It's been a while since I talk about my hair! So yay I been with JeffLee The Hair Company for one year, it somehow they play an important role in the past year from my short hair to now long hair journey too. Let's just go through all my past month's hair makeover with them! Although I didn't go for really crazy hair color. But both of the colors are my favorite colors at all time!

From really dull and frizzy hair

Go through the process of bleaching and coloring.

Here's my look after the hair makeover!

My first time with such a vibrant bright purple color. The color is so amazingly pretty. It makes my hair so smooth and stylish too!

Also during my purple theme wedding, I am really blessed to also have JeffLee The Hair Company to help dye this beautiful purple tone hair as well. It was slightly darker purple than the first purple hair.

This is how the purple looks like after few weeks after the wedding. Click here to see more photos!

Color starts to fades to a really nice gradient purple hair color. Click here to see more photos! If you have been following my weekend outfit post, you can also see how my hair color transition for each of the outfit.

During this stage, I am loving hows my color faded day by day. It becomes purple reddish tone which makes my skin so much fairer and brighter. Everyone keep compliment about how pretty the faded color on my hair and even checking on my hair color every time they saw me. I never thought of the color faded so nicely and pretty! Even though with coloring and retouching, my hair always feels so pretty and healthy!

So what's next?

Blue hair it is! I simply just thought of going back to cooler tone color since I always do prefer cooler tones color. Can you image from a totally warm tone hair color to cool tone hair color was not easy at all? I did not re-bleach my hair, but the stylist helps by mixing the color with green and poof here's my pretty blue short hair color!

It became ashy greyish color which I quite love it! I am thinking to go back darker greyish tone despite purple and turquoise hair.

From this hair length onwards, I decided to grow my hair. I realize it was easier for hair styling and I somehow miss my long hairstyle too.

The last color transition of my hair! Is this blueish greenish color, I am not sure what color I should name it because it does sometimes look like green, turquoise or blue color too! Peacock Colors?

The color transition is so pretty and I actually really love blue hair color! It makes me looks calmer and tones down too. Since then I always retouch this color whenever I visit JeffLee The Hair Company. Should I go back to warm tone colors?

Here's my latest hair color from JeffLee The Hair Company. It was the exactly the same colors I did for continuous months. It does look slightly different from the hair color I posted on my Instagram due to indoor lighting.

This is how the colors look like direct sunlight. Although I did boost up the color saturation more, this is hows the color looks like. Eventually, it will be faded to green turquoise tone hair color!

Here's my recent hair color photo from Caffe Bene event! To updates about what the current hair color faded to, it has become lighter and more faded because last weekend I visit Sunway Lagoon. With bleach colored hair rinse with chlorine water, the color faded faster too!

Another reason for me to think of new hair color, should I back to basic brown or ashy grey look?

Lastly, if you have not yet visit JeffLee The Hair Company yet, do shout out my name "Sharon Lee" or show them my photos to get 10% for your first-time visit in their saloon!

JeffLee The Hair Company

Damansara Utama Branch
Sri Petaling Branch

Till Then.

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  1. wow.. nice color.. different hair color.. different look.. so gorgeous.. i like the your hair!

  2. You are so creative with colors. I have not tried dying my hair with bright colors.

  3. Can't decide what colour suits you best. I think you would look great in bolder hair colours to compliment your complexion.

  4. The color of your hair is so pretty. I like!!

  5. Very cool look. I like the silvery purple hair color and easygoing black/white outfit.Thank you! Wow Its looking nice..... discover this info here