I guess you have read the title of of my post. Last week we have attend a Unicorn Party in celebration of The Butterfly Project 5th Birthday! It was such a successful party and all of the butterflies each has become the most prettiest Unicron in that party. There are also not much of Unicorn Party theme in Malaysia yet. So in this post, I shall share some of the Unicorn Party Checklist for you guys! 


This is my makeup of the day during the Unicorn Party. Not a really fancy or dreamy kinda of look.  Since we are joining a unicorn party, it is important to actually be a unicorn also. You can easily DIY or even buy a unicorn headband from forever 21 or any party event shop too. 

A closer look at my eyes makeup.  It was my first try on cut crease makeup.  Since I have a really small eye crease, couldn't really do a really exaggerate eye crease look. When I see the result of this eye look, the crease eye look is never been so hard to do at all. Hopefully, I can try on more different of cut crease eye look in the future. 

The eye look inspire is from my unicorn headband. Since my unicorn horn is gold yellowish color, I decided to challenge myself to create a gold yellowish cut crease look. After I create this look,  I definitely need to get myself a white liner pen and it will be a great help especially for the dreamy makeup look.  

On that day,  I become a Unicorn Princess with a white off-shoulder top and a pretty layer lilac skirt. This is the skirt I plan to wear on my wedding day but I did not manage to change it. With this unicorn party, it was a perfect event to wear it too. It has the perfect length and details too. 

Unicorn Party Bags, Cakes, and Desserts

Not forget to prepare some Unicorn Goodies for the guest and your friends too! Each of us also receives this really cute unicorn party bags too. I will be sharing what's inside my party bag too, so remember to read on.

Since it was a Birthday party, birthday cake and desserts is a must! With a beautiful unicorn banner too.

Here's our Unicorn Birthday Cake that curated base of our Unicorn theme and Banner! This cute unicorn banner was specially designed by our mamasan, Tammy Lim. I love that it was in minimal design but still bring out the cuteness of a unicorn. Also with the pastel theme, it looks so much cuter and pretty too!

Cupcakes and Sweets for a treat!

Unicorn Activities

During the entire party, we also get to enjoy some unicorn activities too. Create and design your own activities card for the guest. Let them enjoy each of the activities and be a part of the party! There are a total of  four activities during The Butterfly Project 5th Birthday Party

Unicorn Balloons - Auto-Inflate Balloon ✔️

Brrrloon is in the house with us! This first an auto-inflate balloon is so fun and which you can color your own inflate balloon. Since we are having a Unicorn Party, the balloon itself also in unicorn and each of us gets to color the balloon. So after you have done coloring, simply just hit in the center, shake it for 60 seconds and watch it grows!

Poof! It will become a really cute call as the inflated balloon. Until today the balloon is so puffy and the air does not leak at all. I bet the kids will love when it comes to coloring and you can bring it home for decor too!

Not forget that Brrrloon is also part of our Balloon Decor for our Unicorn Party! With Brrrloon you can personalize your own bubble balloon, helium balloons, balloon-powered toys some fun balloon sculpture, beautiful balloon arches & more too. 

In our Unicorn Party, all the balloons decor are so dreamy and pastel. I love every balloon in the Unicorn Party where it comes in so many pretty colors and different sizes too. It was also insta worthy too when it comes to photo taking too. Check out more details of Brrrloon below.


Website (Coming Soon) | Facebook | Instagram

Block Gurney, Unit G-1-2, Plaza Arkadia, 
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, 
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact No. 018-2777130

Choose Your Own Flower Banquet ✔️

We are also lucky to get to choose our own flower banquet with Everyday Flowers too! Each of us gets to choose 2 stocks of the flowers of our choice. 

All of the flowers are fresh and so pretty! Can't even made up my mind to choose for myself, there are just too many pretty varieties of flowers from rose, daisy, and other more fresh flowers for you to pick. After you pick your favorite flower stocks, the Everyday Flower team will then work on magic and create a mini flower banquet for you.

Look at all the pretty flower banquet for all the other Butterflies. I love the aesthetic of this flower bar that allows us to choose our own favorite flower and each of us also get to bring home back the flower banquet too. If you would love to have your own special flower bar for your party, do reach out Everyday Flowers for more info.

Everyday Flowers

Adopt a Unicorn!!✔️

I can't believe that this actually happening that we get to adopt a unicorn back home! How could this even possible! Not only that we have a small certificate of adoption and we get to name our special unicorn too.

OMG Thanks 50GRAM for this cute little unicorn mug!! My first ever unicorn mug and I can't wait to show off to my colleague too. Tell them that I have adopted a really cute unicorn back to my home name "SNOWMAN".

Wish to adopt one back home? Check out the link below!


Click!!Unicorn Mugs RM39.90 

Unicon Photobooth

Check out GNG Studiobooth (also known as Glitz&Glam Studiobooth) is formed by a team of enthusiastic, experienced and creative photo booth consultants is our Unicorn Photobooth of our Unicorn Party!

They redefined the common photo booth into Studiobooth to fit today’s demand by providing a diversity of services. Their concept is to combine the elements of commercial photography and instant photo printing to create and capture memories through live photography experience.

 Besides photo booth, they are the experts in creating amazing & beautiful wedding backdrops and table decorations. For our Unicorn Theme Party today, we have this beautiful purple glitter background as our photo backdrop. Photo printout with our Unicorn Theme Design Banner too! Their print quality is Waterproof and anti-fingerprint too.

Not only that we are also proud to try out their new service -Boomerang PhotoBox with unlimited photo printing too. Do you wish to try your own bomerang not only with your handphone, definitely need to try out GNG Studiobooth!

