Cho Cha in Mandarin means back to basic for Cho and Cha means tea. When I first saw this cafe in Instagram, I was attracted to it old classic wood deco in the cafe. It was definitely an Instagram worthy cafe to drop by in KL.

Cafe hopping become my one of my favorite activities with my hubby when I have no event or review to attend during the weekend. It was really fun exploring cafe and spend time together for the whole afternoon enjoying the ambiance of the cafe.

I visit here for my shoot and you can read more about my outfit shoot here.

Love this corner of the old window pattern that you will see it at your grandmother house.

As usual, I love to capture the light setting whenever I visit any cafes. Creative light bulb hanging.

When we first reach cho cha, the store does not have attractive front door design. It was an old rusty window and the wall is full of mini tiles. Back to old days, you will see this in 80's movie or drama.

Biang Biang Inspired Noodle RM 18

Prepared with their house made fat noodle. Mixed spice, Szechuan Chili oil and top with toasted peanut and seasoned soy vinaigrette. 

Skip those basil and coriander the overall serving was really unique and taste great. I love the texture of the toasted peanuts and their hand made noodle which made a great combination while you enjoying this Biang Biang Inspired Noodle at Chocha.

Aglio Olio Duck RM 24

Prepared with Housemade Noodle, added with some spiced duck confit, garlic confit, thai basil, and lemongrass.

As you can see their food are always served with spice! Which it was one of their signature way of preparing and serving their dish. All the dish are appetizing and if you are not good in handling spicy, just watch out. Overall duck confit was cooked well and taste are absolutely thumbs up!

Crispy Chili Squid RM 24

Deep fried fresh squid served with cajun spice, grilled lemon, and nuom cham dressing.

One of the must try snack when you dine in here! I love this so much, the fresh squid which is crispy on the outer and fresh chewy on the inside. It was really refreshing to eat it! Dip it with the nuom cham dressing, with a little squeeze of the lime. Your overall taste bud will be awakened, sour and spicy combination! 

Our Food of the Day.

Even our order number is so artistic and creative!

Overall ambiance was really up to my liking. Fusion and Creative dining experience, with back to 80's memory in the cafe. I will definitely back here again to eat again their Crispy Chili Squid.

Chocha Foodstore
156, Jalan Petaling, City Centre, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

03-2022 1100



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  1. wow.... that fried squid is really mouthwatering.... wow...! and the cafe look really nice and hipster.. love to give it a try..

  2. I really wanna try that Chilli Squid. The interior look unique too.

  3. I love the interior of the cafe. It looks rustic and chill. The food looks good too. This place worth a try I guess.

  4. This ol' skool style is really the trend these days. I'd love to come by Cho Cha as well. One day, when I have time to spare in KL!

  5. This is a very pretty place.. I want to go see also... And Love your outfit....

  6. I love cafe hopping too during weekend in Penang ;)

  7. The order number looks really cool...and yes this place really looks good for a photography session...but the price would definitely kill my wallet..T.T

  8. looks like very delicious. but I seldom go that area coz car parks not many

  9. nice environment..and that squids looks delicious

  10. chrispy chili squid looks so good! i wish to try it one day in malaysia~ -Joysofyz

  11. Whoa.. It is an IG worthy. Fyi, cha in Thai also means Tea :)