Vehicle emissions, smoke, and dust are all pollutants that we are exposed to daily. With our skin being the outermost barrier, it is damage-prone with constant exposure to pollutants and UV. Pollutants have minute particles that are tiny enough to penetrate the skin resulting in various skin problems that include premature aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dullness. In addition to the effects of pollutants, excessive exposure to the UV rays can worsen skin conditions and accelerate premature aging. 

In this post, I will introduce this Sunplay Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++. This is the sunscreen made to defend against UV rays, free radicals, and pollution!

Packaging and Texture

 Sunplay Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ comes in light yellow packaging and total of 110 gram. It comes with really user-friendly packaging and squeeze head. You can easily squeeze out the mild gel on your hand and apply it on your hand or body.

Main Ingredients

The Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel is formulated with three moisturizing ingredients i.e. hyaluronic acid, amino acids and a collagen blend that functions to keep the skin moisturized and prevents it from premature aging. 

The Skin Aqua Mild Gel is free from fragrance, colorants, alcohol and mineral oil. It is gentle on the skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

It has a super light and watery texture that makes it comfortable for everyday use on both face and body. It also comes with SPF30 PA +++, offering a broad spectrum of protection against UV rays. 

Looks at how watery the texture is where it glides through the hand when we just applying on hand!

Overall verdict

This product has really amazed me in many ways where I used to use sticky and rich sunblock for my skin. With it mild gel formula, the products glide easily on my skin and quickly absorb into my skin too. If you hate sticky and rich creamy texture of sunblock on your skin, you may want to try out this Sunplay Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF 30PA+++ out!

The Good
Lightweight Texture
Smooth Application
Quick Absorb
Not creamy
Gel Type
Medium Packaging

Will I repurchase?
Yes, I will! I do hope they can come out a new formula of sunscreen which is more lightweight and easy to absorbs into your skin. This product is really great for those who have oily and combination skin.

Where to buy?
Let's start protecting your skin from air pollutants and UV rays today with the Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA+++ 110gm which is available exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide at RM40.

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*Even though products were sent for review purpose, however it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.


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  1. Oh yes. Gonna buy that for my next trip to Siem Reap next week! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. A good sun screen is the basis for great skin and less photoaging

  3. Sis pun tak suka produk yg melekit, nanti bolehlah sis cuba pulak this produk, thanks ya for sharing

  4. Wow is this available in Watson's? I want to try as well! Though for instant sight, it does looks like a Bioré bottle. Thanks for another tips Sharon!

  5. this is good for indoor use but Malaysia so hot.. i suggest spf50++ is the best. they have it? if yes I wanna buy!!

    1. I also will opt for 50spf if they really have it! hahaha

  6. I rarely use sunblock because they usually are heavy, sticky and smells like chemical. LOL Been looking for something light. Maybe I should try this gel.

  7. My skin is so sensitive when expose to the sun. Easily get burn. I need to try the product to protect that. Nice info

    1. If that the case, you should always apply screenshot ya!

  8. my girl and I love this product... it is so lightweight and great for sun protection

  9. This looks like a good recommendation since I hate sticky feeling, made me feel uncomfortable the whole day >.<

  10. Sounds awesome! i have yet to try this out as well. I love how soft and gentle it looks on the skin, leaving a very natural look