Can't wait to share this foodie place that I had the chance try it on the last Saturday!! It's been a while since I joined The Butterfly Project gang since the last Birthday Party on May. This time around we managed to have a short gathering with all the Butterflies again at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, Ecurve. It was my first time dining here and I can't believe that I never tried their food before. 

The dining space at the Ecurve branch is way so huge and spacious. This whole area of seating can fit up to 200 pax in Pak John Steamboat & BBQ.

Over here is the all the choices of food that you can choose and dine in. You can pick all the frozen food, vegetables, and fruits in this corner.


If you are too hungry to wait for food to cook for steamboat or BBQ, there are cooked food in this corner for you to eat while waiting for steamboat and BBQ too. I was surprised that they serve dim sum here too.

I like that they offer a few varieties of soups!! I've enjoyed most of their soup such as their chicken, miso and tom yam flavor which are my Top 3 favorite flavors for now. 

There's few premium BBQ that you must try here at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ. You may order through the counter. These premium BBQ slices are not sliced ready as the other frozen food in the frozen counter.  When you order through the counter, they slice on the spot for you to ensure the freshness of the BBQ slice. 

Not only that you are able to enjoy all their dishes but also there are desserts for you to enjoy after a meal. Waffle in Pak John is so delicious, where most of us order 2nd serving of the waffle. There is also ice cream too!!

I am definitely a sauce lover. By seeing all these varieties of sauce makes me super excited. I've enjoyed most of the sauce here.  Their Thai and spicy sauce is a must try. Since there are so many sauces here you can alway mix the sauce to your own reference. 

All the food are ready for Steamboat and BBQ!! 

Having fun time eating and cooking with The Butterflies. I enjoy my BBQ time here with all the fresh and delicious food here at Pak John. 

I highly highly recommend that you must try the LAMB slice here!!  Sooooo damn good as I finish up few plates of Lamb Slices for lunch. Cooking is definitely not my always to do,  however, BBQ here is way easier and fun here at Pak John. 

Look at that BBQ Meat on the BBQ Grill Pan!

We enjoyed our soup a lot.  Hmm yum yum, all the frozen food are fresh and delicious. 

We manage to finish all our food here within 30 minutes.  Don't worry as dining here free and easy as there's no time limit here. 

Our gang here enjoying the makan-makan session at Pak John Steamboat and BBQ. 

Must try WAFFLE!!!!  You can customize your own waffle with ice-cream and toppings too. Their waffle is crispy outer and soft texture inner too. Try eat it with Ice-cream, you can enjoy the hot and cold texture while you eat. 

My food coma looks after the makan session with the Butterfly gang. Scroll through for more selfies and group photos with all the beautiful butterflies.


It's been a while since my last gathering with all lovelies butterflies!

Thanks, CS Chong for hosting and letting us enjoy this yummy makan session at Pak John.

End my post with some of my favorite girls.

Here's the price list for those who wanted to dine in Pak John Steam Steamboat & BBQ! Definitely worth the visit and dining session here.

For more details

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ
2, Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara, 47820 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7733 3913


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  1. Such a fun gathering, but then again butterfly events are always better then anything else...

    1. I agree! Always looking forward for each of their event haha

  2. I can't believe my eyes when I see the buffet counter, so huge & even the selection of meats impressed me.
    Sure you had a great time there.


  3. I was away during this event. I wish to attend this too.

  4. The amount food is seriously a lot! If only I could join :/ You guys looked like you all had a great time!

  5. This steamboat is so affordable and they have such a large variety of food as well!

  6. Oh my these foods are looks delicious. I would feel in heaven when I tasted their special dishes, and no thinking of dieting.

  7. My children favourite place to dine-in. Maybe because at here, they can cook their own food instead.

  8. Drooling after look at the pictures. Is was fun having buffet steamboat at Pak John Steamboat.

  9. Yummy, looks so good! Would love to try sometime!

  10. the food looks so tempting especially the waffle!!!!!

  11. Pak John sounds so familiar but I don't think I have eaten there before. Do they have branches? Anyway, what a great time you guys had.

    1. Yes they did! but I think the brand here are the biggest!

  12. Awww such a great makan makan session, I love their steamboat also.