During last 2 weeks, I have been invited to join the Finale of Slimplezy Challenge that is organized by JONLIVIA. So what is this Slimplezy Challenge about? This is the first time ever major challenge sponsored by JONLIVIA® to pit 20 people against one another to a fitness goal and healthier lifestyle! It was a 1.5 month of Slimplezy Challenge for the participants to sweat out and also able to win some exciting prizes for the top 3 finalists!

On that day, JONLIVIA also launches their first ever BlazePants Brightening Series. There are also more than 1,000 people at Boulevard, Ground Floor of Paradigm Mall to host the Slimplezy Challenge Finale and also their 2018 first giveaway of JONLIVIA Blazebelt too!.  

Jon Lai, the founder of JONLIVIA.

3 of the mastermind behind JONLIVA and Slimplezy Challenge.

Model catwalks with JONLIVIA latest BlazePants Brightening Series. When I first saw their new BlazePants Brightening, this pants is so freaking pretty and I love every part of this pants. 

Next up we have all the 20 contestants from Slimplezy Challenge. Each of the girls has complete their 1.5-month challenge and each of them looks so gorgeous and beautiful inside out! On that day we also need to cast our votes to choose the Miss Popularities among the 20 contestants too. They will walk cat-walk and we will vote for our favorite one.

Watch and know more about how the contestants go through their 1.5 months Slimplezy Challenge. You can also go to Youtube and search Slimplezy Challenge for more videos too.

Lastly, I would like to congrats the Top 3 Finalist and each of them win amazing prizes too! I am really impressed to all the 20 contestants because of their determination and commitment throughout this 1.5 months challenges. My biggest challenges are always committed myself to exercise more and living a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully with the new JONLIVIA BlazePants Brightening, I will be more motivated to exercise more.

Click!! BlazePants Brightening Series

BlazePants is designed to sweat 4 times more and burn calories faster. With this Brightening series, it combines the latest skin brightening innovation via Neoheat fabric immersed in distilled rose extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components.


Helps skin brightening rejuvenation

50% UPF Protection
Antioxidant Hydration 


High Waist Design with slim form
Fitgrip Technology
Coolventi Technology 
Neoheat Technology
Embedded with Rose Extract

This is not like their normal Blazepants, but it was also perfect for sensitive skin because it contains minerals, plus vitamins A, C, D and E from matured rose petals that minimizes redness and soothes skin. Brightens up your legs in no times with super airy and high-performance neoheat fabric! The colors of this BlazePants Brightening Series is so pretty too. It was in pretty pastel grey and with a really sleek design.

For more information about JONLIVIA, please visit:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Till Then

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  1. would wanna get 1!! thanks for sharing, is really useful for me.

  2. Congrats to the winners. I want to get 1 of the blaze pants too to try it out.

  3. One of my favourite sport wears, really like its good quality :)

  4. Love jonlivia pants..I have too..very best pants ever

  5. Hmm...Still thinking eat clean and work out is more effective for slimming and healthy.

    1. Don't mind wearing Jonlivia for exercise though hehe

  6. oh thank you for sharing wonderful information. i never knew of this but i liked it and will suggest to my friends..

  7. So nice that this even seems happening and you enjoyed! Did you received some Jonlivia products?

  8. guess wat.. almost everyday im wearing the hot pants and the new pant im gonna buy it soon!!!!


  9. I have not heard of the Simplezy challenge. I would love to join it and be committed to leading a healthier lifestyle.