Been to D'Beau Facez Needle Free Mesotherapy a few weeks ago, it was a pleasant experience and here I am gonna share to you how's my first-time experience of Needle Free Mesotherapy with D' Beau Facez.  D' Beau Facez is a newly open Aesthetics Clinic open at the busy Damansara Uptown area. It aims to give the quicky and easy aesthetics treatment for busy working people around the town.

You can locate D' Beau Facez at the first floor, just beside the Public Bank at Damansara Uptown.

The first process 

As per usual before any treatment on the face, they will do a deep cleansing on the face. I start off with a facial with cleansing and massage. After that, they proceed with the suction by means removal of my dead skin,  whiteheads, and blackheads all around my face.

This is the machine that basically helps clean up our pores. It doesn't cause any pain but it was gently sucked through all your whiteheads,  and also strong enough to suck up your stubborn blackheads too. 

Since I have oily T zone, my nose pores have been blocked and there's a lot of white head that stuck through my pores. See hows the impurities that been stuck on my nose! I know is gross but it is important to always clean your pores especially for nose area and T-zone area. 

After cleaning up my pores and removal of dead skin, we gonna start our Needle Free Mesotherapy. Since I have been trying laser before, I didn't have too much fear and nervous during the session with D'Beau Facez. But since Needle Free Mesotherapy is something new for me, I do feel a little nervous throughout the process. 

This Needle-Free Mesotherapy machine creates a high pressure of water from the machine hence it works like an air pump that penetrates into the deep layer of your skin. It breaks the hyaluronic molecule and using the high pressure and pumps the molecule into our skin. 

After the entire process, its time to clear all my acne on my forehead and cheek area. Lastly, they apply a very soothing mask on my face. To cool down the acne mark and redness on my face. I love the cooling effect of the mask on my face. 

My face after the entire process of Needle Free Mesotherapy.

What is Needle Free Mesotherapy?

Using high-pressure air which breaks thehyaluronic acid molecule, pushing product and water through our dermal layers of the skin without the use of a needle. In turn, it will temporarily allow our cell membranes to become permeable allowing the cell to absorb the vital nutrients contained within each active ingredient. 

Benefits of Needle Free Mesotherapy

Restore skin youthfulness and suppleness
Stimulate blood circulation
Improved skin tone and Wrinkle reduction
Boink Boink moisture and healthy skin
Sustain skin hydration

After the treatment, we do a small skin test under the microscope. My face surface is now filled with water and the water droplets around my face are the effects of the Needle-Free Mesotherapy. My face now is more supple and smooth after the Needle-Free Mesotherapy too!

Thanks, D'Beau Facez for the good service and treatment for my face. Time to have a healthy skin before CNY! 

I received few sheets masks from D'Beau Facez and Enzymes Face Cleanser. I have been using and liking both of their product since then.  



Even only after one anti-sensitive mask, you can see that my facial redness has been reduced and faded. The mask sheet comes in a lot of essences but not much of dripping or sticky texture at all after applying.

Been using their Papain Enzymes face cleanser to eliminate any bacteria, deep cleanse my skin. Not only that it helps to control excess sebum, soothing and reduce any acne too.

I have crazy grown of acne on my forehead and I did not clear it and cause a lot of unclean acne marks on my forehead. It clears after 5 days of the treatment. I love to see my forehead clean and clear with no acne marks!

Is it painful throughout the process?

No, I didn't feel any pain at all throughout the process. Compare to any laser treatment where you can feel the tingling on your face, but as Needle Free Mesotherapy they are using high-pressure air to penetrates to our deep layer skin. But for mouth and eye area that are more sensitive, you will feel much more strong pressure on that area.

How do I feel throughout the process?

As per mentioned above, it was similar pressure alike using a pen cover and press on your face. Since Needle Free Mesotherapy is using water pressure, the pressure is really soft and doesn't cause any pain. Instead, when the hyaluronic acid molecule penetrates to our skin, you will feel your skin texture is deep moisture and cooling too!

Who needs this treatment?

Anyone who wishes to improve their skin texture and wish for BOINK BOINK skin! Also for those who suffer dry skin, who always sleep late, for last minute and effective restoring skin suppleness, you can book your appointment and try out their Needle Free Mesotherapy.

For more info about the price and details, please do follow their page and book your appointment now with D' Beau Facez to restore your skin youthfulness and suppleness before CNY!!

D' Beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家

55A, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47400
For Booking:
013-356 5766

Till Then.

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  1. Wow..looks good the facial treatment...once i read your entry i felt oh my god..needle? doesn't it painful?but after read until the said its not painful at all..okey i can consider this...nice review and thanks for sharing..will look on their service..

  2. its painful? huhu.. rasa takut pulak nak buat sebab TB tak pernah buat lagi mesotherapy ni.. rasa nak try tengok kawan-kawan punya kulit makin cantik lepas buat ni.. kat PJ yea? Ok .. nanti TB try tengok .. hehe

    1. Not really painful dear! But you will feel strong pressure tau =)

  3. I seriously love the idea of sucking every impurities and blockages, like a vacuum cleaner, but for the face! It does sound a bit scary but to think of the clean face after that, I am willing to give it a shot!

    1. Yes! haha I love it and my skin feel so smooth too!

  4. Can see your skin so my much hydrating and moisture. Dehydrated skin really a big headache for every women. Should recommend this to my friends as well.


    1. Yes I love how moisture my skin look after the treatment =)

  5. Owh is look painful but I know is not really pain. Is bearable right

  6. You look so fresh after the treatment! I wonder if this therapy already exist here in Manila. I must search!