Renting your own place can cost you a fortune especially when you are looking for a house for rent in Singapore. Even if the rent is affordable, there are other costs that go into living on your own. The first thing you need to do is choose an affordable location in which to live. It should be near your place of employment, but even if you need to commute a bit, choose something affordable. Your job is finding one that is comfortable, fits your needs and falls within your budget. Don't hurry into any agreement if feel that the location is not suitable for your accommodation.

A good place to rent has to be two things: affordable and livable. Here's a 6-step guide on how to find a house that is both:

1. Ask the Internet for Advice

The first thing you need to get down is the quality of the rental place available in your area. If you don't know any, maybe it's time you look to the Internet and ask help from folks who live in your area. You can also use online apartment locator services that filter searches based on the features you want.

2. Stay Away From Homes Based on Perceived Value

It's easy to find a rental place with a posh living room and a kitchen island. But the thing is, do you really need those things? Is the neighborhood up to your standards? Is it a safe neighborhood to walk in at night? These are the things you must put into consideration when renting. 

3. Always Call Before Visiting

Call the landlord before making a visit and try to talk numbers. During the inspection, landlords and agents will try and win you over by pointing out the neat features of the rental place, half of which you don't need. Negotiating on the phone will give you a better idea of how much you're being obligated to pay without the eye-candy. Here’s a neat guide that can help you in the negotiation. 

4. Make a Personal Visit

These days there are so-called "virtual tours" where you get to tour the neighborhood with Google Earth. But nothing beats the real deal. Make a personal visit - more like an inspection - to the rental place to try and get a feel of the place: how's the neighborhood like, is it too hot or too cold in the area, any constant external noise you need to know about, etc.

5. Reevaluate What You Have So Far

Ensure that have time to reevaluate the shortlist of potential rental places you've compiled so far. Take note of the features offered and how much you're being asked to pay for them. It's time to make a critical decision which apartment you want to live in for the next couple months or years.

6. Leases.

The lease is a legal paper in which you have to sign when you are going to rent an apartment. It is a bond that outlines what is estimated of the landlord and you as a tenant. Carefully go through the laws and have a clear idea about what are the benefits and rights you will have as a tenant. Before you sign, understand your lease agreement. It should explain the duration of your lease, the rental rate, what will take place in case if there is a break, how many days before you have to inform in before the landlord in case of going out. 

7. Fees.

In some of the potential rental place, there is an additional collection of fees which is not included in the rent. Examples would be like for parking, gym, park, playground area, swimming pool, maintenance of pets, etc. Also make sure that before signing an agreement, you are familiar with the terms about additional fees you have to pay and what are the services that are provided by the apartment management. Beware of some hidden rental fees that might burn a hole in your wallet.

8. The Due Date for Rental Payments.

Landlords are no different regardless of their origin and locations; they enjoy receiving the rental payments on time. Make sure that you have taken care to know exactly which date your landlord expects your rental payments. A good tactic to help you remember would be to set up some reminder in your mobile phone calendar so that you don't forget to pay your rent on time.

9. Penalties for Missed or Late Rent.

Make sure that you read the lease agreements and very closely, and find out exactly what the penalties will be for missed or late rental payments. So that if a situation does arise where you cannot help but pay your rent late, you will at least know how much it will set you back.

10. Any Unusual or Unexplained Fees.

Sometimes there will be more to pay for your rental than simply the rent and utility bills. Be sure to find out what other chargeable services that are bestowed upon you. If you own a pet, for instance, you may have to pay an extra fee. If you would like to use the gym or swimming pool or other facilities, there may be extra fees that you were unaware existed. Also, find out about maintenance fees and whether you have to pay for any included housekeeping.

Time is of the essence when looking for a new place to rent. Following these tips should save you enough time and money to decide on the right place for you. 

Finally, look for places that offer discounts for different things. Some landlords provide a discount on utilities or include the payment of your rent. 

Others offer move-in specials if you sign a lease during a month that is typically slow for them. You can such for any discount because they save you lots of money if you have made the decision to commit to a certain location or for a particular amount of time. If moving in a month earlier or later than expected saves you fifty dollars a month, it is worth it in the long-run. If your job is secure and you can commit to a building for a year or more, do so to save money.


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  1. All very awesome tips. Appreciate that you have taken the time to compile them. They apply to all properties actually. Meeting a good landlord is not purely luck.

  2. Enjoying reading your article . Thanks for sharing your advise

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  3. so true, we need consider all this before renting.
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  4. I agree with the internet advice. I once was renting one dongle from an internet provider, it was so good at the town area, but when it comes to my house area, oh no, no line at all. haha

    1. Waaa!! Better to check nicely whenever we rent a place!!

  5. This is very timely as we are planning to look for another rental place. Thank you so much for the tips. Very helpful

  6. Thanks babe for the tips...this will certainly come in handy once I move out from my parents place next year...still keeping my fingers crossed that this would really happen...

  7. Agreed what you said. But hopefully I bought a house soon so I no need to rent a place anymore.

  8. Thanks for the information, will take note on that before renting.

  9. Great advice and tips. Learnt a lot.