Ohai guys, time for some travel updates! If you have been following my Instagram or any social media, you would have to know that I been to Lombok last month. A really short itinerary that I would like to share with you guys in my post. 

Btw it was my first ever girls trip with my college mates, our relationship is not too close but not too distance either. This plan was totally a random trip. Since I have not been traveling since my Japan trip, I definitely miss travel so much. 

From the left: Caroline, Trista, and Yours Truly!

On our Day 1, we took flight at 8:30 am reach Lombok around 12:30 pm. We took our lunch at the airport since I am hungry. The transport there was pretty scary especially when you are traveling there. Cab Drivers and Car Agencies were there waving hands and asking for you to be like, 'Senpai please notice me' with a pretty aggressive way.

Lucky enough we didn't encounter that crowd instead we got onto one of the cute agency that got us after we come out from the food court. We reach our Airbnb safely, it took around 1-hour journey from Lombok Airport to Senggigi our Airbnb house.

The house was really spacious and pretty too! It comes with 2 bedrooms with King Size bed, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Balcony.

We rest a while and decide to head out and explore around Senggigi. Although many would think Senggigi was the city area at Lombok, that wouldn't be my exact thought. They are still places to visit but this place is rather out more for food stores and nightlife wise. We visited the beach is just across our stay.

We head to Orchid Day's Spa for a full body back massage as well. Since we are catching the sunset at Senggigi Beach, we didn't go for the full package massages.

Check out here for more info.

Senggigi area are still more to the Kampung Malay Style lifestyle, they are more conservative and live as basic living as possible. Along passing by the Senggigi Beach, the beach is not that clean as we think as there is some area are used for local for fishing and picnic too. 

As we walk further in, there is one resort nearby which have their beach fully taken care. You can still enjoy dinner, live music and the beach view here.

We ended our dinner cravings at the Happy Cafe after we walk out from the Beach. I never know that in Lombok, the night time came so early that we think. When the clock struck 6 to 6:30 pm onwards, you can no longer see the sun and the only dark sky over the place.

Food wise was still acceptable since in Malaysia we tend to eat a lot of heavy taste food. Their food is not that heavy taste then I think it was. The salad was really nice, with the cubed cheese they mix with was really appetizing!

We start our Day 2 by renting a car and drive around Lombok Island. We only manage to go to 1 Island and Half Island for Island Hopping! The reason is that we decide to go to Pink Beach which takes about 3 hours ++ journey of driving and ended spending like 20 minutes there for taking photos.

I can't really say that it was not worth the trip, but frankly speaking might just come here once in a lifetime will be enough.

By the time we reach here, was around 2 pm - 3 pm where the sunlight is a direct hit to the sand. Therefore you can't really see the pink color sand clearly from my photo.

Pink Beach

Worth the visit?

Best time to visit will be at around evening time where the sun is not too bright. I would really say that it was a big challenge for us girls to drive there ourselves because the journey to come here is not easy!! There are 1 hour and 30 minutes journey of rocky roads, which I mean is really rocky roads. It really hits us that it was darn difficult to pass by those rock without having tire puncture half way.

Selfie before we leave!

Our Lunch at around 5:30pm at Kuta Beach. Another long journey of driving from Pink Beach to Kuta Beach. We forget that the night time at Lombok came earlier. By the time we finish our lunch + dinner, it was almost 6pm. 

Food this time was really nice! The taste was heavy enough that it keeps me appetite for food.

I would say Kuta Beach was a really nice beach to visit! I just hope that we have more daytime to explore. If we would have one more day, I will definitely back here to Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aa Beach and Mereese Hill Top. Manage to take some nice photos before we left.

If you wish to visit and wanted to know more beaches to go, you can visit here. Did I mention that our itinerary was never been planned earlier, and thanks to the blog we manage to save some place to visit here at Lombok.

Kuta Beach

We cooked our breakfast at home. We did some grocery shopping the night before. Thanks Caroline for the hearty breakfast. 

We visit Gili Island on the Day 3 of our trip! It takes around 40-45 minutes on boat travel from Senggigi to Gili. We are really blessed with a wonderful weather during our visit to Gili. I definitely love this Island a lot! Along the beaches, the sand are so pretty with the blue sky. It was a perfect relaxing moment to enjoy it!

The only transport in this Island is by Walking and Bicycle. With the only one girl that does not how to cycle, we get one 2 people bicycle and ride along the island. 

Manage to found this famous spot, but as I research there are few swings around the Island too. We chill around here where there we order drinks too. I saw there are horses riding too along the beach!!

The camera I use comes with a water fog around my camera. Therefore you can see there's some blur point on the photos I took at Gili.

Our only transport in the Island. I feel that walking was not a bad choice too, as we just manage to explore half of the island. Besides that here in Gili, there are a lot of tourists compare to Senggigi and other beaches we visit. Where I feel that staying here are way more comfortable since we have tourist to look after for. 

If you happened to visit Lombok, try to spend few days staying around Gili!

We go for Snokerlling too around Gili! Too bad that we didn't encounter any Turtle that day. Try to get a glass boat when you go for snorkeling where you can see fishes swimming under the boat. 

Our lunch at one of the Gili Island. With a package of RM 105 and no inclusive of lunch. Luckily the lunch place does serve quite yummy food here!

Lastly, we end our last night at Warung Paradiso! The food was really yummy and appetizing too. I can't agree that it tastes really good and comes in affordable price too. Highly recommend to visit here, try to be here early to enjoy the beach and sea while you eating too.

It was a really enjoyable dinner beside the beach and great food at Warung Paradiso.

Check out here for more info.

Since our flight was at 12 pm, after breakfast we packed our luggage and call a cab to bring us to the airport. 

Day 1 (Half Day)
Reach Lombok 
Senggigi Airbnb
Orchid Spa
Senggigi Town and Beach

Day 2
Pink Beach
Kuta Beach
(Beach Hopping)

Day 3
Gili Trawangan

Day 4
Back to KL

Flight - RM300++ 
Accomodation + Luggage - RM300++
Tour - RM109
Car Rental - RM30
Personal Use - RM600++

Total per person RM1300

Blue Bird was their main cab service line. You can always call their number and they will come to your place. It was like our grab or uber, upon booking you will need to pay extra charges too.

Variety of food around Lombok. Must try their local food such as Warung Paradiso.

Gili Tour - Perama Tour & Travel +62 361 751875 | 751551 
Email: info@peramatour.com
Website: www.peramatour.com

Car Rental - Lauren +62 878 84736 614

Pocket Wifi
Read here for more info

I believe in the future I will definitely back here to Lombok! There are so many places I have yet explore, there's so many beauty that I haven't been seen before. I will definitely recommend travel to Lombok to have a chill and relax getaway from the busy life we have.

Till Then my next travel.

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