My first time trying Fruideday Healthy Water! I always heard a lot of good review on dried fruits water, it looks so pretty too whenever I saw people enjoying their dried fruits in their water bottle. Finally, I am able to try dried fruits myself, thanks to Fruideday! 

Some of the benefits you should know from drinking Fruideday Healthy Water, FruideDay pick the most organic and healthy fruits to start with! They clean the fruits with organic and fruits wash to wash away the chemical on the fruits, the fruits next go through the process of low heat blow dry for about 15++ hours, this is to conceal the nutrients and fiber in the fruits throughout the process.

They come in a beautiful conceal paper packaging.When I first receive it, I feel so much love and care from Fruideday.

This Fruideday Healthy packet is designed in 7 Day Fruideday Water Programme. Each of the full packet come in 1 pack of Chia seeds and Honey too. Each small packet of Fruideday Healthy Water has their own functions and benefit to our body. You can plan on which day to drink on for each pack.

Kiwi + Apple + Lemon - Help Brightening and Reduce dark spots
Strawberry + Kiwi + Orange - Increase Appetite and Boost Skin Complexion
Dragon Fruit + Pineapple - Help to reduce body water retention and anti oxidize
Blueberry + Strawberry - Help prevent anemia and Improve eyesight
Pineapple + Apple + Lime - Mood Bosting
Apple + Honey - Low cholesterol blood pressure
Dragon Fruit + Orange + Red Apple + Green Apple - Increase body immune system

How to drink it the healthier way!

1. If you wanted to drink it via water bottle, you can cut or fold the dry fruits to the appropriate size and mix it with your water bottle.

2. If you prefer to have a heavier taste of the dried fruit with your water bottle, you can cut/fold and soak the dried fruit in a cup of water for around 10 minutes. Next, you can pour it into your water bottle.

3. You can enjoy it with luke water or cold water, place it or put in refrigerator for around 30 to 40 minutes. You can even DIY your own healthy taste by adding chia seed, honey or sugar too!

I love how Fruideday pack each of the dry fruits each in different small pack. Which you can easily bring this small pack of goodness out to work, school day and even to gym day too. Small Packet and is easily fit into your bag or even small purse.

I even bring along my Beauty and the Beast transparent bottle with me so that I can take pretty photo of the dried fruit inside the bottle!

Overall experience have been really great for me, I been loving to drink my water with the dried fruit pack. Although the water do not have a really heavy taste of fruit, but I like the light sweet flavor of the fruits mix with water. It just boost up my mood for theday and I will drink water more often too after I try it with Fruideday. 

All the dried fruits are made of 100% pure fruits without artificial ingredients, colouring and extra sugar! Each of the Fruideday packet can keep for 30 days in house temperature. If you put in refrigerator, it can keep for up to 2 months. Is not advisable to mix Fruideday dry fruit pack with hot water this is due to the hot temperature with clear away the vitamins and nutrients.

7 Days Fruideday Dried Fruit Health Water Pack RM33.90
14 Days 7 Days Fruideday Dried Fruit Health Water Pack RM69.90
7 Days Fruideday Dried Fruit Health Water Pack + Transparent Waterbottle RM48.90
14 Days Fruideday Dried Fruit Health Water Pack + Transparent Waterbottle RM70.90

From now they are having promotion, for any first timer customer that take photos with Fruideday products, you can get RM5 off for next purchase.

I believe you guys have noted on my giveaway notice in the start of my post! I am giving away 2 packs of 7 Days Fruideday Dried Fruit Health Water Pack, simply by just:

2. Share my post and tag my page @Snowman1314.
3. Comment in my post "Drink More Water with Fruideday!" and followed by tagging 2 friends in your comment.
4. Finger crossed and wait for the good news.

Giveaway runs till 15th May 2017 and open only to legal Malaysia resident. 2 winner who has completed the giveaway steps as per above will be contacted latest by 18th May 2017.

Good Luck to all who join!


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  1. YOUR BOTTLE SO PRETTY! T.T I also want. huhu. But on a side note, would love to join your giveaway. Time to try my luck. HEHE

  2. 1st time to see this. Shall try my luck on this contest, heading to the links now :D

  3. Woah. Such a healthy giveaway! Good luck to all the participants.

  4. :O put into our drinks?! wow!

    anyway hello snowman! long time didn't visit here. :D


    1. Hii Henry!! Yes put and soak into your drinks XD

  5. think i saw this somewhere. gotta try this

  6. I have been buying dried fruits online since discovering them one day while shopping in KL. Haven't heard of Fruideday yet but would love to try them.

    1. Yea!! Convenient packet to bring around too =)

  7. I've tried the fruit tea and I can say that I love the fruit version than the flower one. Gonna ask you, where did you get the Beauty and the Beast bottle? Looks so cool.

  8. how can I know if I am a legal Malaysian or not... hehehe... just kidding jangan marah... fruideday seems interesting... all the best to all

  9. I like dried fruits, will check out this brand, thanks for sharing :)

  10. I am yet to try them out. but I bed they must be very nice

  11. I heard so many positive comments regarding this product. I wish they extend their market here in the Philippines.

  12. Dried fruit also is my favourite. It's so good to ready with mixed fruits/ recipe, save my time to do my own "experiment" on mix and match.

  13. If I have these dried fruit in my water, I will surely drink more water. Good to know about Fruideday.

    1. Me too! surprisingly I would drink more water compare to other days =)