Aussie Bushman's BBQ lover now you can enjoy delicious BBQ dining experience at the Poolside Gazebo Renaissance KL Hotel! Executive Chef Supi Mansor and the team are thrilled to fire up the grill for an Aussie Bushman's Barbeque experience at the Poolside Gazebo every Friday to Sunday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

Located on Level 4, the Poolside Gazebo is overlooking an Olympic-sized swimming pool and set amidst lush greeneries. It is a great place to revel in the sunset and chill with family and friends while enjoying the Aussie Bushman's BBQ!

Check out all the meat and seafood on the frozen counter for you to choose for your ala carte BBQ meal later.

From the top left to right bottom, from fresh clams, prawns, meat skewers, and lobster. You can enjoy all the freshest seafood and meat here! 

All the chefs are ready to serve the guest with the Aussie Bushman's Barbeque.

Enjoy the night view of the Olympic-size of Poolside Gazebo while enjoying the Aussie Bushman's BBQ! The seats are pretty limited at the poolside, do remember to made reservation or come early for a romantic BBQ night with your loved one.

Look at all the yummy grill barbeque meal for the night!

Ribeye (280gm) RM 70

Tenderloin (180gm) RM 75

I really enjoy their steak here! It has really tender and soft chewy texture when you eat it. The juiciness of the meat just explodes inside my mouth. The steak is grill and bbq to perfection too even though it is in medium rare.

Tiger Prawn RM 75 | RM 50

It was quite a big and fresh tiger prawn to enjoy! I always love grilled bbq prawn, it just spices up the taste of the prawn.

Squid/Calamari RM 30

I love how chewy the squid are!

Mud Crab RM 30

Australia Rock Lobster (600gm) RM 98

You must try out the Crab and Lobster here too! Both of the famous seafood serving are so fresh and yummy. Enjoy it while it is still hot, where you can enjoy the freshness of the flesh. Which are so appetizing and enjoying to eat!

Tasmanian Salmon (180gm) RM 55

Drunken Aussies Burger RM 45

One of their signatures must try dish! This Drunken Aussies Burger Aussie burger gets a drunken makeover with a beer spiked juicy beef burger patty. Although I can't really taste it, the patty is so overwhelming with it thickness and juicy fillings.

Refillable salads fillings as well as chowder too! All of the salads does look really nice and appetizing. I enjoy all of the salads here a lot, especially grilled veggies and mushrooms!

Remember to try out some of the sauce while enjoying the Aussie Bushman BBQ. Especially their homemade sauce compliments each different BBQ serving perfectly. All of us enjoy it really much!

Not forget to end your meal here with desserts and fruits too. All are refillable too, which means remember to save some space for desserts after those yummilicious Aussie Bushman BBQ's serving.

"Our Australian style barbeque offers diners an a la carte choice of meats and seafood, hot off the grill and straight to the dining table plus an unlimited salad, soup and desserts. Aussies style barbeque uses a simple marinade of garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper to retain the original flavors of the grilled meat or seafood. Crustaceans such as prawns and lobster are cooked in their shells to preserve the juiciness." said Chef Supi.

Prized from RM25 net, diners can savor a variety of marinated meats and seafood such as tenderloin, rib eye, sirloin, lamb chops and skewers of beef, chicken, scallop, and prawns. For that great flavor from down under, do not miss out on the Drunken Aussie Burger while the live DJ will keep diners entertained with his rendition of upbeat music.

I have really yummy filling night enjoying Aussie Bushman's BBQ at the Poolside Gazebo Renaissance KL Hotel. With a romantic and relaxing view of the pool, I would actually back here for more BBQ servings!

For reservations and to discover more, call at 03 2771 6692 or email

Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

**Prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

Till Then.


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  1. Aussie bushman bbq wow first time inheard. The choices of foods are amazing. And all looks very tempting 👍

  2. Hi many choices at this pool side cafe. All the dishes makes my eyes drooling lor..hope one day i can drop by to have a good food.

  3. wowww....tengok gambar-gambar ni buat sis terliur. Sedapnya. Nampak gaya kena pergi jugak ke sini utk rasa kenikmatan hidangan di sana.

  4. Wah....bestnya all seafood dia...Like Lobster..kalau l tak au nak makan mana satu..semua nampak sangat sedap

  5. I cn't take beef so many of the suggestions here are out of bounds for me. I do love seafood, though, and already have my eye on the lobster! Arghhh I am salivating just looking at it!

  6. omg the portion is so huge! can come here for dinner adi with my husband lolx