Ohai I am back recently caught up with a busy life and this time round I will blog about a website that just newly launched which is the Lightbulb Apparel. Lightbulb Apparel Co-Founder Dexter Cheong has unveiled the vision of "Lightbulb Online" and the experience of bringing alive the online t-shirt platform.

If you wish to customize your t-shirt and you don't know where to start, you can always visit their website and scroll through the clipart, font, the design that you want. You easily achieve and actually do your own customized t-shirt too. What if I just need 1 customized t-shirt is it acceptable? is it okay?

Everything that you concern Lightbulb Online can help to solve it!

Lightbulb Apparel is established apparel company making personalized t-shirts and uniforms for organizations and corporations with no minimum order quantities. Their clients include The Body Shop, Fitness First, KPMG, Tupperware, Petronas, Michelin Malaysia.

During the launching event, we are lucky to see how the printing works for the t-shirt and able to fully utilize how Lightbulb Online works online.

We are able to see how the normal and basic printing on the t-shirt are. They are even few types of printing material for us to choose. I am really in a dilemma when I see the different materials, sizes and even design of the clipart I wanted. I spend the time to discuss and decide which design I want for my first own customized design.

Congrats on Lightbulb Online official launch!

Specializing in t-shirt design, printing, and manufacturing, Lightbulb Apparel has finally moved on to the next level of offering customized printed t-shirts. Realizing that there was a need for small quantity production where most t-shirt manufacturers are unwilling to help out. Lightbulb Apparel's graphic design and web development team have worked hard to create this platform.

Effective today, anyone with a phone, tablet or personal computer will have the convenience of easily designing, ordering and paying for their designed t-shirts. Users will have the ability to add text, add clipart designs, and uploading their own images on digital t-shirts. This gives all the users the ultimate experience to see how their shirt will look like before actually making a purchase.

Here's the machine go mark on the design you want on the material paper.

Upon reaching this steps, is where the design you want to be printed on the material itself and time to move on the iron/printing process on your t-shirt!

Adjusting and measuring the accurate measurement to ensure that customized logo will be stamped in the correct position that you want.

This process needed only 15 seconds ++ and you can easily get your own customized simple T-shirt design! 

There you go, a beautiful customized printed logo on your T-shirt!

Here's my own DIY Customized T-Shirt with my own blog name.

Didn't do much on the detailing part. Just add one B logo as a badge of BLOGGER and I did some T-Shirt cutting to create my own design. I choose L size T-Shirt to create this boyish casual look.

As for the back design will be showing my sexy upper back. Overall the printing quality was really good and I really love the texture of this gold foil printing. Definitely gonna show off my own customized design t-shirt of my blog! If you saw this please don't forget to say hi.

 Lightbulb Online know that majority of people out there do not have knowledge of graphic design programs or have the time to look for vendors who would help provide t-shirt visuals of the final product before making a purchase. This is where Lightbulb Online is going to make a difference. They hope to give more individuals, team and organizations, the power to get the perfect t-shirt experience from the start to when they wear their shirts.

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Enjoy their video and do support their page and website for more info!

Lastly, here's a special 15% discount code for all my blog viewer/follower/friends.


Join T-Shirt Design Contest now at Lightbulb Apparel Facebook Page! Win Cash up to 100 MYR!

Till Then.


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  1. oh wow.. this is pretty awesome lah... I need my own customized t shirt also

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  5. Nice product. A good way to advertise your blog or your services/products

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    1. Definitely find some research to get the diy cutting that I want =D

  8. This is fun, customizing what you want on the t-shirt. Would love to give it a try.

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    XOXO... GreenStory

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