Do you know what's the difference between Gif Photobox & Boomerang Photobox?
Gif takes multiple photographs and combines into a gif animation
Boomerang is on the spot live action video recording✔️

GNG Studiobooth

Unicorn Selfies

Team #swaggers is now become team #unicornswaggers! Not only that since every guest and everyone has become unicorn of the day. Grab you camera and take alots of selfie as you want. There's not many chance to see everyone in Unicorn horn and Makeup. Check out all our Unicorn Selfies!

We got mamasan in the frame too! Guess what she's the one in super pastel purple hair wig.

What's in my Unicorn Party Bag?

Besides all the goodies we get from Unicorn Activities, we also got our very own Unicorn Bag that full of goodies too.

From the left we have Auto-Inflate Unicorn Balloon from Brrrloon, Everyday Flowers bouquet, Mamasan Gifts and Photo Printout from GNG Studiobooth.

Check out all my goodies from our Unicorn Bag! Wink wink we have 50GRAM Unicorn mug with us too.

Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes *NEW* RM58.90

The latest launch of Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes. Mine is No.29 Pure Dolly design. I have not yet try out their eyelashes before. This design that I got is so cute and I can't wait to wear it.

Click!! No.28 LOVELY GIRL 
Click!! No.29 PURE DOLLY 
Click!! No.30 CHIFFON NUDE 
Click!! No.31 AIRY DOLL 

*Available at selected stores e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.*

belif Malaysia 

Click!! Best Sellers On-The-Go RM 89 

One of their Best Sellers set and perfect for travel too! This set consist of Creamy cleansing foam moist (30 ml), Bergamot herbal extract toner (20 ml), Hungarian water essence (10 ml), Moisturizing & Firming eye cream (5 ml) and The true cream - aqua bomb (10 ml).

*Available at belif Malaysia stores*

NYX Cosmetics Malaysia 

All of our gifts inside our Unicorn bags is curated base on out Unicorn Theme too! You can see that the colors is really pastel and dreamy too. I always love how their range of makeup which carries alot of bold and unique colors!

*Available at NYX Stores & online retailers.*

Wanderlust Things

Click!! Unicorn Necklace RM 14.90 

I got my first unicorn necklace from Wanderlust Things. I love that it comes in such delicate design, also in gold and silver color which is so easy to match with any outfit too!

*Available on www.wanderlustthings.com*

Dear Beaute (Japan)

We get to try 2 of their series. One is for Volume & Repair (Green) series and another one is for Rich & Repair series (Gold). My first time heard about Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner too, can't wait to try it!

*Available at selected stored e.g Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

Once again, I want to wish The Butterfly Project Happy 5th Birthday! It's been the 3rd year I have been celebrating birthday with this community and all other butterflies too. I am really grateful that this community has grow so much and I'm feeling a lil old now too. But still we are still together in this community still growing and become better and better each year. It has been 5 years and hopefully for more wonderful year ahead with The Butterfly Project.

That's all for our Unicorn Party of our 5th Birthday Party for The Butterfly Project. Do check out Wondermilk Cafe for party location and cute dessert setup too!Lastly I want to say BIG Thank You to The Butterfly Project for organise this Unicorn Party and all the sponsors for being part of our Unicorn Party too. Hope for more fun parties coming up soon.

The Butterfly Project

Till Then.

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  1. Great post babe! Really made me miss the party... Wish to have another party with everyone soon.. ^^ and I love the details of your makeup.. Good luck trying out other cut crease looks...

    1. Thanks dear!! I miss it badly now. Hope to try more next time =)

  2. suka tengok tema color pastel je semuanyaa.. soft dan nampak tenang . combination color2 pastel sepeti pink.. light blue.. light purple.. peach.. so nice

  3. You guys are so creative. I wouldn't know how. I find that when I am busy and tired, my creative juice also dries up!

  4. Im happy to see everyone happy and enjoy the party..i cant join as i need to attend to my mom in hospital.everyone look gorgeous in Unicorn theme..

    1. Is okay dear! Hopefully you can join our next party =) Family matters come first!

  5. i love the way you make up your eyes....lovely look...btw this partiy looks happening..congrats to the team butterfly project

    1. Thanks dear!! >.< Yes we truly enjoy ourself so much!!

  6. All of you looks so pretty, make up and everything. Creative idea to set up a party. The pastel colour really match with the theme. Fall in love with the headbands

    1. Everyone definitely show their best unicorn outfit in the party!!

  7. So syiok lah see you guys went for the event! Everything is so unicorn-ish! So pretty!

  8. It was very magical right? I love how beautiful and enchanted everyone looked that day. Can't wait for what will the 6th birthday be.

    1. Everytime after attend the party, me too also will excited for the coming birthday with The Butterfly Project!

  9. This looks like a fun and wonderful birthday party. You are so gorgeous on your unicorn eye shadow makeup. So organized. I bet my daughter would love this Unicorn set up in her birthday party.

    1. Yes!! Remember to throw a Unicorn Birthday Party for here =D

  10. aww.. you look gorgeous dear. and congratulations to the butterfly project!

  11. I am so impressed by your creativity. It looks like such a magical event. You are so lucky to be part of it and have these wonderful memories now.

    1. YES Emily!! definitely will miss this Unicorn Party alot T_T

  12. Omg i could die reading your blog post, it is sooo magical event, and lots of fun! Your outfit looks fabulous too :)

    1. Thanks dear!! I hope to organize in future again thooo

  13. WhoAa i guess you put a lot of effort in doing the eye makeup. Look so neat. Haha

    1. There's alot of lovely Unicorn Makeup in the party too!!

  14. It must be a very fun one for you and your excitement is overall return at your face and smile... Hahaha

    Happy birthday to butterfly project

  15. Wahhh your makeup so pretty! I love it so much. What a wonderful party with wonderful people.

    1. Thanks Ika!! Yes with my lovelies Unicornssss