Hair Company might be the best hair salon you can opt for!

Really had a hard time to choose the color that I really like.

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Upon choosing the color that I want, Jeff Lee will help to mix and match the color.

My current hair color state, which looks rather not pleasant. Dryness and frizziness due to the previous bleaching. Uneven color using silver shampoo, all lead to an unhealthy hair style that I have.

Time to start my hair coloring process.

Let's start the coloring process. Since my hair has been bleached previously, I did not go for bleaching again. 

I didn't really decide on the color but just wanted to go for purple. Jeff Lee helps me to mix a darker blueish purple on my outer hair, as for the inner hair he chooses more vibrant purple color for my hair. Can't wait for the results of my hair color!

After hair coloring is time for treatment. It was my first time enjoying this Korean Hair Treatment only at JeffLee The Hair Company! Their Korean Hair Treatment is the most comfortable and enjoyable hair treatment ever. You get to lay flat on their bed and enjoying hair and shoulder massage while doing hair treatment for your hair.

My first time doing hair treatment in lay flat position. 

Enjoying my hair treatment cum hair massage only at JeffLee The Hair Company. Can't really telling you guys how much I enjoy this session, almost fall asleep during this session too. 

Using the moisturizing series during my hair treatment process. This is because hair bleaching may cause hair frizziness and dryness. I am happy that not only I can enjoy coloring my hair but also able to have my hair fully taken care by JeffLee The Hair Company too.

After hair treatment and hair blowing.

My beautiful hair color from the side and back view.

Curly hair mode on!

Here's my after hair color look, loving this super vibrant purple color shine on my hair. I got back my healthy and colorful hair after for so long.  Not really get use to it with this curl look, but somehow I love it being different than my usual look. 

I can't believe that the color is super shine and bright too! Loving the volume and how light my hair after the hair coloring and treatment process. Say hello to my purple hair now!

Photo with Jeff Lee. Thanks for the beautiful color that he suggested. It brings back my healthy hair and colorful hair back. Definitely will back to visit JeffLee The Hair Company again.

Overall experience at JeffLee The Hair Company was really pleasant. I love how the color turns out and kinda missing their Korean Hair Spa Treatment too.

Do remember to visit them before end of April to get 20% off for hair coloring services. If you go for their additional services with hair treatment, you can easily enjoy total 25% off!

JeffLee The Hair Company


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  1. Colouring your hair seems like a lot of fun. I have never tried it. I don't really know what colour to pick. I might try red.

    Nice purple hair by the way.

  2. Your Last picture really show the beauty of your new hair color. Neat salon, good service

  3. The saloon looks so modern in their interior design. I love it ! But its too far from Penang where I live now. Wish could visit some day :)

    1. Yes I really love their interior!! Super cozy too!

  4. I love the color! I wish I can color my hair too

  5. You look like a cosplay girl now, with real hair! The vibrant purple really shines.

  6. Wow.... you are so adventurous with hair colors nowadays. Nice purple, babe!

  7. Its a dramatic change to purple. But i persoanlly it makes u look modern n chic. Reminded me of india from ANTM cycle 23 winner.

  8. I love your hair colour!!! Should go and visit this salon!

  9. i definitely love your hair and with the promo, I think I will check it out... need some new colour to brighten my life

  10. looks good on you the color. I wanna do ombre for my hair.

  11. so long didnt color my hair..thats purple color is my favorite ever color too!

  12. Love your hair color! Look nice on you :)