Anyone here has never try Spanish Food before? My first experience of Spanish Food is at La Fiesta, Sky Avenue Genting Highland. The overall experience and food tasting are so pleasant and enjoyable. I didn't put high hopes on it because I do not know what to expect when I first dining here at La Fiesta. But after enjoying my first Spanish Meal experience here, it totally blows out my mind and taste bud. Because it was so worth it and really delicious too!

La Fiesta is a little piece of Barcelona is definitely gonna set to become one of Malaysia's more notable Spanish restaurants! The menu which offers every robust, flavorful, and memorable aspect of the country.

La Fiesta is designed in traditional Catalan eatery style, with tiled arches, and earthy palette and muted lighting with 85 seating capacity in the restaurant. The open kitchen which greets guest takes center stage, and it is from here that some of Spain's signature flavors emerge.

Spanish Iberico Pig Leg.

The Iberico pig is a rare breed, found only in Spain, which can trace its ancestry back to cavemen of the Iberian Peninsula. They are prized for their heavily-marbled meat which is made into the renowned Iberico ham. The rich and nutty flavor of its pork, which is a result of its acorn-rich diet. Fittingly, you can find and enjoy the best of Iberico ham (Jamon) at La Fiesta!

We are served with the famous Sangrias at La Fiesta. There is a whole range of extensive drinks and cocktail selection, as well as sangria, punches, craft beers and artisanal tonics and sodas.

We are honored also to have Isaac, the manager of La Fiesta present the flaming Sangria for us. This Sangria which is Spanish wine mixed with many different types of fruits such as apples, peaches, oranges, melons, and also pears. Sangria also means blood in Spanish (red in color)! 

Here's we are served with Iberico ham, Chorizo (sausages) and Salchichon (summer sausage) Platters with cheddars.

Enjoy and eat like you are from Spanish! Eat it with one piece of toast bread, cheddar and ham slice. The taste is so good and I can feel so many different tastes when I eat it. It was better when the bread is more crunchy! Cheese and Ham, perfect combo! The ham slice is so good and does not have a really strong smelly taste. The cheddar actually cover it and the taste blend so well with the ham.

Spain has over 30 cheese making region across the country, with each region protected under the appellation of origin controls very much like French wine-making. On La Fiesta's cheese board is the creamy and intense Tortas de Casar which is produced from raw milk from Merino and Entrefino sheep. The milk for this cheese is curdled using the natural coagulants found in Cardoon thistles. 

Not only that if you prefer something decadently rich and creamy, there is Arzua-Ulloa cheese from the northwestern corner of Spain and which is produced using raw or pasteurized cow's milk. Other equally stellar cheese choices are the nutty Garrocha, smoky semi-soft Diazabal, blue semi-soft Cabrales, the famed bitey semi-hard Manchego and the delightfully balanced Petit Nevat, with its earthy, mushroomy flavor!

Calamares A La Andaluza RM 28

Deep-fried calamari with garlic mayonnaise dip. All of us love this simple and easy serving. The calamari is really fresh and juicy. Garlic mayonnaise dip is appetizing too! Perfect combo and snack in between your meal.

Albondigas Con Sepia RM 36

Pork and Beef meatballs with cuttlefish. The pork and beef meatballs is a must try dish! As all of us love it very much, the fillings of the meatball are so juicy and satisfying when you eat it.

Patatas Bravas RM 18

Potatoes in spiced tomato sauce. Another interesting serving that was so cute and the taste wise is so yummy! The outer was so crispy and inside is the soft and fluffy potato texture. It was quite a unique flavor and taste when you eat it.

Gambas a Aljillo RM 29

Served with garlic prawns poached with olive oil. When this dish was served out, I can't stop myself from enjoying the garlic prawns they cooked! It was so fresh and yummy, cooked at low temperature with olive oil, garlic, and some chilis. It does not taste spicy at all, overall it gives the freshness taste of the prawn.

Pulpo a Fiera  RM 45

Octopus with Paprika potatoes. This is also one of a fresh and unique dish you should try! The texture of the octopus is so chewy, firm, and it still remains the freshness of the squid too even it was cook. Paprika potatoes to balance out the overall taste. It was a yummy dishes I would say!

La Fiesta also offers both gourmet and rustic variants of paella, with a signature Canadian lobster version and as well as the common squid ink option.

Pork and Chicken Paella RM 78

I kinda prefer this compare to the squid ink option. One thing is the sauce of this paella is more appetizing and addicting too. It was sour and savory taste which is more to my preferences.

Black Seafood Paella RM 98

The serving of this paella definitely looks good. However, I feel that the seafood taste is overpowering the dish. But for those who love seafood, you can definitely try out this dish!

Crema Catalana RM 16

End our meal here with their desserts! It tastes so different compared to the other creme brulee. It has a really smooth and super creamy texture. It was not a really sweet serving, but the caramelized custard gives the perfect sweetness to this Crema Catalana!

I will definitely come back here again for more yummy Spanish food experience. They also serve Lobster set which is perfect for two and super worth it too. Overall experience on my first time trying out Spanish food at La Fiesta was really enjoyable and fun!

La Fiesta

Level 1, SkyAvenue, 
Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands, 
69000 Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang
Phone: 03-6105 2724

Opening hours
11am - 10pm  
Mondays to Thursdays
11am - 12am
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

12pm - 12am
Fridays and eve of public holidays - 

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Till Then.

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  1. I've not been to a Spanish restaurant. Is the portion huge? The dessert looks yummy! I don't have a super sweet tooth and when you mentioned that it is not too sweet, I think I'll like it :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I would say portion are pretty big though!

  2. Bad idea to look at this while im hungry. The pig leg is so huge! And that waiter so handsome la.

  3. I have passed by La Fiesta quite a number of times when I was in Genting. Really wish to give it a try one day! The dishes you shared are so captivating.

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    Nice write up of the place babe.

  5. I never try Spanish food before. This look interesting dine place.

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  7. looking at the lengzai server i am half full already, hahahaha!
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